Andrew Jones(Dresden Titans) I Don’t Think Teams Really Know How Many Scorers We Have As We Have Options Everywhere On The Court

Andrew Jones is a 32 year old 191cm shooting guard that has been a professional basketball player since 2007 and has returned back to the Dresden Titans this season. He played at Miles(NCAA2) and has played in Germany for most of his professional career with four seasons with the Dresden Titans and three seasons with the BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga). He also gained experience playing with teams like Marietta Storm (SEBL), BC Celtics (SEBL), C.B. Aridane (Spain-EBA) and Universidad Tecnologica Equinoc. Quito (Ecuador-National League). Last season he played for BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 19,9ppg, 6,5rpg and 3,9apg. He spoke to German Hoops after then huge 118-79 victory against the Uni-Riesen Leipzig.



Andrew thanks for talking to German Hoops. You have been playing in Germany for many years and especially in Dresden have seen the classic Christmas tradition being lived. How did you spend the holiday season and new year?

Thanks Miles it’s always good speak with you. This actually my third Christmas vacation in Germany since I’ve been here. Especially Dresden, which has one of the best Christmas Markets in the world. I spent the holidays here in Dresden. A great place to be during the holidays.

What new year resolutions have you made for 2016 for Andrew Jones the professional basketball player and person?

I’m not a big new resolution guy. But if I had one, I would like to help get our team get on track to the high level basketball we play. Personally, try to be the best man I can be.

Shortly before the holiday break, the Dresden Titans lost to BG Karlsruhe snapping a three game winning streak. Did that loss personally take long for you to digest?

Any loss is difficult when your trying everything to win. I will say that loss did hurt because our team is very talented. We gave away a game at their home by 3, after controlling until the last minutes. Then they came to our house and beat us by 16. That’s tough!

When looking back at the loss to BG Karlsruhe, what did you notice was missing from the Dresden Titans game to be a top team like them?

We didn’t have any fire on defense. We let them grab every rebound and we were a step too late on rotations.

With what kind of approach was the team going into the game against Leipzig? You were looking for your first win against a top 3 team in the Pro B south?

We were looking to run. Leipzig is a very good team. But their main players play heavy minutes. We wanted to use that to our advantage.

Congrats on the huge 118-79 win against the Uni-Riesen Leipzig. It was the biggest point total of the season and second 100 plus game. What do you feel is the most underrated part about the Dresden offense?

I don’t think teams really know how many scorers we have. We have options everywhere on the court.

The game was decided at halftime as you led 66-34. What were the key words that new head coach Steven Clauss stressed besides not losing focus that allowed you to continue playing your game and scoring consistent for 40 minutes?

ARE WE HAVING FUN. Then proceeded to coach the same game plan that got us the big lead in the first half.

How much self confidence did this win give the club and do you see it growing in the next months?

I think the club is feeling confident. It helps when what your practice works on game day. Everyone has no choice but to feel good about this.

After going into the game with a 6-8 record, on what things does the team still need to improve on to reach the playoffs this season?

We have to keep running our transition. Defense can always get better. We want to have great offense and defense!

The club had six players in double figures. Can this unselfishness be carried on into the next games?

The style of play Coach Clauss is teaching enables us to have many scoring threats. We had three more players who missed the double digit mark by a few points. I believe this will be a normal playing style for us.

How important was the pick up of Randal Holt who netted 25 points in his first game?? What does he give the club that was lacking before besides massive scoring punch?

Randal is very important for this team! He gives us a quicker pace. He controls the game very well. I’m personally excited to have a player like him on our team.

How excited are you to be playing with Randall Holt. What can we expect from this duo and how lethal could it become?

Playing with Randal is a blessing. He will change how teams defend us. Dresden has two guards that are in attack mode! I hope I can get a couple alley oops

The club has a very experienced and knowledgeable coach with Steven Clauss. What does he give the team now that German Thomas Krzywinski didn´t have?

Coach K gave blood, sweat and tears to the Titans. It is difficult to say what he didn’t give, because he gave everything. However, Coach Clauss brings a style of coaching that translates easily. His resume speaks for itself.

You are averaging 10,3ppg, 4,5rpg and 3,5apg. You had an up and down first half and I don´t need to tell you are you happy with your performance. What have been the main reasons for the less productive Andrew Jones being on the court?

I can honestly say that I allowed things outside my control to affect the way I play. This is definitely the worst half of basketball in my career. I’m happy to have gone through this. If God allows me another game, I will play at my highest level.

How confident are you that you will pick it up in the second half? Could a Randall Holt help propel your game with his play?

Very confident things will change. Randal will be a big part of it, he is our floor general.

Your defense is very solid. Are you a kind of player that is confident that good defense will get your shooting going? Your shooting has been down, but repairable.

I’m not the guy to make excuses or says what needs to be done for my shooting to get better. It just needs to get better. I will take advantage of every opportunity I have to make it better.

Do you see Steph Curry hitting for 70 points in the next years?

If any player can, it is definitely him. Incredible talent!!!

Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? What was your impression of it and how do you compare it to the others?

I haven’t seen it yet. Stars wars is a classic so I will definitely see it soon.

What was the last movie that you saw?

I can’t remember a movie, but I just finished Ray Donavan on Netflix second season.

Thanks Andrew for the chat.


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