Xavier Roberson(Hamburg Towers) I Think Our Guards Are Some Of The Best In Pro A Basketball

Xavier Roberson is a 26 year old 186cm rookie from Houston,Texas playing for the Hamburg Towers. He started his basketball career in 2009 with TCU (NCAA) playing 26 games: 4.0ppg, 1.1rpg. He then played two seasons with S.Alabama (NCAA) before finishing his college career with  Our Lady Lake (NAIA) playing  32 games: ScoreNAIA1-1(25.1ppg), 3.7rpg, 1.7spg, FGP: 43.5%, 3PT: 43.8%, FT: 78.4%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.



Congrats on the 74-65 win against Nurnberg. Was the 26-6 second quarter one of the best this season for the Hamburg Towers?

Yes as I recall that statistic was the best this season for us.

There were 48 turnovers in the game and Hamburg had 23. Is taking care of the ball a big issue in practice this week?

Coach always stresses the point to value possessions. He’s constantly reminding us so I would say it’s always important topic for us.

In the two times this season where the Hamburg Towers played double weekend games you were swept once and won both the other time. This weekend you play the last placed team Rhondorf and playoff team Gotha. What will be key in getting two wins?

Coach always stresses the point to value possessions. He’s constantly reminding us so I would say it’s always important topic for us.

The Hamburg Towers had a five game winning streak at the start of the season and now a three game winning streak. How confident are you that the team can continue to win now?

I’m very confident we can keep up this race as long as we do our job.

Despite having injuries and the recent career end for Kay Gause, what do you believe has been the key to success and the team staying together all season long through thick and thin?

Our biggest strength is the desire to win. I think with a few experienced players it makes it better for us to fight through adversity. Unfortunately injuries like Kay happen unexpectedly but you have to find a way to get it done.

The big team strength is defense as it is allowing 69 points per game, but scores only 71 points per game. Why do you feel that the club in unable to score more points on a consistent rate despite all the scoring power that is has?

Yes defense is one of our best strengths. I think the biggest thing is to find the right solution consistently. We are definitely capable of scoring a load of points though that is not our main focus. Our main focus is only to Win ball games.

The Hamburg Towers are a very young team and even if you are a rookie at age 26, how important has veteran Robert Ferguson been for you maturing and learning the ropes as a rookie?

Rob is definitely a captain on our team. He often shares his thoughts with me on the game and his experience as a professional helps me adjust to the game more easily than expected.

How beneficial has it been playing with two very talented guards in Anthony Canty and Bazou Kone? How have they helped you get adjusted best to the German Pro A despite being younger than you, they have many years experience in Germany?

I think the area of basketball they helped me improve the most is pick and roll offense and defense. Their experience also helps me improve tremendously as a player. That’s a huge part of the game in Pro A basketball

Do you feel like the guard trio of Canty, Kone and Roberson is too underrated in the German Pro A?

I think our guards are some of the best in Pro A basketball. We have a great program here and coach does a really good job working with us on a consistent bases. As far as the ratings and opinions I would prefer leaving that up to the spectators to critic and decide on that thought.

Currently your averaging 11,0ppg, 2,1rpg and 1,9apg which is solid. Is your three point shooting something that continues to be a work in progress this season?

I can always improve in every statistic. I’m almost never satisfied with overall stats so yes I can definitely improve on my three point area.

You have had no problems adjusting to the German Pro A as you led the NAIA in scoring last season with Our Lady Lake. However what do you feel has been the toughest thing to get adjusted to in the German Pro A?

I think the toughest thing to get adjusted to in Pro A is the pace of the game. It’s not like college where you run and gun its more strategic and pick and roll play.

You had very solid stats at S.Alabama (NCAA): 11 games: 13.6ppg, 3.5rpg, 1.5apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 44.7%, 3PT: 44.3%, FT: 74.2%. What did your final season in school in the NAIA give you to help develop your game to the professional level?

My last year in NAIA molded my mindset. Playing at that level you take nothing for granted and never underestimate players. Playing division one basketball was way more athletic but NAIA player had a tremendous level of desire to win also.

It has been a while since your freshman season at TCU, but what do you remember from being teammates with Garlon Green? Was it just his athleticism that stood out or was there another part of his game that you could see starting to grow?

Yes I remember playing with Garlon like it was yesterday. He was more than just athletic. You could see then that he developed his game from his older brother Gerald who is a complete scorer. Garlon had already developed a great three then I haven’t seen any games lately but I could guess he’s doing more than just jumping out the gym.

Who wins a one on one in practice you or Anthony Canty?

Haha I win one on one with anybody no offense to my boy Canty

Recently NBA player Dennis Schroeder was in Hamburg at a game. Is it his pure speed that amazes you most about his game or something else?

I think it’s amazing to see Dennis blow by guards but it’s also more impressive that he sees the floor. He’s a floor general!

How do recap the NBA trade line deals? What teams did the best?

I can’t recall the NBA trade line deals because I’m usually not watching T.V so don’t watch much NBA unless it’s On my way! Of my boys playing. I do like the Pacers because my former high school teammate Joe Young is currently playing for them


Recently ESPN ranked the top 100 NBA players of all time. They placed Lebron James at #3 before NBA legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Bill Russell. Do you feel that is justified?

You can argue all day long about the ESPN rankings. Lebron is one of the greatest players of all time but Magic & Bill is a tough two to put him in front of.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie that I saw was Nine Eleven.

Thanks Xavier for the chat.


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