Julian Scott(Uni Riesen Leipzig) I Believe This Team Is Capable Of Proving A Lot Of Doubters Wrong

Julian Scott is a 25 year old 203cm forward from Sacramento, California that is playing his second professional season and first with the Uni Riesen Leipzig. Last season he played for TSV Quakenbrueck (Germany-2.Regionalliga) playing 16 games averaging 29.7ppg. He started his basketball career at Yuba junior college and then played two years at S.Utah (NCAA). He finished at Adams St. (NCAA2) playing 27 games: 10.8ppg, 4.0rpg, FGP: 58.5%, 3PT: 50.0%, FT: 70.2%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Julian thanks for talking to German Hoops You are playing your second season in Germany with the Uni Riesen Leipzig. You have worked hard in training camp, but haven´t been cleared to play. How tough has this been on you not being able to help the team win?

It has been very tough. I have worked really hard all summer to prepare and be ready to help this team be the best it possibly can. Watching the guys play without you is definitely a struggle so I am hoping things get sorted out very quickly.

Last weekend Leipzig was killed in Karlsruhe. How confident are you that the club would have won with you and Brandon Shingels on the court?

I am always confident in my team with or without me and Brandon. Karlsruhe also had two missing pieces also so theres no answer on who would have won but it definitely would have been a great game to watch.

Will you be able to make your debut this weekend in Frankfurt?

Like I said before I am hoping Brandon, Ucce and I will be able to play this weekend as a team we have been pushing each other all week to prepare for this game and would be great to join my guys out there on the battlefield.

With Leipzig having you and Brandon Shingels on board what do you believe that this team is capable of doing this season?

I believe the Uni Riesen Leipzig is capable of proving a lot of doubters wrong. I dont believe we are respected as a team who can do something in this league I plan to change that with the help of my teammates and coaching staff.

What strength does the team possess on the court besides the scoring strength of the Americans?

We have Veterans who have experience. Who knows what it takes to compete and work hard. I am still learning from them each and every day how to read certain situations in order to help the whole group.

What kind of an experience is it playing with German veteran Sascha Leutlof that has 155 BBL games experience and won the 2006 BBL cup with top team Alba Berlin?

Sascha Leutlof is someone I definitely listen to on all aspects of the game. He talks to me all the time showing me what things to look for and me and him make a really strong 1 two punch when we play together. My nickname for him is Cap short for captain haha. I hope to still learn more and more from Sascha. He is a competitor and has a very high basketball IQ love playing with him.

How do you and Damir Bagaric compliment each other best on the court. What is it like playing with a Croatian player?

Damir Bagaric is awesome and he is a very physical player and works hard, has a good personality and as of late keeps my head up when I am frustrated. Basketball is basketball Croatian or not Damir will definitely be a big help this season.

You are a scorer and can also shoot the three which you displayed well at Adams State, but what is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away on the court?

I want to say my ball handling. This summer I spent time working on that just in case I am needed to play a different position such as the small forward for example. I just want to be prepared for any situation that I might be needed for.

Last season you played for TSV Quackenbruck averaging 29ppg. Did it sometimes feel like you were a man playing among boys?

I wouldn’t say a man amongst boys I had to work really hard in order to accomplish something like that. My coach Florian Hartenstein definitely gave me the freedom to play how I liked and put time in helping me develop my skills I had great teammates also who looked for me all the time. So it was thanks to them.

Last season you played together with giant German talent Isiah Hartenstein. Describe some of the battles that you had in practice? Did his toughness at age 17 surprise you and Is the sky the limit for him? He chose not to go to the NCAA, but stay here. Do you think he might play over in the States in the future as a professional?

Isaiah is definitely something special. He surprised more than a few times with the things he was capable of doing. Can shoot move and is very athletic definitely made me work and he was only 17 so I cant wait to see how much more he grows. Yes I definitely think Isaiah is NBA prospect he can do things at such a young age and has a good basketball IQ and with Flo there training him every day he will only get better and better. Good luck to him and the Artland Dragons this season.

You got to play only 25 NCAA games at S Utah. What game did you cherish the most?

I would say Playing against Gonzaga. The crowd was amazing and they were a very tough team but I enjoyed every second of it

How important was it moving to Adams St. (NCAA2) your senior year. What part of your game do you believe got better as a senior?

It was very important I got the opportunity to get my Masters degree in business administration as well as have a great group of guys who pushed me every day. As senior I feel my speed got a lot better, because we always had to run so slow was not an option on that team.

How did Brandon Veltri groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

Brandon Veltri was the assistant coach. The head coach was Louis Wilson who is the assistant coach now at Utah state. Wilson was a very hard passionate coach who loved the game and expected me to be the best player on that team. He challenged me mentally and physically every day. Definitely the toughest coach I have ever played for which I believe helped me in the long run.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Desean Anderson?

Me and Desean never played but I am sure I would win hands down haha

What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Will he ever be mentioned in the same breath as a Michael Jordan?

Cleveland Ohio. Yes he will but I am a Kobe Bryant guy.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Last movie I saw recently was South paw.

Thanks Julian for the chat.

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