Andrew Jones(Dresden Titans) It’s Not About The Confidence Coach Clauss Has In Me But The Confidence He Puts In The Team

Andrew Jones is a 32 year old 191cm shooting guard that has been a professional basketball player since 2007 and has returned back to the Dresden Titans this season. He played at Miles(NCAA2) and has played in Germany for most of his professional career with four seasons with the Dresden Titans and three seasons with the BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga). He also gained experience playing with teams like Marietta Storm (SEBL), BC Celtics (SEBL), C.B. Aridane (Spain-EBA) and Universidad Tecnologica Equinoc. Quito (Ecuador-National League). Last season he played for BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 19,9ppg, 6,5rpg and 3,9apg. He spoke to German Hoops after then huge 113-88 win against the BIS Baskets Speyer.


Andrew congrats on the huge 113-88 win against the BIS Baskets Speyer. Dresden has demonstrated all season long in phases that they can put up points, but is the club now a real lethal scoring machine?

Thanks a lot Miles. I will definitely say yes! We have 6 guys on our team who have scored 20 points in at least one game this season thus far. Our style of play gives us the opportunity to be a high scoring team

After one quarter Dresden put up 37 points. Do you ever remember scoring that many points in one quarter with Dresden even when Jason Boucher was on the team?

I would have to go back and research that one, lol. I know we have 12 solid guys on this team that can really contribute. It’s easier to pass to the next guy when you are confident in their decision making.

If you had to chose one, which was the biggest offensive strength of the Dresden Titans, the field goal percentage(54%), three point shooting(41%), passing(31 assists) or ball movement?

I would have to say the 31 assists. It shows everyone is involved. That is where our confidence in each other shows the most.

On an afternoon where all shots are falling, does one tend to forget about defense at times?

Defense will be the most important part of our playoff push. Sometimes when the offense is going good, the defense suffers at times. However, we have a great coaching staff that keeps us focused on defense.

You have played in the German Pro B for years and have seen so many good Germans each weekend. The three Speyer Americans combined for 56 of the 88 points while for Dresden the German players combined for 60 of the 118 points. Please explain how vital the German role players are in this league?

It’s very important to have strong German players. You can have the best Americans on your team. However, a strong German core will place that team in a better position.

Since the bitter 90-86 loss in Frankfurt, Dresden is riding a 4 game winning streak. What has changed in the mental aspect of the team as well as in the play that has brought the team this winning streak?

The game against Frankfurt could have gone a different way. We took that game as a learning situation for the future. We want to finish games strong. In Frankfurt, we did not have this mentality.

What has head coach Steven Clauss given the offense that wasn´t there previously? Is the combination of freedom and ball movement been something the team has understood to mesh together?

Every player on this team knows if your open then you shoot the ball. Coach Clauss will let you hear about if you don’t. It’s either shoot, quick drive or pass. When everyone is on the same page, it creates less indecisiveness.

Dresden will close out the regular season against high flying team Nordlingen who you lost to in the first regular season. How much momentum will the team have if it can go into the playoffs beating Nordlingen?

The momentum has already started. It is very important to close the last game out. We want to go into the playoffs with great chemistry. Nordlingen is a top team, which will be a great preparation for the playoffs.

Your game also has picked up under head coach Steven Clauss. You seemed to have become a more effective player to some degree. Did Clauss have a talk with you and help you get self confidence back?

I have always been a confident player in my professional career. However, the first half of the season was tough for me. But, that’s life sometimes. Coach Clauss and I have had a few conversations. His positive energy is unbelievable! It’s not the confidence he has in me, it’s the confidence he puts in the team. I’ve seen some of my teammates do things in a game they never done before. That motivates me even more!!!

How much fun is it playing basketball again and being able to play in the playoffs and compete for a title?

This is great! I’m definitely enjoying myself. It’s even better when you know 11 other guys are hungry to compete as well.

How do recap the NBA trade line deals? What teams did the best?

I have to say no matter who got who during trade deadlines, they still have to play the Warriors lol.

EX NBA players have attacked the Golden State Warriors saying the NBA isn´t as physical as it once was. Are these players just jealous or would Steph Curry and the Warriors not dominate say 20-30 years ago?

It was a lot more physical back then. A hard foul back then would be an ejection from the game now. However, people have to understand a good basketball player will adapt to the style of play. Curry could go back 20 or 30 years. He would just have to adapt to the physicality.

Recently ESPN ranked the top 100 NBA players of all time. They placed Lebron James at #3 before NBA legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Bill Russell. Do you feel that is justified?

Magic and Bird basically saved the NBA. The game was a lot more interesting because of them. Bill Russell is an eleven time NBA champion. So, when you leave these guys out someone will be upset. When Lebron retires, then we can make an official ranking.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Hoop Dreams.

Thanks Andrew for the chat.

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