Eye To Eye With Future Beko BBL Player Brandyn Curry

Brandyn Curry is a 23 year old 187cm point guard from Huntersville, North Carolina that is a rookie and recently completed his first season in Europe for the SPM Shoeters Den Bosch (Holland-Eredivisie). In his rookie season in Holland he played 33 games averaging 14.9ppg, 4.1rpg, Assists-2(5.0apg), 2.0spg, FGP: 58.9%, 3PT: 37.8%, FT: 83.7%; EuroChallenge: 12 games: 16.2ppg, 5.3rpg, 2.9apg, Steals-5(1.8spg), FGP: 49.0%, 3PT: 40.6%, FT: 72.7% He played four years at Harvard(NCAA) playing a total of 113 NCAA games and as a senior played 23 games averaging 9.3ppg, 2.9rpg, 2.8apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 53.6%, 3PT: 37.8%, FT: 58.5%. Curry will play in Germany this upcoming season as the announcement should be made any day now from his new BBL team and he spoke to German Hoops about his rookie season directly after winning the Dutch title.

Congrats Brandyn on the 85-64 win and Dutch title. You know how to party in North Carolina and Harvard, but how has the celebration experience been in Den Bosch last night?

Thanks Miles!!! Man the celebration after we won was absolutely unreal man. Something I’ve never seen before. It started at the gym with all of the fans and we went straight into the city. Needless to say it was a great night.

How soothing was winning the league title after being disappointed in the cup final? Was the team on a mission not to go out twice as finalists this season?

Winning the championship made up for all the disappointments of the season and more. Losing the cup game was definitely a huge motivation for us to win it all. We learned a lot in that loss and were for sure determined not to be defeated by Donar again in the finals.

Den Bosch was always at the top of the Dutch standings from the start. When did you know that the team was a championship team and that you could do good things in the post season?

I think after the second round of the Eurochallenge is when I knew this team was a championship team. Even though we went 1-5 we easily could have gone 5-1 with how close the games were. Playing Fraport, Saratov and Tartu made us raise our level of play and we showed that as long as we played our game we were capable of anything. After that we knew we should be Dutch champions if we could maintain that level of play.

You played 12 playoff games in 26 days. Were you feeling it a bit in your legs the last weeks that you were reaching the limit or was your young body holding up well?

Oh yeah I started to feel the toll on my legs towards the end of the playoffs. I have never played so many games in such a short amount of days and they were all so intense. But I knew everyone was feeling the same way so it’s just something you have to just push through. That’s what all the training throughout the year is for.

Den Bosch struggled a bit in the first half against Gronningen, but stormed ahead in the third quarter and a 14-0 run in the fourth sealed the win. Did you get vocal at halftime in the locker room or did Samuel Jones have the right words to lead the second half charge?

Nah at halftime I didn’t say anything special really. To be honest it was my teammate Arvin Slaughter who had the right things to say followed by Coach Jones. Arvin was our most vocal leader and it was only right since he had some of the most experience being MVP last years and winning multiple championships already in his career. After that we were ready to go and took care of business

In game three and four you struggled shooting 1/14 from outside. Did you prepare differently for game five or do something that got you in the mood for your MVP game of 26 points?

Honestly no I didn’t prepare any different. Those 13 misses were probably the best misses I’ve ever had and I could have easily been 10-14 instead but sometimes you just don’t get that bounce. I knew I was due for a good shooting game eventually. On top of that my teammates and coach had tremendous confidence in me so that helped a lot. They told me to keep shooting and coach Jones told me before the opening tip to not even think about the misses. I just went out there and played without thinking too much which is when I’m at my best.

When looking back at the 5 game series against Groningen one will always search for reasons why Den Bosch was able to pull out the title. How key was it pretty much keeping stocky American Lance Jeter in check?

Making things difficult for Jeter was a huge part of the game plan. He is a great player and was a vital part of Donar. They needed him to do so much offensively so it took a team effort to keep him in check. For sure a big part of why we won.

Den Bosch played Zwolle eight times in a row. How important was it playing a series like this where it went down to the wire to get you used for a big deciding game where you poured in 26 points in game seven?

