DJ Woodmore(BIS Baskets Speyer) I Want To Get Better On Impacting The Game On Both Ends Of The Court

DJ Woodmore is a 23 year old 190cm rookie from Virginia Beach, Virginia that is playing his second season for the BIS Baskets Speyer. As a rookie last season he played 28 games averaging 14.5ppg, 5.2rpg, 2.3apg, FGP: 44.6%, 3PT: 40.1%, FT: 72.1%He played at Virginia Wesleyan (NCAA3) from 2010-2014 and a s a senior played 31 games: 20.1ppg, 5.9rpg, 2.4apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 50.3% (219/435), 3Pts: 46.0% (91/198), FT: 76.9% (93/121). He reached the NCAA3 Sweet 16 three times and elite 8 once. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball before the game against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors


DJ thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 82-66 loss against Nordlingen. After a big win and first of the season against Weissenhorn now another loss. How is the mood of the team? Is the team staying as upbeat as best possible?

Yes, the mood is still very positive with the team. We know we haven’t played our best basketball yet so that is something to look forward to in the upcoming games.

Nordlingen scored 34 points in the first quarter. Was the game already somewhat decided after 10 minutes despite Speyer winning the second and third quarters?

I don’t think so, yes the slow start pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game, but we’ve done a good job of fighting our way back into the games all season. We had our chances late but just could not get over the hump.

The tank Kwame Duku led all scorers with 21 points on 10/13 shooting. Was there no way to contain him better?

He played really well. I think his teammates did a good job at putting him in great scoring position all night.

You play against very talented guards each weekend. How much of a challenge was it battling against American Brandon Lockhart?

Lockhart is extremely talented, poised, quick, and crafty. He got the better of our match up in the first half last week. Hopefully when we play them again, I can do a better job of containing him.

The BIS Baskets Speyer average 71 points per game while giving up 81 points. It will continue to be tough to win games if you can´t keep opponents down in scoring. What have been the main reasons for the team having problems keeping teams scoring down?

I’m not exactly sure what the main reason is, but I do know we have to stay focused on defense for the entire 24 seconds. If we do that, I’m sure those numbers will improve.

You and Khobi Williamson are scoring in double figures, but it seems like that third scorer is missing on the team. How vital is it for that scorer to be established quickly?

It is very important, we have a lot of extremely talented players on our team, we just need to get them all playing with a high level of confidence each night.

How well has German Alexander Kuhn developed from last season? Do you see him taking the next step and taking on even a bigger scoring role this season?

Kuhn has been a really important piece for us this season and last. He’s a very crafty forward who stretched his range out to be a very consistent outside shooter. He’s makes very timely plays offensively and defensively, and when he is playing well, I think we are a better team in every way.

You have always been a strong rebounding guard, but your averaging your best ever at 7,8rpg. Is it strange being the top rebounder and getting more boards than Khobi Williamson?

No not that strange at all, I think I just have good timing. Khobi and Onochie are far better rebounders than I am, but I always feel confident in my ability especially when crashing the boards against other guards.

You are averaging 15,0ppg and are at around what you averaged last season. Do you see yourself becoming even more of a scorer like maybe Ricky Easterling?

Easterling is such a dynamic scorer, probably the best in the league. We have similar styles but my game is more depended on the long ball. I have to become more efficient if I want to compete with Easterling in scoring but more importantly help this team succeed.

Despite losing to Saarlouis already this season how good did it feel scoring 34 points against Ricky Easterling who got Speyer in the last game last season with 38 points?

It was nice to actually shoot the ball well after such a slow start to the season, but it’s always a competitive game when playing against him and Saarlouis. Next time we play at home, hopefully we can get the win.

What are your main goals this season and what do you want to improve in your game from last season?

This season’s goals are still to help this team reach the playoffs for the first time. Although we’ve had a rough start, its never to late to go on a winning streak. I hope to improve on everything about my game from last season, but primarily I want to get better on impacting the game on both ends of the court. To be a complete player, not just a scoring threat.

You have stated that you are a pass first guard even though it wouldn´t be noticed with your stats. Is upping your assists average a goal in your game?

Yes definitely, I always want to get my teammates involved. I’ve always played with a mindset to get the best shot possible, and will continue to play that way.

The next game is against the Fraport Skyliners Juniors. What do you remember from the bitter 75-73 loss from last season in Frankfurt?

I remember how demoralizing that loss felt when walking to the locker room after. We didn’t keep focus for the entire 40 minutes after being up but double digits. We are going to try to use that as motivation to get back on the right path this year.

They are riding a two game losing streak. What will be key to getting the win?

Just staying tuned into the game for 40 minutes and playing together as a team. They are a talented team with a lot of players that can just flat out play. But we are looking forward to the challenge.

How proud are you of your teammate Khobi Williamson who came back strong after missing most of last season?

Extremely proud of the drive and the work he put in this offseason to be back to this point. I know it wasn’t easy but he kept a positive mindset the entire time. He’s quickly becoming a dominant force in the league and he’s just getting his feet back under him. Scary to think about how much room for improvement there still is for him.

You played against Williamson 10 times in college. Which game will you never forget?

Every game was so epic between us because they were our biggest and most hated college rivals. At least 4 of them ended with buzzer beaters and game winners. But I will never forget when we beat them in 2013 on their Senior Night with a game winning shot. There was a lot of trash talking after the buzzer went off, both benches cleared, and the entire student section raced to the floor in hopes of a full fledged brawl. We needed a police escort to get back to the bus and I think this moment just added a little more fire to the classic VA Wesleyan vs Hampden Sydney basketball rivalry.

What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Will he ever be mentioned in the same breath as a Michael Jordan?

As a die hard Lebron fan, I already put him in the same breathe as Michael Jordan. I know he doesn’t have the championship rings to compare but he’s, without question, one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. How was your first Thanksgiving in Germany last season and what is your favorite childhood memory of Thanksgiving?

Not much of a Thanksgiving for me last season because Germany doesn’t celebrate it, but every Thanksgiving memory is a great one. Being around family is so important to me, especially in this crazy world we live in today. With all the chaos going on these days, not being with them this year will definitely be tough.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Money Talks with Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen.


Thanks DJ for the chat.


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