The Stallbohm Brown And Mcfly Disguises Go Missing As Conlog Koblenz Trounce The Baskets Limburg 116-81

When you watch Limburg Baskets head coach Danny Stallbohm on the sidelines during a hard fought game he is usually very focused on each play like a lovable wild boar is on its next prey on a barren field not far away from the Tilemann school in Limburg, but at times he can also be very verbal and in an aroused state when his team isn´t playing the way he should. His son Justin is a 22 year old 182cm point guard that started his career with the Eintracht Frankfurt u-18 team in 2009 and is playing his fifth season with Limburg. He is a high energy guard that stays on his man like an agitated pit bull who hasn´t had enough dinner and likes to shoot long bombs from the parking lot. When looking at both guys and keeping in mind that it was October 31st Halloween and also the 30th anniversary of the cult American movie Back to the Future, one could of taken a moment from thinking about basketball and their next fierce opponent the 6-0 Conlog Baskets Koblenz and wondered how amazing father and son could of looked like in the perfect Halloween costume. Wrap coach Danny into a white like drape and put on a wig and he could be the perfect double for Doc Brown who was portrayed by legendary actor Christopher Lloyd while encircle son Justin with the classic faded 1985 Levi jeans, button down shirt, jean jacket, a two-tone puffer vest and a pair of John Mayer-endorsed Nike Bruins and he would be the perfect Marty Mcfly character. Of course Justin would also have to get the typical haircut parted in the middle. Maybe the father and son duo being outfitted like 1985 as Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly could of scared and irritated their opponent Conlog Baskets Limburg, but instead the father and son duo as the cult Back To The Future characters didn´t arrive in the time machine flying Delorean, but were dressed like they always were and were ready for battle. However Koblenz came ready to play and the Stallbohm father and son act of Danny and Justin didn´t have their Back to the future disguises of Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly to scare away Conlog Koblenz as the guests trounced the Baskets Limburg 118-81. “We didn´t play good defense, but overall if we play like this against the other teams we will do well. Koblenz had a lot of experience and should win. We were only down 12 points at half and we missed easy shots in the first half. In the second half our defense fell apart and they capitalized on our misses and got more into transition. They also killed us inside. Koblenz is on a mission to move up, but I think that they will get some problems from other teams. We have to focus on the other teams”, added Baskets Limburg head coach Danny Stallbohm. “We gave it our all, but we need to play better as a team. We got killed inside. Our guards have to help out more. We played too much 1-1 in the second half which hurt us. They scored too many fast break baskets. We were the smaller team and should of ran more instead of vice versa. I missed seeing the costumes here, but Halloween isn´t as big here as carnival. Those Back to the future costumes would have been funny though”, stressed Justin Stallbohm. Conlog Koblenz had a few rough first minutes, but then coasted to victory easily. “We were a bit shell shocked at the start as we weren´t used to their press and trap. But after that we settled and played good basketball. We have been together since August 1 and trust the process and each other. The coach gives me confidence and leadership and the team roles with me. I will do anything for them and vice versa”, warned American Harry Boyce who last season played for Al Ittisalat (Egypt-Superleague).

Fraport Skyliners assistant coach Eric Detlev was at the game scouting a big German prospect and the Baskets Limburg raced out to the quick 4-0 lead as the atmosphere was humming in the Limburg gym as 50 Koblenz fans had added to the loud yelling already present as Lithuanian Deividas Baika who played for Nordlingen last season scored two quick buckets inside. However Conlog Koblenz somehow weren´t amazed by the guests and took the lead scoring three unanswered baskets as ex Elchlingen forward Milan Kolovrat and Latvian and ex APS Filippos Veroias (Greece-A2)Martins Abele scored as the guests showed their big man presence early. Conlog Koblenz would never look back as they slowly would build their lead. Both teams were playing a fast style which surprisingly fit Conlog Koblenz more than the smaller team Baskets Limburg. Conlog Koblenz continued to do heavy damage inside as they ended the first quarter on a 10-4 run to lead 22-14. Ex SOBA Dragons Rhoendorf forward Dominique Tholey and Norman Klein got easy buckets inside. 195cm guard from Missouri City, Texas and Georgia St. (NCAA) Joshua Micheaux closed out the scoring for the Baskets Limburg with a power lay in.

