Brandon Shingles(UNI Riesen Leipzig) Post Season Basketball Is About Letting It All Hang Out And Playing As One

Brandon Shingles is a 28 year old 190cm guard from Albany, Georgia playing his third season in Germany and first with the Uni-Riesen Leipzig (Germany-ProB). He started his basketball career at Morehead St. (NCAA) and as a senior played 32 games: 4.8ppg, 2.2rpg, 4.8apg, 1.5spg. In 2010 he started his professional basketball career at Aschersleben Tigers BC (Germany-2.Regionalliga) playing 15 games: 14.5ppg. He led the team to the Regionaliga 2 title. In the 2011-2012 season he played for Guildford Heat (United Kingdom-BBL) playing 6 games: 7.5ppg, 4.8rpg, 2.8apg, FGP: 57.1%, FT: 31.3%; left in Nov.’11, then moved to BBC Febro Eagles Magdeburg (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 7 games: 16.1ppg, 7.1 rpg, 3.9apg, 2.0spg, FGP: 61.8%, FT: 63.0%. He then played for KB Drita Gjilan (Kosovo-SuperLeague) and two years ago for GBP Badajoz (Spain-EBA) playing 15 games: 15.5ppg, 8.3rpg, 3.6apg, 2.3spg, 2FGP: 60.8%, 3PT: 6.3%, FT: 57.3%. He spoke to German Hoops after the 87-81 loss to Wurzburg




Brandon thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 87-81 loss to Wurzburg. Except for an explosive third quarter where the UNI Riesen Leipzig powered home 31 points, you were never able to match the Wurzburg offense. Why was that a problem for three quarters?

I felt we came out sluggish the first half and put ourselves in a hole we weren’t able to get out of.

In the fourth quarter, Wurzburg had the lead despite Leipzig making runs and staying close, but why wasn´t the team able to get over the hump?

We just couldn’t get over the hump but all the credit goes to Wurzburg. They played a solid game.

How much does it annoy you that you helped force Wurzburg to 24 turnovers, but you still were unable to win the ball game?

Not really annoyed. Just shows we can really play good defense when we have to and this is something we can use going into the playoffs .

The UNI Riesen Leipzig did a pretty good job keeping American Travis Smith in check, but let the German duo of Felix Hoffman and Max Ugrai combine for 33 points. Couldn´t the team make better adjustments throughout the game against them?

All three guys are good players. Felix and Max had it going that night. We made some adjustments but it was a little too late .

The UNI Riesen Leipzig clinched the playoffs weeks ago, but a 4 game losing streak gave them the eighth place. How discouraging was it finishing the season with a 4 game losing streak?

I mean at the Christmas break we were in 3rd and now 8th. The last 4 loses came down to the wire so it’s not discouraging at all. We just got to get back to having fun and playing good quality basketball.

You didn´t play bad team basketball as you were in every game against BG Karlsruhe, Nordlingen, Frankfurt and Wurzburg. What positives can you take into the playoffs?

The positives we can take is now we know we can play with some off the better teams in our league. We just need to put a complete game together rather than just a half .

How can the team be focused mentally right now for the playoffs after losing the last four games?

Mentally I think we are fine. We know what we are capable of. We are a very confident team.

You have two weeks to prepare for the playoffs now the best of three. What things does the team need to work on most?

We need to improve in all aspects ff we plan to make a playoff run. Especially as a #8 seed

Now you play against #1 Pro B north team Iserlohn. Doesn´t the slim Leipzig rotation already give you head aches when thinking about that deep team?

The fact we have a slim rotation doesn’t bother us at all. We know the situation we are up against this team we just have to be ready to play from start to finish.

How excited are you too battle Iserlohn in the playoffs? How do you see to step up your game now in the post season?

I’m very excited to be playing in the playoffs no matter who we would have played. It’s a blessing to be here. Post season basketball is about letting it all hang out and playing as one so if we want to pull off this upset we need to play together.

How did you see the NBA trades recently at the deadline? What teams did the best?

I’m a Spurs fan. So with them signing Andre Miller (one of my favorite players ) and Kevin Martin made them really deep for a Championship run in June.

Some of the older NBA players that played at different times are having a hard time giving Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors credit for their success saying they might not have had that success 20-30 years ago. Are these former players just jealous or why can´t they just give credit where it´s due?

I’m more of a fan of the NBA back then than now but the game evolved so much. What Curry is doing is amazing. We have never seen anything like it. Just give credit where credit is due.

Recently ESPN made a top 100 greatest NBA players of alltime poll putting Lebron at #3 before legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and BIll Russell. Do you see that as being justified?

I hate all this talk about Lebron. I’m a fan of him. Let him finish his career out first and then see where he falls among the all time greats but right now there is now way he should be in front of those guys you mention.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Major Payne.

Thanks Brandon for the chat.


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