Aaron Doornekamp Hits 28 Big Easter Eggs Powering The Fraport Skyliners Past The MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg 79-68

It really doesn´t matter which Fraport Skyliner one choses, but one could easily dream up a scenario how they would have entertained themselves on Easter Sunday looking for those chocolate easter eggs like a Sean Armand playing a special game where he stands blindfolded in the corner and has to hit as many shots in order to be rewarded with that caramel treat, Justin Cobbs sitting in front of 10 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB caps and getting only three chances to chose under which head attire three gourmet easter eggs are hiding, Danilo Barthel having the chance to grab into five mail boxes and having one chance to find the candy peeps or that nasty spider or Oklahoma native Jacob Burtschi calling up his buddy Dunking Kong and having a egg juggling contest and the winner who can keep juggling longest gets a basket of Lindt chocolate bunnies. How exactly the Fraport Skyliners celebrated Easter is unknown, but 24 hours later they were back at work in the Fraport arena against standings and playoff potential team MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. The Fraport Skyliners came into the contest well rested having last played 10 days ago where they defeated the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven 88-79 and having won six of their last nine games and had been on the resort Spanish island of Mallorca for five days getting that last needed energy for the stretch run of the season. Ludwigsburg on the other hand had played two games in the last nine days beating the best team in the BBL with the Brose Baskets Bamberg 83-73, but four days earlier lost to the worst team in the league Crailsheim 89-81 and have had difficulty defending giving up an average 86 points in the last four games. With the playoff picture remaining as exciting for both teams like it is observing how a roster fluctuates with the 2008 BBL cup finalist, both teams arrived in the game with their two aces ex NBA player DJ Kennedy and future NBA player Justin Cobbs looking to battle for the next important win, but both were kept well under wraps as they couldn´t reach their combined 51 points from the first meeting and combined only for 15 points while Canadian national player Aaron Doornekamp stole the show hammering home 28 Easter egg points. “For the most part we did a good job as a team being able to keep the distance for the most part of the game. Our defense was huge tonight and Aaron Doornekamp did everything shooting, rebounding well and getting loose balls. Justin Cobbs is also human. We all stepped up as a team. We aren´t a one man team. Dunking Kong would win a juggling contest, because I would eat all the chocolate”, smiled ex Bremerhaven forward Jacob Burtschi. One can´t criticize the Ludwigsburg come back effort and fighting spirit, but they just didn´t have a consistent offensive game. “Inconsistency cost us the game tonight. We had good spurts where we were moving the ball well, hitting shots and getting offensive rebounds and then spurts where we weren´t on the same page. Teams tend to key in on the top players. That is professional basketball. We did a good job on Cobbs, but Doornekamp and Robertson stepped it up for them which was big”, warned ex Florida State forward Adam Waleskowski. The fans saw an entertaining first quarter as there were nine lead changes, but the Fraport Skyliners closed out the first quarter strong with a 10-2 run to lead 20-13. Ex NBA player Jon Brockman who played 150 NBA games for the Kings and Bucks got going early as Ludwigsburg were banging the ball inside and he scored twice, but Frankfurt recaptured the lead twice with Burtschi and Doornekamp three point bombs. Both teams were playing with a high intensity and Frankfurt did a good job keeping Kennedy out of the Ludwigsburg offense. The lead changes now continued to change hands quickly as Finnish national player Shawn Huff connected on a trey, Justin Cobbs spun around Kerron Johnson for a basket, 2010 Eurochallenge winner John Little made a floater, Doornekamp hit free throws and Michael Stockton hit a floater for the 11-10 Ludwigsburg advantage. Frankfurt then stopped the game of lead changes and closed out the first quarter with a 10-2 run to lead 20-13. In the run, the club got a massive three pointer from Brooklyn, New York native Sean Armand and a dunk from German national player Johannes Voigtmann. German Konstantin Klein hit four free throws in a row. “Both teams started off sloppy, but played with high intensity as you could feel that the game had much importance. Ludwigsburg were doing good trap defense, but Frankfurt still got their share of points”, stressed Licher Basket Baehren guard Jermale Jones. