Tre Bowman(ETB Wohnbau Baskets) I Want More From Myself As Well As For My Team.

Tre Bowman is a 24 year old 196cm guard from York, Pennsylvania that is playing his second professional season and first in Germany with the ETB Wohnbau baskets Essen. Last season as a rookie he played for Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (Spain-LEB Silver): 26 games: Score-3(16.0ppg), 3.5rpg, 1.5apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 52.0%, 3PT: 30.8%, FT: 82.4%. He started his basketball career in 2010 with Penn St. (NCAA) where he played 16 NCAA games. He then transferred to Iona(NCAA) and played there from 2012-2014 playing a total of 64 NCAA games and as a senior played Iona (NCAA) played 32 games averaging 13.9ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 52.3%, 3PT: 40%, FT: 79.0%. Currently he is averaging 14,5ppg, 3,7rpg and 2,3apg for Essen. He spoke to German Hoops after the win against Baunach.



Trey thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the huge 91-67 win against Baunach. How important was this win getting back on the winning track after losing three of the last four games?

It was very important for us. We learned from our losses and wanted to come out this game very aggressive to make sure we could be in a good position to win.

Essen didn´t have problems on offense in the last two games averaging 81,5ppg, but how important was it setting the tone early by scoring 30 points in the first and 20 in the second and leading by 23 points at the break?

That was very important. We all worked hard all week and for it to pay off in the game and to see everybody getting involved was really rewarding.

How much does it annoy you to score 91 points, but still have 20 turnovers. Was that the biggest flaw of the night?

I think turnovers were our biggest mistake. But when you play faster and score more points usually there will be more turnovers. So you have to live with it. But going forward, it will be something we try to improve upon.

Before the game there was only one player averaging double figures with yourself. Tonight five guys scored in double figures. Was this another attempt of the team getting a new run of self confidence for guys to start some consistency in the next games taking the load a bit off your shoulders?

I think this game will give everybody more self confidence and more importantly a confidence in our team in knowing what we are capable of. We have set the expectations high after this game and now it is something we must continue to expect of ourselves so we can all try to play our best.

Coming into the game your were giving up 71 points as a team, but average only 66. Is this a team that could average 80 points over time? Especially with two fine playmakers like Gary Johnson and Jon Loyd who combined for 16 of the 30 team assists, one should be able to always be able to score. Have you seen a better 1-2 point guard combo in the Pro A yet?

To answer your first question, yes I do believe we can average more points per game over time. We are still very early in the season and are still trying to figure things out. And to answer you second question, no I haven’t seen a better combination. Gary and John are doing a great job this year and are really fun to play with.

Do you see one of the German players Christoph Hachenesch, Paul Albrecht or even experienced Marco Buljevic taking on even more of a scoring role as time goes by?

As time goes by we will see. I am sure not only me, but the rest of those guys are ready to take on whatever role the team needs for us to win games.

Baunach is a rare team that only has one American. What was your impression of Jordan Dumars the son of Detroit Piston legend Joe Dumars?

He is a good player with a lot of potential.

You are the top scorer of the team. Are you enjoying your role and how happy have you been with your play so far?

I think I have been playing OK. I am not satisfied with my play or being the top scorer. I want more from myself as well as for my team. What is important to me is winning games and if my team needs me to score, rebound, or whatever it takes to win, thats what I will do.

How has the adjustment been for you in the German Pro A coming from Zornotza Saskibaloi Taldea (Spain-LEB Silver)? Would you rate the German Pro A over the Leb Silver?

I would say this league is filled with a lot of great teams and it is a battle every night to win a game. In respect to the Spain-LEB Silver league the teams were also very good and was a great place to start my career and learn the professional game. But as far as individual talent, and environment I would say this league is better.

What strides do you still want to take in your play as the season progresses? Is getting back up to the 40% range from outside which you had your last two seasons with Iona a big goal?

Yes that is one of my biggest goals. I have always been shooting the ball in the 40s from 3 and I just haven’t been able to find the stroke from outside yet. But I know that with continuous work it will improve and I will become better as the season progresses.

Who wins a one on one in practice you or Marco Buljevic?

Haha. Marco is a great player and I respect his game, but I have confidence in myself so I think I would pull it out.

What has been your most precious childhood Thanksgiving moment?

Thanksgiving is very big back home. And growing up it was always one of my favorites because I get to spend time with my family and play with my cousins when I was a kid. Not to mention eat all the food I wanted! Every moment was precious when I was a kid at Thanksgiving.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Horrible Bosses 2.


Thanks Tre for the chat.




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