Face To Face With Deandre Lansdowne(Herten) Who Exploded With 46 Points Against The EN Baskets Schwelm

Deandre Landsdowne is a 26 year old 187cm guard from Albuquerque, Mexico playing his first season in Germany with Herten. He played college ball at Fort Lewis (NCAA2) and then played with Pioneros de Delicias (Mexico-Chihuahua Vive) before continuing career in Germany. He spoke to German Hoops after the big 99-87 win against the EN Baskets Schwelm where he poured in 46 points.



Deandre thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the 99-87 win against the EN Baskets Schwelm. How strange was it playing them back to back during the season? Did you ever have a back to back game series against a college team at Fort Lewis?

Honestly it wasn’t all that strange. We had a tough loss last weekend, and it was a great opportunity to get revenge. In college I can remember one time. For the league tournament we played the teams we beat in the quarterfinals and finals, we played them again in the first two rounds of the national tournament. I think those are the hardest games, because you have to really find wrinkles in your play to find what works and doesn’t, as well as adding new things to your system that they haven’t already seen.

After the 92-74 loss last weekend against the EN Baskets Schwelm was team defense a big focus last week in practice as they registered a strong 26 team assists?

Our team knows that our offense really ignites our defense, and our defense creates our fast, high pace offense. We really focus on the small things that we did bad last weekend to make sure we didn’t make small mistakes this week.

You had an amazing game high 46 points in the OT win. You scored 10 of the teams first 12 points. Did you know at that time that you would be on your way of having a very high scoring game?

I got off to a good start, just like last week, but I look at what the defense gives me. Some games you have to score, some games you have to play a defensive roll, it changes week to week. But my team is always looking for me to be aggressive and they never doubt my decision making, and that is what makes it great to play with these guys.

The EN Baskets Schwelm led through most of the first half until Herten got the lead back in the last few minutes and led 36-35 at half. What adjustments did Herten make in the last minutes to regain control?

We just focused on playing our game. Coach preaches to our team to have a certain amount of possessions per game, to win the rebounding count and to play offensively and defensively as a unit, and so we really focused on those things.

Herten led as much as 10 points in the third, but let Schwelm back into the game in the fourth. Did Herten let the game slip away in the second half letting the game progress into overtime?

No I don’t think we let it slip away. They are a good team, and well coached. That also is the game of basketball, “ the game of runs”. When you have two teams playing well, making plays, and giving it all, you will have great sections for each teams.

What did head coach Majdi Shaladi tell the team to do in the OT period which you won 16-4? You had 9 points and had two assists. It seems like he could of said “Ok Deandre go to work and get us the win”?

Hahahahaha no, he just pushed the team to continue fighting and to just stay positive. Coach is a coach who knows when he really needs to talk a lot and when to let his team play because he can see that certain things are working. Coach forced the fact that we should run, run, run. He also did a really great job on calling timeouts when needed, and made some minor/major adjustments defensively that helped us.

This was your second 40 point game this season. Do you believe that it could be possible in your game to get this type of confidence more often and not only if your scoring in bunches?

I would never score 40 without a great supporting cast. I have shooters in Curth, Martin, Dennis and Nolte who allow me to play one on one a lot without help, as well as great bigs in Griffen, Neumann and Meiser who set me great screens anywhere on the court and find me when I cut. I am confident in my offensive game and I think it will come every game if I stick to coaches system and not force anything. But winning is important to me, as well as to have positive team success. I need all my teammates to contribute every Saturday for that to be possible, no matter who has to do a majority of the scoring.

What did you enjoy most about your own game on the floor tonight? Where does this single performance rank in all-time best games in your young career?

What I enjoyed most is that I stayed aggressive, and I looked for my teammates late in the game. I think we pulled away when we really attacked the rim and found our big men. Like I said before, none of my baskets were performed without a teammate doing something that made my score easy. Also it’s always great to play in front of a great crowd.

Do you believe that your leadership skills took another step with your all around play and taking command in overtime?

I believe I have always been a leader throughout my career in some ways. This game I saw that I needed to take a certain role for the team to be successful. But we all look at Brandon Griffen as our team leader. I am a leader, but I also am still learning from our veteran and coach to become a better leader, point guard, and all around player.

You are shooting over 50% from outside 7/13 in the last four games after starting shooting 4/17 from outside in the first 8 games. Hast it been better shot selection or extra hours that has helped you improve outside shooting percentage?

As I said before, I have confidence in my all around offensive game. I can drive to the basket, play off the ball, and shoot outside. I play what the defense gives me. I started the year penetrating more, and now teams take that away more, so my outside shot has a better look. I get great screens from my teammates to penetrate or get open shots, and the best of all, my teammates believe that any shot i take is a good shot.

Herten is up and down and has a 6-6 record now and defense is still the biggest building block. What does the team need to improve most on to finally consistently cut down the points?

We really look at being aggressive and active defensively. With our team when were active and defensively rebounding we can really be a hard team to play against.

How important has the game of German Jeffery Martin been in the first half? He has been the most consistent German performer for Herten.

I love playing with a guy like Jeffery. Every week he’s wanting to learn how to better his game. He’s giving 100% in practice, asking questions, and never missing a chance to get in the gym and weight room. He has been a huge asset to the team, especially being a youth player playing 30+ min, with the numbers he brings to the team is phenomenal. It’s a true honor to watch him grow as a player this season!

Golden State Warrior Steph Curry had only one better scoring game than you had this season with 53 points against New Orleans. Do you see him scoring 70 plus points this season the way he is going now?

He is one great player, with one great team! I believe that some players, in the right system, with the right teammates can flourish! But you can’t take away anything Curry has done this season and will do the rest of his career.

What is your most cherished Christmas memory from back home?

Man,that is a tough one. Me being adopted, I would say every Christmas. Knowing how blessed I am to have the great family that I do, and how much they have done for me is a true blessing. I would’ve never been the person, or athlete I am today without my mom and dad, Betty and John, taking me in and always believing in the person I could be.

What was the last movie that you saw?

One of my favorites, and a classic: The Count of Monte Cristo.


Thanks Deandre for the chat.


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