Julian Scott(Uni Riesen Leipzig) I Will Try And Be A Monster On The Boards And Give The Team All I Have Against Frankfurt

Julian Scott is a 25 year old 203cm forward from Sacramento, California that is playing his second professional season and first with the Uni Riesen Leipzig. Last season he played for TSV Quakenbrueck (Germany-2.Regionalliga) playing 16 games averaging 29.7ppg. He started his basketball career at Yuba junior college and then played two years at S.Utah (NCAA). He finished at Adams St. (NCAA2) playing 27 games: 10.8ppg, 4.0rpg, FGP: 58.5%, 3PT: 50.0%, FT: 70.2%. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors.



Julian a bitter 113-105 lost against the Giants Nördlingen . How did your muscles feel on Monday morning?

Yes tough loss but guess it was pay back for last time. My muscles felt fine tired but fine.

What is the worst about a loss like this when the team played 55 minutes? The body or the mental part?

I do hate losing but if I’m going to lose its going down fighting a triple overtime definitely shows our character against a tough opponent. So it’s definitely physical and mentally draining

Do you sense that the 84-83 heartbreaking loss was in the back of the minds of Nordlingen for the whole 55 minutes?

Who knows I mean that was earlier in the year but I believe everyone was exhausted and it came down to the little things in the end.

The Uni Riesen Leipzig played a three OT game and you played 48 minutes. Can you remember ever playing so many minutes in one game?

I played I believe 45 mins this season in an overtime game against Ehingen so yeah pretty close.

Lets talk about the game as your memory is still fresh. At halftime, the Giants were leading 45-39. Was there any moment were you were feeling this could be a long afternoon/night?

Nope I knew it would be a close game all of our games are close but no one can predict a battle like that.

After three quarters of good scoring for Nordlingen, Leipzig buckled down in the fourth quarter taking the game in OT limiting the Nordlingen scoring machine to four points. What was key for limiting them so much?

It just came down to who wanted to win I believe we wanted it just as bad as they did. We needed to find ways to respond and we did it on the defensive end. They just responded and kept throwing more punches.

Leipzig had the 69-67 lead for three minutes until Leo Vrkas sent the game into OT with a bucket. He actually scored the last two baskets before OT. Did Leipzig suffer some defensive breakdowns in this phase of was the mental part also present?

It just came down to fatigue that’s all he hit some big shots to help his team and all you can do is tip your hat to the guy.

In the second OT, it looked like Nordlingen would finally pull through and win as Janek Schmidkunz hit a three, but once again Leipzig never gave up and got to a third OT once again with free throws. How confident was your team just being able to do what you wanted to and draw the foul when it was needed?

At that point I thought we were going to pull through and win the game after that foul but it wasn’t in our favor to finish it right then and there.

In the third OT Nordlingen had had enough pouring home 19 points. Was there a fatigue factor present in the third OT?

Yes I think any game in a triple overtime fatigue is going to set in they just responded better and knew how to win.

Despite the heartbreaking loss was there anything possible that the UNI Riesen Leipzig could take that will be able to spurn them on to further success in the next games?

O definitely we go into every game knowing we are to going give each opponent hell. We are a small bunch but very confident as well so we have short memory’s and its on to the next one.

How challenging was it battling Jordan Talbert twice this season? You both are the two best forwards in the Pro B south.

Talbert is a good player so with that you just have to do the best you can. We did a solid job defending throughout the course of the game.

Is the fact that four players combined for 100 of the 105 points scare you a bit?

Doesn’t scare in any kind of way, because we made it into the playoffs with this same group of guys we have had a lot of adversity we weren’t expected to make the playoffs but we made it happen so I’m as confident as ever with this group.

How proud are you that the club stuck with a very powerful Nordlingen team despite having a seven man rotation and five guys that combined for 259 minutes?

I’m proud we fought hard I’m not happy about losing ever but if your going to lose go out swinging and for the most part we did that.

With two games remaining, you have scored in double figures in every game and registered 13 double doubles. Has your game progressed the way that you have liked going into the playoffs?

My game as player has progressed as far as a mental standpoint that’s what I care about right now learning how to be more effective and help get the best out of my teammates each and every game. I still have much to learn.

Do you see yourself becoming more of a beast in the playoffs?

I play as hard as I can every game so I’m not really focused on trying to be more of a beast haha just want to compete with my guys and see what happens.

The next game is against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors that beat you 79-66 in Frankfurt. What memories do you have of that game?

I remember they were physical but we weren’t all that gelled as a team yet I look forward to playing Frankfurt at full strength this next time around.

The rebounds and 23 turnovers were a huge issue in the Frankfurt game. What will be key in getting the win on the weekend?

For me I will try and be a monster on the boards and give the team all I have. We just need to compete that’s it we do that we can beat anyone in this league. I truly believe that from the number 1 team to the dead last team.

How do recap the NBA trade line deals? What teams did the best?

I would say best come up clippers with Jeff Green

What was the last movie that you saw?

Last movie would be CREED.


Thanks Julian for the chat.

Thanks Miles

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