BASKETBALL AID International Tour 2016

Great opportunity for a USA D1 basketball program to play in promotional tour in Germany in summer 2016

The question will be: “Who will be the first US-College in this unique project”? The BASKETBALL AID International Tour offers a very interesting opportunity to a US-College basketball team in the summer of 2016. Playing games all over Germany against BBL and Pro A/B Professional teams, be the international ambassador for their sports program and university curriculum, and contribute actively to German-American friendship. One main focus as well is to support the children´s cancer charity organization „BASKETBALL AID e.V.“ BASKETBALL AID was established in 2005 in Berlin and started operating in 2009. It is a German Non-profit organization that has been supporting multiple projects benefiting kids with cancer and the scientific research concerning the disease. By hosting funding events and events in the context of basketball the organization contributes to the development of the sport as well.

A number of very well known basketball ambassadors are supporting this fine cause that benefits professional and college teams. In the past years, basketball mastermind and consultant Hans Beth has been busy with several sport projects. Long time ago as a student, he organized a big basketball game for wheelchair users. A German All Star Team played against an US All Star Team at the famous Johannes Gutenberg University at Mainz in front of a huge crowd. He also managed a big international tournament under the flag of the German-American friendship. Just two successful examples from the past.

The actual concept of BASKETBALL AID International Summer tour is explanatory, as it is there to benefit the players, teams and sick cancer kids. The 2016 project is aimed to bring American colleges to Europe to get young players experience playing against professional teams as well as getting a feel for the European culture. It is also focusing greatly on raising money for kids with cancer as well as having camps and getting kids more involved with basketball. Off the court the project is concerned with having cultural events to raise further awareness of BASKETBALL AID and the cause behind it. Chairman of the BASKETBALL AID International Tour Hans Beth has been able to get many well known German professional teams on board like BBL teams Fraport Skyliners, Telekom Baskets Bonn, Walter Tigers Tuebingen, Crailsheim Merlins and Giessen 46ers as well as Pro A teams MLP Academics Heidelberg, Gladiators Trier, Hebeisen White Wings and Dragons Rhöndorf. Beth also has brought on basketball ambassadors like 1993 NCAA champion Henrik Rodel, Fraport Skyliners legend Pascal Roller, well known Ex-pro player Rick Stafford and German national team coach Chris Fleming. With less than a year to go before the BASKETBALL AID International Summer Tour commences, there is still a lot of organizing and preparing to be done, but one thing is for sure: This project will be there too benefit many sides as well as keeping the German-American friendship intact and growing.

Talks with already interested colleges will be intensified the next couple of weeks and it will be interesting to see, which university will be the selected by the International Tour Committee to be part of this unique project in 2016.
Selected Testimonials

Chris Fleming, Head Coach German Basketball National Team / Assistent Coach Denver Nuggets

“For me as head coach of the national team, it is very important to bring basketball to the public’s attention as much as possible. For that matter, the BASKETBALL AID Tour 2016 is a very good opportunity and I am happy to support it. It would be an excellent event to see an American college team play here in Germany against professional teams and raise money for a good cause at the same time.”


Henrik Roedl, Assistant Coach German Basketball National Team /Ex-Player for the North Carolina Tar Heels/ NCAA Champion 1993

“I have played at the University of North Carolina myself from 1989 til 1993 and know exactly, how big the passion for basketball is at american colleges. Therefore, I support the BASKETBALL AID International Tour 2016 because I think it is a unique chance to show German fans the fascination basketball produces at universities. Furthermore, there is an even greater reason for this tour in the support of a good cause, which is why this tour deserves our support.”


Pascal Roller, Ex-Player German Basketball National Team and FRAPORT SKLINERS
As a former professional player, I know how important it is for young players to present themselves in a professional framework such as the BASKETBALL AID Tour 2016. However, benefit even more will the children and facilities that receive donations from the BASKETBALL AID charity. Therefore, I hope the tour will be a success in 2016 – both for the players and the children that will benefit from the raised money by BASKETBALL AID.”

Former professional basketball player Rick Stafford (Seawolves / Brose Baskets Bamberg) has granted his support as well: „The goals of this tour are excellent and deserve our support.“

Bernd Kater, Board Member BASKETBALL AID e.V.

„The goals within the constitution of BASKETBALL AID e.V. are the support for disadvantaged children and the development of the sport basketball in Germany. We are always looking for projects that fit both aspects. The BASKETBALL AID International Tour 2016 is a perfect example! We and in the name of the supported children want to warmly thank Hans Beth and all supporters of the tour.“


“Our project truly represents German-American friendship as both nationalities work closely together to organize and promote the tour. It reflects the great synergies between sport and social responsibilty „ mentioned Hans Beth Chairman of BASKETBALL AID International Tour

„This is a great Opportunity for a Top D1 program to play against BBL & Pro-A teams while receiving great media exposure for their team/program/SCHOOL. This can promote your program and your curriculum in Europe/Germany and bring international students and athletes to your college“ said Thomas Schaarschmidt, Director PR/Media of BASKETBALL AID International Tour

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