Preston Wynne (Baskets Akad.Weser-Ems ) The Team That Fights The Hardest Usually Comes Out On Top And We Are Some Fighters

Preston Wynne is a 28 year old 184cm guard from Wellpinit, Washington that is a rookie playing for the Baskets Akad.Weser-Ems/Oldenburger TB (Germany-ProB). He started his basketball career at Spokane Community College. He then finished his college career at Vanguard (NAIA) and as a senior played 36 games averaging 20.9ppg, 4.3rpg, 1.9spg, FGP: 41.6%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: NAIA1-1(90.7%). He spoke to German Hoops before game two against SC Rist Wedel

Preston thanks for talking to German Hoops. What is your overall impression of the two game final series format? How is this type of series mentally different than having to prepare for a best of three series?

Ive never played in a tournament format like this one before. So when I heard we had a two game championship I was a little baffled. The preparation is the same we really haven’t changed to much on that part. We are going to go out there and try to make up for our sub-par performance in game one.

Oldenburg won the first game 61-58. How key was the 12-3 run to start the fourth quarter which pretty much sealed the win for you?

The run we made in the start of the fourth was a big key to our win, we knew they were a tough team and we going to fight until the end. So we knew we’d need a big gap to be able to close it out.

Oldenburg has won the last two games against SC Rist Wedel. How much of an advantage is that for Oldenburg going into the last game?

I think for some of the younger players it will be a nice confident booster. As for me, I know Wedel is a very dangerous team and we can’t let our guard down just because we’ve won the last two against them. They are going to be wanting revenge.

SC Rist Wedel won the game in Wedel 80-68. In the last two games Oldenburg has kept SC Rist Wedel to only 65 points average. Will we see a defensive game like game one on the weekend?

I think we will. We are two very scrappy defensive teams that compete very hard.

You and Diante Watkins battled in the scoring department in game one. How vital will it be for the success of Oldenburg to slow down the American?

Its very important to slow him as much as possible. He in my opinion is the most complete guard at this level. He knows how to get his team going as well as himself. If we can slow him down it will be a huge boost for us. The battle between him and our best defender Dominik Lockhart is a fun one to watch.

Oldenburg won the rebound duel and shot better from outside. If the team can lead in these two categories, will Oldenburg be 2015 Pro B champion?

If we can win in those categories I think Oldenburg will be the champions. If we don’t its going to be a long night

You were NAIA champion last season. How much will having had that experience help you and the team on Saturday in the quest of winning your second and the teams second straight title?

It will help tremendously. It all comes down to who wants it more, the team that fights the hardest usually comes out on top and we are some fighters.

Will the Atlanta Hawks pull out the series against the Brooklyn Nets despite having lost the last two games?

I love rooting for the underdogs but if i was a betting man i’d say Atlanta will pull it out.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

An old western 1973 movie “My Name is Nobody”

Thanks Preston for the chat.

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