In the second quarter Conlog Limburg continued to remain in control as they went on a 6-0 run to lead big 30-18 as Milan Kolovrat and Harry Boyce put pressure inside and were rewarded with easy buckets. Conlog Koblent continued to supply enormous pressure inside as they knew that was the sore spot of the Baskets Limburg as their big men Abele and Kolovrat did what they wanted got rebounds and made put backs at regularity. Here and there the Baskets Limburg would have some fine moments on offense where the ball was popping around and a Justin Stallbohm finished off with a three cutting the Conlog Koblenz lead to 39-28, but overall their biggest problem was defensive consistency and keeping the opponents bigs out of the paint. Even when Conlog didn´t score they were getting to the free throw line and being consistent while the Baskets Limburg had their difficulty sinking free throws on this Halloween night. Conlog Koblenz also was defending very well and doing a good job getting into the passing lanes of the Baskets Limburg which almost always led to steals and easy fast break baskets. Justin Stallbohm closed out the second quarter with a big buzzer beater three pointer cutting the Conlog Koblenz lead to 47-35 which was respectable considering the huge roster and experience advantage that Conlog Koblenz had to work with.

Even the most staunch Limburg supporter must of known deep down that with more minutes played the more tired the team would get which would give the risk of caving in and that is exactly what happened as fatigue started to already appear in the third quarter as Conlog Koblenz broke the game wide open outscoring the Baskets Limburg 32-14 to lead 79-49 after three quarters. Conlog Koblenz jumped on Limburg going on a 8-2 run to quickly extend their lead to 55-39 as Tholey did more damage inside with a lay in and dunk, Kolovrat scored on the third try as there was zero resistance inside from Limburg and Boyce made a lay in. 27 year old German Konstantin Schneider also got into the scoring mode scoring back to back buckets on the fast break as it seemed like that was where all the Conlog production was coming from. Boyce made a pretty running one hand dunk which was followed by a Tholey dunk as the Baskets Limburg were hit with a 19-6 run and were trailing 66-41. In the last four minutes the Baskets Limburg stayed with Conlog Koblenz, but just couldn´t gain any sufficient ground as they were behind 79-51 after 30 minutes as the game was more than decided. Conlog Koblenz continued to dominate inside doing what they wanted to as Kolovrat was a one man wrecking crew getting two buckets and big 15 year old German talent Isaac Bonga scored inside. Ex Eintracht Frankfurt guard Justin Stallbohm closed out the third quarter with freethrows.”We pushed the ball more in the third quarter. We didn´t play as fast in the first half. We upped our defensive intensity which helped our transition game”, stressed Harry Boyce. “We ran out of gas in the third. We just don´t have a deep bench”, added Danny Stallbohm.

In the fourth quarter the Baskets Limburg finally got some offense going scoring 32 points, but that still wasn´t good enough to help any in a comeback as Conlog Koblenz powered home 37 points as now it was just the moment for the players to add the finer tuning to their stats. Conlog Koblenz continued to hit the Baskets Limburg in the two spots where it bled the most and that was on transition and banging the ball inside whenever they could. A bright spot for the Baskets Limburg was ex VfB 1900 Giessen Pointers guard Henry Volkert who played 31 Pro B games for the BSW Sixers (ProB) as he scored 9 points in a span of three minutes. Defense had been put on the back burner by both teams in the second half and with the game decided one could witness more one on one play and some pretty dunks were also seen. Justin Stallbohm ended the game with what he does best which is shooting nailing a three pointer for good measure as the Baskets Limburg fell to 3-4 and were able to go home relived as despite it being Halloween, their 35 point loss wasn´t scary enough for any fans to leave the gym early as everyone stayed until the end. Conlog Koblenz had six players in double figures led by Milan Kolovrat with 23 points. Dominique Tholey and Harry Boyce added 18 points a piece and Martins Abele contributed 15 points. The Baskets Limburg were led by Joshua Micheaux with 19 points, six rebounds and six assists. Deividas Baika had 18 points while Henry Volkert and Justin Stallbohm chipped in with 17 points a piece. Conlog Koblenz finished the game shooting 54% from the field and 27% from outside while the Baskets Limburg shot 41% from the field and 25% from outside. Conlog Koblenz dominated the boards 54-28 and had 19 turnovers while the Baskets Limburg had 16 turnovers.

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