Quinton Mcduffie(My Versatility Can Translate In Every League In Europe)

Quinton Mcduffie is a 24 year old 197cm swing man originally from San Diego, California and on account of a military back round went to high school in Virginia recently completed his second professional season for La Gallofa Cantbasket 04 (Spain-EBA). He played his rookie season for Portsmouth Cavaliers (APBL): 6 games: 24.6ppg, 6.0rpg, then moved to TLG-13 NGO S.Tulga (Mongolia-MBA) averaging 21.9ppg, 9.2rpg, then signed for Planeta-Universitet Ukhta (Russia-Superleague). Before turning professional he played for Va.Wesleyan (NCAA3), Alabama St. (NCAA) and Chowan (NCAA2) and as a rookie played 27 games averaging 14.6ppg, 4.8rpg, 1.1apg, FGP: 54.5%, 3PT: 30.0%, FT: 74.2%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Quinton thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment an dhow is your summer going?

No problem its always nice to speak with Eurobasket.com. I am currently in Montgomery, Alabama. My summer is going great, traveling, enjoying family time while training and preparing for my next opportunity.

You played last season for La Gallofa Cantbasket 04 (Spain-EBA) finally making it to Europe after playing in minor leagues in the States and Mongolia. How blessed were you finally making it to Europe?

I am extremely blessed and fortunate enough get the opportunity to play professional basketball in Europe. As a child you hear about a lot of guys who go to Europe and have great careers there, and that was my goal from the start. It is so important as a player to get the opportunity to play in Europe because of the level of competition as well as the prestige it adds to your resume.

You averaged 10,9ppg and 5,4rpg in Spain. What kind of experience was it for you playing for the first time in Europe? Was it difficult getting used to the European style of play?

Well coming from a very open and freelance style of play in Mongolia, learning the European style of basketball was very difficult for me in the earlier portion of the season. But as I grew more and more comfortable with my teams system, the game came a little easier for me. After looking back on the highs and lows of this past season, I can truly say that I have learned a lot on and off the court. Being in Spain helped me grow tremendously as a player as well as a person.

Now that you have your foot in the door in Europe, I am sure that you want to stay. What is the biggest strength in your game where you feel that it could be a consistent strong factor that will help teams anywhere?

Yes, my goal now is to stay in Europe and get better as a player. One strength that I possess that can translate in every league in Europe would be my versatility. Being able to do a lot of things on the court as far as dribble, shoot, score, pass, and defend multiple positons, is very valuable on all levels of basketball. Versatility has always assisted me in my basketball career, it helps me make up for my lack of height or any other area I may show weakness.

You are a 197cm swingman that can do a variety of things on the court to help your team win. However what is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away?

One skill that scouts and GM’s always under-estimate when evaluating my game is, my passing skills and court awareness. Once I am on a roster it then becomes noticed how great of a passer and how willing of a passer that I am. Also My Basketball IQ.

You have many friends that have played in Germany over the years. What do you know about the country Germany and its basketball there?

Yes I have a host of friends that were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to play in Germany. A few of my friends that play there now tell me how competitive the basketball is there. They also tell me about Germany’s rich basketball history. From the fan experience, the competition , the night life, and the scenery I know Germany is a country that I would love to play in.

Describe in a few sentences as to why you could help any team this season in Germany win games with your style of play on the court?

Well One reason I feel as though I can help any team in Germany win games is because of my toughness mentally as well as physically. My physicality allows me to score in the paint well, finish through contact, and grab rebounds offensively and defensively. Being 104kg or 230lbs also makes me more versatile on the defensive end as well, and almost every team could use a versatile defensive presence.

As a rookie in the 2013-2014 season you played in the States, Mongolia and Russia. How difficult was your rookie season and what was your wake up call to playing in Europe where you knew that you weren´t in the States anymore?

My rookie season in the professional ranks was very difficult and hectic. Bouncing around from team to team and finally finding a home in a 3rd world country such as Mongolia took a toll on me mentally. It made me feel as though I would never have a good long career with the game of basketball, let alone getting a chance to play in Europe. One big wake up call that I remember after playing in Europe, was my First preseason game. I was called for 4 traveling violations in a row. That is when I knew I was officially in Europe lol. All of my friends warned me about it. But after that game I knew it would take me a while to adjust.

In Mongolia you played for TLG-13 NGO S.Tulga (Mongolia-MBA) averaging 21.9ppg, 9.2rpg. You were the best import player. How important was this season to help your confidence to get you ready for your second professional season when you went to Spain?

I am so grateful for my opportunity and experience in Mongolia. It helped my confidence a ton. Being able to lead my team as well as make a name for myself in that league was special. The MNBA is a fast growing league that taught me how to be a professional on the court. There is a lot of D league and high level players in that league, so I had to mature fast.

You jumped all over in college playing at Va.Wesleyan (NCAA3), Alabama St. (NCAA) and Chowan University(NCAA2). Did all this experience and change of scenery make you stronger as a player as well as making it easier to face adversity and get through it?

That is a very good question. My mother always told me that ” everything happens for a reason” I never really understood that phrase until I finished my college basketball career. Yes it helped me a great deal. I am able to face adversity and rejection better than most people my age. It also helped me get adjusted to new locations, exposure to different levels of competition, and being away from home for months at a time. Looking back at my college career I think that God was prepping me for rigors overseas basketball life.

In your first two seasons at Chowan, you had Dan Derose as head coach. How did he prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

Yes, Dan Derose taught me how to do other things on the basketball court and not focus so much on scoring. Coming up I have always had the knack to score the ball very easily. But my time with Coach Derose showed me that it is more to the game of basketball than just scoring. He showed me that it is more important to defend, rebound, play hard, and be a team player. I am glad that I learned that. It has definitely helped me a great deal.

Who would win a one on one in practice in your senior year you or Ashante Ross?

lol thats funny. But I think we would both agree that I will dominate him 10 out of 10 times in one on one . But however he was a great teammate of mine and very close friend.

How does a summer work out day look like for you on and off the court in 2015?

At 8am I start my workout, with two-ball dribbling for 30 minutes. Then Get about 300-500 shots up. I am usually done with my first workout around 10:00-10:30am. After a shower I go to Panera Bread and get some Homework done and read emails and texts and grab a bite to eat. Later at night I go back to the gym for some stretching, treadmill, push-ups, sit-ups, weights and sauna. About 9:00pm I am done for the day.

Will Lebron get even with Michael Jordan if he can pull out the 2015 NBA title against the Golden State Warriors?

Unfortunately No, no one will ever get equal to MJ. MJ is Basketball.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Thanks Quinton for the chat.

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