Kenny Demouchet(Nobody Can Stop Me But Me And I Will Get There)

Kenny Demouchet is a 24 year old 193 cm guard that is currently playing in Peru and is the cousin of MBC guard Patrick Richard. Before starting his professional career he played at Opelousas LA (Mountain Valley Community Coll) (Opelousas High School) Missouri Baptist UniversityMountain View College and Jackson St. (NCAA): 22 games: 0.8ppg, 1.2rpg. He started his professional career in 2013 and played in Italy, the Louisiana Soul (ABA) and now in Peru. He currently is playing in Peru and spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Kenny thanks for talking to German Hoops. Last season you played in Italy and currently in Peru. How do you like the globetrotter lifestyle?

I am truly loving the globetrotter lifestyle. It allows me to see the world, experience different lifestyles and most of all represent Opelousas, Louisiana and inspire kids all over the world to never give up on your vision and thoughts.

Currently you are playing in the first Peru division for Universitario. The team is in last place. What have been the name reasons for being in the cellar?

The reason being for our team being in last place is that the coach brought me and my big man Jeorge Parra, which is the other import in after the season has started. Every other team has had their imports since March and we are just getting here the beginning of April. We are learning to play with the Peruvians and build chemistry. We have showed glimpse of us being a great team by beating the #1 team (Inmacculada) in the league who has only 1 loss to us. There was a game in which I had 21 points, 7 assist, and 6 rebounds. I just think coach has to allow me to be free more and let the offense flow like we did when we beat Inmacculada, instead of running plays every possession. So we just working and we WILL put the pieces together!

What kind of experience has it been overall for you in Peru. What is it like playing in a country where soccer rules over all other sports?

The experience here has been great. Despite the fact that Futbol is the main sport here I have still signed autographs everywhere I go and the people here loves me. If you always remain positive in every situation and think positive. If you do and think positive, Positive things will happen for you.

Currently you are averaging 17ppg, six rebounds and six assists. How happy have you been with your game in Peru? What area´s do you still like to improve on?

My stats are good for a point guard but they can be greater. I have been passing up on shots that I would usually take because I am trying to trust my teammates and have faith in them. I will definitely start shooting more because I am originally a scorer and I made that transition to playing point guard. I want to improve on using the pick n roll because I have to use it to just being a 1 on 1 type player and I want to be at 22 points and 8 assist a game guy by the time the season is over and be shooting 42% from 3 point line. Right now I only shooting 38% from 3 point line and like 44% overall.

How much fun is it playing with Venezuelen big man Jorge Parra who is averaging 16ppg and 20rpg? I would imagine that he likes your feeds inside.

Playing with my big man is awesome. He is very smart, mature and knows the game. He has a very high IQ. I love to pass up shots and feed him the ball or penetrate and dump it down to him. I don’t care if he takes 30 shots a game I know that once he starts getting double teamed I will have open 3 pointers that I will make majority of the time because I am a catch and shoot type player.

You are a combo guard. What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t always get noticed right away on the court?

My hidden strength would be my defense and my ability to be a lights out shooter. I absolutely love to guard the best player and pick up 94ft. I don’t think my defense is unnoticed because I am averaging almost 3 steals a game and I always guard the other Americans here but never guard me. I think they might be scared of me. Lol.

Your cousin is MBC guard Patrick Richard who was an allstar this season and had a great season. What things have you picked up from his game over the years?

The things I have learned from Richard over my 25 years of living is his ability to create space to get a good shot off the dribble because I’m more of a catch and shoot guy and I love to attack and dunk while Richard doesn’t. He is more of just a shooter and he always been that way since High School.

Would Germany be an option for you if you had the chance? I am sure that your cousin has talked about how nice Germany is on and off the court?

Yes Richard has talked about how beautiful Germany is and yes my plan is to play in Germany for the 15-16 season. No doubt.

Last summer you played in Trieste,Italy- Italian Summer League-Playing in the championship game and winning the MVP. You averaged 14 points, 8 assist, 7 rebounds, 3 steals a game! Were you surprised how well you played despite it being your first time in Europe?

No I wasn’t surprised how well I played but it was a learning experience because the game is so different from America. It’s less 1 on 1 and more about team. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, shoot or lay up.

You obviously showed that you could keep up with the competition and win MVP. Is the European style one that you would prefer to the one in the States and other countries?

I would rather play the European style over the US or other countries any day. It’s so much spacing and everybody can score. It also makes the game so much easier.

You played one game for the Louisiana Soul (ABA). How cool was it playing in your home state? I guess that the next upgrade which would be nice would be the NBA Pelicans. The ABA is a semi pro league. I can imagine you don´t want to return and stay in Europe. Would you say you were above the ABA level?

The ABA was a good experience but I only did it for my home fans, friends and family. It’s not good competition and no defense being played. Yes, I’m way above ABA level.

Right after you finished at Jackson State(NCAA) you played at the in the NBA D-League draft/training camp in 2013. Did you not get any D-league offers and would the D-League be an option if a team came calling?

I got offers from Santa Cruz Warriors and Bakersfield Jam but didn’t make the cut. I don’t think it had anything to do with my game, it’s more political than anything. If a team in the D-League called right now I would drop everything and definitely go.

You played at Missouri Baptist University and Mountain View College before finishing at Jackson State(NCAA). Was it a tough adjustment for you changing so many colleges in a short time?

No it wasn’t a tough adjustment I feel that basketball is the same on every level except for mental aspect. On each level basketball is the same but mentally you have to grow(IQ).

Do you think your career might be somewhere else now had head coach Tavester Anderson have given you good minutes at Jackson State(NCAA)?

If Coach Tevester Anderson gave me minutes at JSU, I would be in the NBA right now. It was a selfish thing he done and I didn’t do anything or get in trouble. I was a 3.2 student(the only player on the team with a GPA over a 2). I don’t smoke nor drink and everybody in Jackson,Mississippi loved me, except him. Look at all I accomplished with only averaging 0.8 points and 2 minutes a game. So just think where I would be. I could have won an NBA championship by now. We would never know.

You season ends in July in Peru. Will you then attack the European market or possibly go back to the States to try D-League or return to South America?

After this season over here I’m going to go play in Europe in a top division. No doubt. If a D-League calls, cool. If not, it’s still cool. Nobody can stop me but ME, I will get there

Who will reach the 2015 NBA final and who will win it?

The Bulls and the Warriors. The Warriors will win it all.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

The last DVD I seen was, Coach Carter.

Thanks Kenny for the chat.

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