Jordan Riewer (Gotha) I Want To Be More Consistent Here In The Second Half And Just Help The Team Win Anyway Possible

Jordan Riewer is a 24 year old 188cm guard from Staples, Minnesota that is playing his first professional season in Germany for Gotha. He played at MSU Moorhead (NCAA2) from 2010-2015 and as a senior played 25 games averaging 15.9ppg, 4.8rpg, 5.8apg, FGP: 48.3%, 3PT: 49.6%, FT: 94.6%. Currently he is averaging 8,9ppg, 1,3rpg and 1,8apg. He spoke to German Hoops after the 84-75 victory against the Finke Baskets Paderborn.

Jordan  thanks for talking to German Hoops. You are playing your first season in Germany and what have you liked most about the recent holiday season?

As for the holiday’s, the scenery in Germany is beautiful and my first time at a Christmas market was a cool experience.

Congrats on the big 84-75 win against the Finke Baskets Paderborn. How hungry was the team to make amends for the bitter 25 point loss to Vechta last weekend?

Very hungry! We had arguably one of our best weeks of practice and got after it all week.  We just wanted to bounce back, as we know we are better than how we played at Vechta.

Gotha had the 34-28 advantage at the break as the Finke Baskets were able to hang around. What words of wisdom did head coach Chris Ensminger give the team going into the third quarter?

Just don’t let up and keep fighting. It’s a 40 minute game and in this league anything can happen.

What was key in the Gotha 9-0 run early in the fourth quarter to get Gotha on the road to victory?

I believe it was our depth and we came out and got stops which was huge.

Despite the win, the 23 turnovers cast a bitter shadow on the win. How fortunate were you for conserving the win despite Paderborn having 11 more possessions?

That’s something we will shore up, as our team has been pretty good at taking care of the ball this season.

The club has been defending consistently all season. What adjustments does the team need to make to be able to score more in the 80 point range in the second half of the season?

Still would say turnovers, I believe if we don’t turn the ball over we will score a lot of points, as this team has shown it can score.

The team only has two players averaging in double figures, but have so many solid players contributing. How vital has American Delvon Johnson been to the success of the team?

We are very deep team with a lot of guys who could end up being the leading scorer any given night and I think that says a lot about our team. Delvon is really fun to play with and has some experience which helps a lot in this league.

Your averaging 8,7ppg, 1,2rpg and 1,9apg. If you had to give a grade of your first half performance what would you give yourself?

As far as myself, the play has been up and down. I want to be more consistent here in the second half and just help the team win anyway possible.

Would you attribute your 47% shooting from outside success to added practice or very good shot selection?

Both. A lot of shooting has to do with confidence. When you have great teammates that can set you up, I feel as if it’s my job to knock it down. Coach always puts me in the right spots and as a shooter you couldn’t ask for anything more.

What part of the style of the Pro A is still hard to get used to and what part of your game do you still want to improve in the second half of the season?

Has to be the physicality and how they let a lot more go as far as hand checking etc. Overall everything, I’m still a rookie and I have been learning a ton from 2 coaches who have the experience over here to he successful in Germany, so I would be foolish not to listen. Overall, just kind of being like a sponge and just soaking it all in. It’s been a great learning experience and I’m excited to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.

Do you see Steph Curry hitting for 70 this season or is his point guard tendencies something that won´t allow him and his many scoring options?

The way Steph shoots the ball I wouldn’t be surprised, but that’s a lot of points. Especially the way the Warriors play as a team.

Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? How did you like it in comparison to the other ones?

Unfortunately I have not. But, the other ones I enjoyed.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Southpaw. Great movie!

Thanks Jordan for the chat.


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