Logan Stutz(ETB Wohnbau Baskets) We Have A Second Chance That Makes Us A Very Dangerous Team And Nuernberg Knows It

Logan Stutz is a 26 year old 205cm forward from Kanas City that is playing his fourth professional season and second with the ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen. He started the season with Bike-Cafe Messingschlager Baunach (Germany-ProA).Last season he played for LF Basket (Sweden-Basketligan): 17 games: 13.9ppg; Balkan League: 13 games: 9.3ppg, 5.8rpg, 2FGP: 56.4%, 3FGP: 43.8%, FT: 63.0%, in Dec.’13 moved to Balkan Botevgrad (Bulgaria-NBL): 18 games: 6.7ppg, 4.7rpg, FGP: 60.0%, 3PT: 31.3%, FT: 80.8%, 5.2rpg, Blocks-2(1.8bpg), FGP: 63.5%, 3PT: 35.3%, FT: 71.9%ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen (Germany-ProA): 28 games: Score-1(20.1ppg), Reb-5(8.1rpg), 1.2apg, FGP: 64.0%, 3PT: 32.4%, FT: 74.0%. He started his basketball career at Washburn (NCAA2). In 2011-2012, he was a rookie and played for  BG Topstar Leitershofen/Stadtbergen (Germany-ProA, starting five): 11 games: 16.1ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.2spg, FGP: 68.1%, 3PT: 12.5%, FT: 76.8%, left in Dec.’11, in Jan.’12 moved to WBC Raiffeisen Wels (Austria-A Bundesliga): 16 games: 4.2ppg, 2.3rpg.He spoke to German Hoops about before game three against Nurnberg

Logan thanks for talking to German Hoops A big 76-73 win against Nurnberg in game two at home. How motivated was the team after the poor 87-59 loss?

Right after the game the team was pretty low. We needed some life. Gary Johnson really challenged everyone to step up and show ourselves in the next game. I think our response was a move in the right direction with more to come.

On what things did the team want to concentrate more on in game two and were able to do?

As a team we made many mental mistakes in game 1. We all knew what we needed to do but for some reason we were slow in our reactions. We had a very informative walk through where we cleared up everything that really helped us hold them under 75 points. It came down to just executing the small things.

Game two was a very close battle, but in the end Essen Had the better nerves. What was key at the end for getting the win?

The key was staying focused and limiting mistakes late in the 4th quarter. We still made errors during the game but late in the 4th quarter we grabbed rebounds, controlled the ball and hit our free throws.

Describe the last seconds as American Josh Young missed both free throws. What was Essen expecting to happen with these free throws? It seemed like Young unexpectedly missed the first free throw?

For starters I think we made a great choice to foul them and not let them get the 3 pointer off, because Josh just hit a 3 pointer. We were expecting him to hit the first and miss the second. The moment was intense and the crowd was great, he missed the first shot just a bit long. We still needed a solid box out and rebound on the second shot because we knew he would miss, and we executed well.

It seems like Chris Alexander is relied on to always having to score. He only had 10 points. How big were American Devin White and German Michael Jost taking some of the bulk from the shoulders of Alexander?

We have so much talent and experience on this team. Chris is a great leader and shows up to play every day. Any time we get multiply guys contributing we become a very dangerous team, and that’s how we will make a late run into late April and early May.

How valuable was increasing your team intensity and physicality down low as Essen made amends for losing the rebound battle in game one?

We knew we need to be tougher. Everyone stepped up guards and bigs were all getting in and getting the job done on the boards.

Stealing a game in Nurnberg would be so important. What will be key to taking the 2-1 series lead on Friday on the road?

Its a must! It wont come easy as they are a very good team at home, but we made a mistake in the first game that we wont make again. We have a second chance, that makes us a very dangerous team, and Nuernberg knows it.

You played 17 games for Baunach averaging 11,6ppg and 4,2rpg. When you look back at this experience what positives could you take from your short Bavarian stay?

There was a lot of positives. I got a chance to practice a few times with Brose, I got to play with some great up and coming German talent, and I got to meet some great people and make some great connections.

You closed out the regular season scoring in double figures in your last four games. How have you come to terms with a new role and how difficult was it coming back to an old team so late in the season?

I knew coming to Essen that things would be different then last time. Essen was an established team this season and I was excited they wanted me back. I needed to find a way to contribute as a leader on and off the court. There has been ups and downs just like any situation but through time I found my role here and I love it.

You were very effective scoring nine points and getting three rebounds in 13 minutes. How vital is it being an effective player now and making the prefect offensive decisions?

This is my role/job. I need to be effective in my minutes. Some nights l get more minutes some nights I get less,. I just need to make sure when I am in the game I am working hard and contributing, offense is my strength and everyone knows thats where I can contribute but I need to be active and surprise people with my defense too.

When you look back at the 2015 NCAA tournament what were the big surprises for you?

I think it was a great tournament as always. I thought Kentucky would win it all, but the thing I was most excited about (not a surprise to me) was seeing Wichita State beat Kansas.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

American Sniper

Thanks Logan for the chat.

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