Deandre Lansdowne(Herten) I Have Always Liked To Challenge My Game And Knowledge Of The Game To Better Myself As A Player

Deandre Lansdowne is a 26 year old 187cm guard from Albuquerque, Mexico playing his first season in Germany with Herten. He played college ball at Fort Lewis (NCAA2) and then played with Pioneros de Delicias (Mexico-Chihuahua Vive) before continuing career in Germany. He spoke to German Hoops recently as Herten was stuck in their losing streak.

Deandre thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 83-65 loss against Bochum last weekend. Was the only positive thing from this game the 10 turnovers that the team suffered. The score was bad enough, but if you had had 20 turnovers the team would probably have lost by 30 points.

Yes the game was a tough loss! Turnovers a very key part of the game, and can change a game in either direction! But we continue to find the good out of losses and continue working forward.

Herten came into the season with high expectations, but started at 0-3. How is the current mood in the team? 0-3 isn´t great, but it isn´t 0-7. Knowing the fact that its still early give the team hope?

Every team has high expectations, and I still believe it’s too early to decide, and It’s all about your team peaking at the right time in the season. I like that the team isn’t satisfied with our losses and we believe that we still can be a contender, just takes time. being said, it can take time because there is a lot of new pieces on this team.

Fans are getting a little uneasy even if it is still early, but from your stand point, what have been the main problems that the team has been performing the way it has?

Haha what do you expect from fans, that’s just how fans are. They’re happy when you’re winning, dissatisfied when your loosing. But we’re all still slightly working on getting the feel for each other and getting a feel for coaches system. Some teams already have a unique identity, and we’re still trying to find ours, and once we do, I think that will be the team they believed us to be.

Herten is scoring 64 points per game while giving up 84 points. If these two were reversed Herten would probably be 3-0. The team should be able to score more than it has so far. How confident are you that scoring will improve?

Yes, I think that it will increase, like I said we’re still getting used to our offense and finding it’ strengths per player and where everybody. is most comfortable and effective. But we also need to defensively get better and stop teams from averaging 84 points per game. If we get more comfortable and better on offense as well as defensively, we should be just fine!

You are a rookie and have been one of the few bright spots in the first three games averaging 19,0ppg, 4.7rpg and 2,0apg. How tough is it enjoying your own good play when the team is losing?

I’ve never been a player to think individual play is more important then team success. I am here to do whatever the team needs me to do game to game depending on our individual match-ups. And for individual success you can only say thank you tongue teammates because they got you the ball in spots you can succeed or set you great screens.

After playing in the NCAA and in Mexico you are in Germany in the Pro B. You have had no need to get adjusted. Why do you feel have you been able to adjust so well to the style of the Pro B so quickly?

I feel I have always been a player who can play in any type of system or style of play and be fine! I can play in a more slow, controlled, smart league as we have here in Germany. Or I can play in a very fast, high scoring league like in Mexico! I have always liked to challenge my game and knowledge of the game to better myself as a player.

You scored 40 points in your first game against the Artland Dragons in a 89-63 loss. Despite hitting just about everything from the two point area, you were 0/3 from outside and had five turnovers. You then had three points in the next game. Was that your wake up call to be a professional in Germany how your play can go up and down from one game to the other?

Yes the 5 TOs really bugged me, being a PG that is way too many in a game. 0/3 was just how some games go, shot didn’t fall. My coach, team and myself know my outside shooting is fine, and teams will believe they can should go under screens, but I think I proved them wrong in Bochum. I believe that is just basketball, some games go your way and some don’t go your way. Maybe because of foul trouble, or shots don’t go in, whatever it maybe, you move on to the next game and week to get better as a team and player.

It has been a while, but do you remember your 35 point game against New Mexico Highlands in college? Do you ever look back at this game for inspiration?

You know I really don’t look back to my college games much anymore. I think my game is much more rounded, and I’m playing a different position as well. Also as my competition is a bit better and bigger now. Haha

You are only a rookie, but also 26. Do you see yourself taking on even more of a leadership role now in tough times?

I have always looked at myself as a leader. I’m one of the older guys on this team so I really feel my leadership is much more needed! As a PG also you need to have that leadership mentality since you control so much in the game, you need your team to look for you in adversity.

Your teammate Eric KIbi has been going a tough stretch shooting only 17,6 from the field. How have you been helping him get his confidence up?

The #1 always is to tell him he is a great player and never sell him short of that! I just always keep him moving forward, next shot/play. He works so hard outside of team practice that it is only a short time till we see the player he can be. He’s a great teammate and is always a positive person, so seeing him in a slump has been slightly hard on me.

How confident are you that as soon as Eric Kibi gets going that the team will start to have success?

I think Kibi is the biggest part missing right now, and we’re just trying to get him in the offense in spots he’s most confident. We see him starting to get a groove, we all feed off of that! But championship teams are teams that when one of your best players struggle, someone else should be able to step into that spot or another player steps their game up a bit more.

How confident are you that the team will respond this weekend against Izehoe? A reaction has to come. What will be key to getting the first team win of the season?

I think we have responded well this week, we grabbed the positives from Bochum, recognized some weaknesses and we’re fixing them. Most important we need to just come out hungry and with a chip on our shoulder, leave it all on the floor! A few keys for us in playing inside -> outside, rebounding, being aggressive on the defensive end without fouling and lastly controlling the game.

Derrick Rose is injured again. Is there a curse on him? Will he ever be able to play through a whole season healthy? It’s a sad story.

I really wish he could stay healthy and show us what he is capable of doing! But we’ve seen it before in some stars, just can’t escape injury, it’s just part of the game!

What has you started to appreciate most in Germany after two months living here?

I’m a big fan of eating, so I would say I love all the food and meals that I have had here. As well as some of the people I am surrounded by, very respectful, down to earth people! next month I am visiting Berlin, Netherlands and Belgium so I am very excited to see more of the area and bordering countries.

What was the last movie that you saw?

I’m a big movie guy, especially in my downtime. Most recent was Mission impossible 5 I think it was!

Thanks Deandre for the chat.

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