Quantez Robertson Might Never Hear The End Of Remember Bamberg The Day Germany Was Better Than USA At Basketball At The 2016 Beko BBL Allstar Game

Already last season, the Fraport Skyliners displayed club strength with five players taking part at the 2015 Beko BBL allstar game as they sent the German twin towers Johannes Voigtmann and Danilo Barthel as well as three Germans to the NBBL allstar game with Niklas Kiel, Armin Musovic and Lenny Okeke and it could have been even more had someone thought about naming a Justin Cobbs who was having a solid season. This season it wasn´t any different as the 2004 Beko BBL champion sent 5 players with the big German three of Johannes Voigtmann, Danilo Barthel and Konstantin Klein as well as Super Tez Quantaze Robertson as well as young German Garai Zeeb. The day of festivities turned out to bring success and a win for the first time for team national.


The day started out with the NBBL allstar game where the young 18 or under can show their talent on the floor and demonstrate who might be a Beko BBL allstar in the future. Zeeb helped the NBBL south team beat the North with 93-86. The ex Bremerhaven guard steered 8 points nailing two three pointers and also showed class on defense registering three steals.


Between the NBBL allstar game and Beko BBL allstar game is possibily the most fun as the fans can watch the three point shooting and slam dunk contests. The only thing more entertaining is possibly when all the team mascots dance on the court trying to see which one will gain the most love from the fans. The ex Gotha guard Konstantin Klein was named as a replacement to take part at the three point shooting contest. What can a participant do to practice for a contest like this on the day of the event? There isn´t much one can do except get up as many shots as possible and get a good feel as possible of the rims. Klein didn´t have his best shooting day and had to tip his hat to ratiopharm Ulm guard Per Guenther who won with 23 points. Guenther had home court advantage while Klein will look to make amends in the second half of the season with continued good shooting from down town.


Quantez Robertson entered the slam dunk contest looking to finally win the title after bowing out twice in the final in 2010 in Bonn and 2011 in Trier, but had to tip his cap to Tuebingen American Garlon Green who must have felt good after winning knowing that the flak about dunking in his own basket some weeks ago could now be a bit hidden after winning this title.


In the finale, fans got too see the Beko BBL allstar game where the four Fraport Skyliners combined for 37 points. Team national won for the first time 128-118 as Johannes Voigtmann led the charge with 17 points, five rebounds and eight assists. Despite filling up the stats liek a Pau Gasol, the MVP award went to Per Guenther who scored 21 points. The versatile game of Voigtmann once again showed that he not only is or is one of the best centers in the Beko BBL, but also one of the best players in the league. Heidelberg native Danilo Barthel added 8 points, three rebounds and two assists, Konstantin klein 8 points and four rebounds and Quantez Robertson rounded out the scoring with four points and four rebounds for team international. Once thing is for sure, the season is still very long and the bragging rights could be brutal as Quantez Robertson will always have the big German three of Voigtmann, Barthel and Klein reminding him “remember Ulm Tez? The day Germany was better than USA at basketball.

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