I think the Zwolle series was the biggest reason why we won the title. They pushed us to the absolute max in those 8 games. It took everything we had to survive and we came out even stronger. That was my first playoff series ever so I experienced firsthand the intensity and concentration you have to bring every single night. Cannot afford to relax one bit no matter what the series count is. We learned a lot from that series and after I knew we were prepared to win a championship. That was the final test

Your Harvard teammates were your brothers and I suspect that you also have a new set of special brothers after this season. What made this team so special and why won´t you ever have these special type of basketball brothers ever again?

Yeah this group of guys will forever be my basketball brothers. I think what makes this group so special is that it’s really rare to have a group of guys that are so selfless and dedicated to doing whatever is best for a team. You don’t see that often nowadays and from the moment I arrived in Holland these guys made me feel so comfortable immediately. Couldn’t ask for a better team to start off with

Lets quickly recap your season. You had a great season with a title and you were 10th in scoring, second in assists and eighth in steals in the Dutch league. Also in Eurochallenge play you held your own against the top point guards. How would you summarize your first professional season?

I think my first season went about as well as anyone’s first year can go. It started of rocky and I certainly had my ups and downs but this was without a doubt my best year of basketball I’ve ever played. I feel like I grew so much this year thanks in large part to my teammates and coach but also the competition. Playing the Euro Challenge was a great experience for me getting to match up with so many top level guards. It only made me better and helped me to raise the level of my game

Your two best single Eurochallenge games came against the Fraport Skyliners with 26 points and 27 points, but unfortunately ended in loses, but you had the number of Justin Cobbs. Did these games show you that you are on course of becoming a top point guard in Europe?

Those games especially is where I think everything stared to click for me. Matching up with Cobbs was a great for me. I had to play at my best and those two perfomances in particular gave me a lot of confidence moving forward into the rest of my season. It definitely showed me that I can play with anyone and I am indeed on the right path to becoming a top point guard in Europe.

You told me a few months ago that your aspirations is to become the top point guard in Europe. What did you accomplish this season and what still needs to be done for you to reach this goal in the next years to come?

Like I said I accomplished a great deal this season and personally I got a lot better just within this year. I showed that I can handle big moments and any competition no matter who it is. But I’ve also seen how much more I have to improve in order to reach that goal of being the top guard in Europe. There are a lot of areas for improvement and I will be watching a lot of film and addressing those areas all summer

It is difficult and not fair to ask you not even 24 hours after the title win what your plans are, but its no secret that you will have many offers this summer from most likely higher level teams. How excited are you to play the transfer market this summer?

Yeah I’m very excited to see what the market for me is and see what teams are interested in me. I like this situation better than last year when I was sitting around to see if any team at all would be interested in me ha. So I’m going to see what offers I need up getting and along with my agent Gerrit, decide which option is the best for my future and decide which option is the best for my future and development

With Justin Cobbs most likely gone the Fraport Skyliners will seek a new point guard. Is the Frankfurt system one that would be appealing to you?

Oh yeah the Frankfurt system is definitely one that is appealing to me. After playing them and then watching them play further along in the Eurochallenge I really liked their system. I felt that Cobbs had a lot of freedom to make plays and was put in a lot of good situations I feel I could be very productive in. As a point guard that’s all you can ask for is to be put in situations where you have to make plays for your team.

How does a 2015 Brandyn Curry summer work out plan look like on and off the court?

My summer workout plan for 2015 is going to be rigorous like always. Two a days and going 6 days a week. Basketball in the am and lifts in the pm. Focusing on getting better day by day. Off the court I do a lot of body maintenance like yoga and making sure to eat healthy. Trying to be a complete athlete.

Who will the 2015 NBA finals? Golden State with the Splash brothers or the mighty Lebron and the Cavs?

I think this is about to be a great finals. I’m a huge Lebron fan so of course I’m going to go with him and the Cavs. But Steph is my second favorite player and the player I look up to the most so if anyone can take a ring from Lebron I would want it to be him.

What will be the first eatery that you will find when you land at home in North Carolina?

The first eatery I will find upon landing in NC is none other then Chick Fil A. No place like it on this earth!

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

The last DVD movie I saw was the Avengers 2. Huge fan of the series!!!

Thanks Brandyn for the chat.

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