Garlon Green(Walter Tigers Tuebingen) I Don’t See Him As Gerald Green The NBA Player But The Same Older Brother Who Drinks All The Soda

Garlon Green is a 24 year old 201cm swing man from Missouri City, Texas that will be playing his third professional season and first in Germany with the Walter Tigers Tuebingen after stops in the D-League, Australia and Japan. He played at TCU (NCAA) from 2009-2013 playing a total of 125 NCAA games and as a senior played 31 games averaging 9.5ppg, 3.5rpg, 1.1apg, FGP: 36.6%, 3PT: 35.1%, FT: 77.5%. He started his professional basketball career in 2013 with the Frisco Texas Legends (D-League), in Dec.’13 signed at Canberra Gunners (Australia-SEABL) playing 25 games: 23.6ppg, 7.3rpg, 2.5apg, FGP: 49.0%, 3PT: 32.0%, FT: 72.9%. Last season he played for the Kumamoto Vorters (Japan-NBL) playing : 53 games: 18.0ppg, 6.9rpg, 1.4apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 46.1%, 3PT: 31.8%, FT: 78.9%. He spoke to German Hoops recently when he was still in the States before ehading to Germany to play for the Walter TIgers Tuebingen.

Thanks Garlon for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been?

Good, enjoying time back in America with my family

Congrats on signing with the Walter Tigers Tuebingen. You were in Las Vegas and that is where head coach Igor Perovic noticed you. How was this whole Las Vegas experience for you?

It was really good, the camp gave me and a few other guys to showcase ourselves in front of European teams

Were you able to see some of the NBA Summer League games? If so what player really impressed you the most and has the best chance of being an NBA player?

Stanley Johnson looked really impressive with his size and ability to finish with contact at the NBA level.

What do you know about the country Germany and its basketball? Do you have any friends playing here?

I know it’s a really good league. My former AAU teammate Rubit Augustine and new teammate Jesse Sanders are both hometown friends

Your athleticism is what everyone marvels about when they talk about you. Would you classify yourself as a freak athlete?

It’s kind of hard to think of myself as a “freak athlete” but it’s nice to know people enjoy how I play

Head coach Igor Perovic also stated that you’re a good shooter, defender and have an uncanny ability of driving past and over bigger players. To what NBA player would you describe your game?

Dwayne Wade and Andre Igoudala.

After two massive seasons in Australia and Japan where you averaged 23ppg and 18ppg, you now enter the more skilled and competitive German Beko BBL. With what kind of personal expectations are you going into the season?

I’m just looking to be me, I feel playing in the big 12 and against high level NBA pros over the summer I can compete with anyone in the world

How excited are you be teammates with point guard Jessie Sanders who you played against in high school? Have you seen him over the summers in Texas? What is his biggest asset?

I’m extremely excited to be playing with Jesse. We actually train together sometimes and we have both talked about hoping to play with each other in the near future. He is a big guard who can defend and a great ability to get guys in great positions to score.

Last season you played for Kumamoto Vorters (Japan-NBL) dominating the league and scored in double figures in 46 of 53 games. Did it sometimes feel like you were a man playing with boys?

No I would not say that, there are guys there who have NBA experience or could definitely play at any high level

As a rookie you played for Canberra Gunners (Australia-SEABL) playing 25 games: 23.6ppg, 7.3rpg, 2.5apg, FGP: 49.0%, 3PT: 32.0%, FT: 72.9%. The weather was probably nice like in Texas, but other than that what was your wake up call to be a rookie down under where you knew that you were very far away from home?

Yea it was definitely an humbling wake up call but it was a good time for me. Some of the guys I played with will be my forever friends

What is it like in general being the brother of an NBA player like Gerald Green? I bet it was cool when you were 14 when he entered the NBA. Did you get many fringe benefits?

It’s feels kind of normal to me because that’s my brother. I don’t see him as “Gerald Green the NBA player” He is the same older brother who drinks all the soda

What do you remember from the 2007 NBA slam dunk contest that your brother won? Did you think that he had any chance of winning it before it started?

Honestly at the time I didn’t know who he was actually going against or if they could jump like him. I just knew my brother was by far the highest jumper I’ve ever seen

Your brother is only five years older than you, but because he went straight to the NBA out of high school had more time as a professional and will be starting his 11th season. Does that feel strange at times how long he has been on the NBA scene? What do you cherish most out of this brother/brother relationship.

He is my brother and I love him just like my other siblings

You also are a very talented dunker. You were the best dunker in Houston and took part at the college dunk contest in 2013. Did you get tips from your brother over the years or has it been developing your own style your biggest priority?

No I definitely took tips from him and my dad who also was a great athlete

TCU didn´t win any titles with you, but you still achieved so many personal records. Was becoming the 31st player to enter the 1000 club your biggest achievement there?

It’s always good to make your mark on school history

You had two coaches at TCU with Trent Johnson in your senior year and Jim Christian in your first three seasons. How did these two guys combine to prepare and groom you best for a professional basketball career?

Both prepared me uniquely in their own way to get me to this point today. I try to be a student and really learn from all the coaches that I’ve played under

Your ex teammate Connell Crossland played at Herten in Germany and you were also teammates at TCU. Who would win a one on one in practice you or him?

Connell Crossland is an athlete !

Where will the journey of the Houston Rockets go this season? Will they make some noise in the playoffs?

I’m a fan of the Hometown so I hope they do big things this year

What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Will he ever be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan?

I think he is going to go down as one of the greatest of all time

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie I saw was Jurassic World.

Thanks Garlon for the chat.

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