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 42% from the field and 50% from outside while the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg shot 36% from the field and 33% from outside. Ludwigsburg had the 9-8 rebound edge, but seven turnovers while Frankfurt had five turnovers. In the second quarter the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg went on an early run to get back close to Frankfurt, but the 2000 cup winner thrilled the home crowd getting a big lead again in the last minutes to have the comfortable 47-36 lead at the break. Ludwigsburg came out in the second quarter with a bang going on a 8-3 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 23-21. Adam Waleskowski started the run with a quick lay in and Armand hit a huge three pointer over Kennedy. Ludwigsburg then got three buckets in a row from their inside game as Flomo made a second chance attempt good with a tip in, Waleskowski made like a guard and stole the ball at center court and went coast to coast for the lay in, Little then made a steal and fed ex Telekom Baskets Bonn American Patrick Flomo for the one hand dunk. Armand then hit another three pointer which was matched by Huff with a trey as Frankfurt still led 26-25. Then came a phase where Alabama native and ex Belmont(NCAA) guard Kerron Johnson got aggressive getting to the free throw line and hitting a jumper, but Frankfuurt kept the lead with the continued strong offensive play of Doornekamp who made a three pointer and lay in coming out of nowhere grabbing the offensive rebound and full ending the hustle play as Frankfurt led 32-29. Frankfurt then got points from Quantez Robertosn who snuck inside getting the dime from big man Voigtmann and then he made a hook shot for the 36-31 advantage. Kennedy then made his first field goal as he connected from outside as Ludwigsburg trailed 36-34. Frankfurt then closed out the second quarter with a 11-2 run as Doornekamp was a one man wrecking crew and continued his one man show as he made nine of the 11 points in the run. Despite missing consecutive free throws, Doornekmap quickly shock that negativity away and dropped a three pointer, jumper, lay in and free throws. On the last lay in, the Canadian was served on a platter a beautiful behind the back bounce pass from Voigtmann. “I was well prepared on that play as Ludwigsburg trapped. I thought I had a good chance to try the pass and it worked. I have the chance to try this kind of pass in practice, but it doesn´t happen so often”, commented Johannes Voigtmann. “Doornekamp was a big factor in the second quarter hitting big shots and always being in the right place. Sean Armand also hit big shots. Frankfurt showed that they could play as a team even when a Cobbs wasn´t having his best game. The team picked up the pieces”, stated Lich guard Jermale Jones. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 54% from the field and 64% from the three point line while the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg were shooting 42% from the field and 38% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 18-14 rebound edge, but 11 turnovers while Ludwigsburg had 10 turnovers. The Fraport Skyliners kept the comfortable lead in the third quarter as they were able to score on a consistent rate and kept Ludwigsburg at bay. Ludwigsburg came out with a spirited attitude in the third quarter and scored on their first possession as Kennedy slipped around Voigtmann for the lay in and they stopped Frankfurt on their first two possessions. However Frankfurt found a way to make tough shots over out stretched hands as Armand and Doornekamp hit three pointers as Frankfurt led 53-40. Ludwigsburg stayed in the game getting buckets inside from Little and Brockman getting fed by Stockton. Doornekamp kept his hot shooting going dropping another three pointer for the 56-44 advantage. Little and Robertson then traded buckets as Frankfurt still led 58-46. After Johnson and Cobbs traded free throws, it was German Tim Koch who made a tip in off the Kennedy miss as Ludwigsburg trailed 59-49. Voigtmann then hit a mid distance rainbow over Brockmann from the corner and Doornekmap made a free throw as Frankfurt led 62-49 after 30 minutes. “Doornekmap continued to hit shots and we did a good job keeping the lead”, addedJacob Burtschi. “Doornekamp did a good job stepping up for the hurt Burtschi which kept their lead up”, added Adam Waleskowski. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 50% from the field and 56% from the parking lot while the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg were shooting 35% from the field and 23% from the parking lot. Ludwigsburg had the 28-26 rebound edge and had 12 turnovers while Frankfurt had 14 turnovers. In the fourth quarter the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg would make one last run, but the Fraport Skyliners were able to hold on to the lead and win their second game in a row. Cincinnati native Quantez Robertson had the hot hand in the first few minutes connecting on two three pointers and a jumper giving Frankfurt the 70-55 advantage. Ludwigsburg got quality buckets from Stockton who snuck inside in traffic and fished himself an offensive rebound and made the put back and Johnson hit a tough lay in. Ludwigsburg then made their last run going on a 12-3 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 73-67 with 2.15 to play. In the run Ludwigsburg capitalized on weak Frankfurt decisions as they produced some air balls and Ludwigsburg played their most consistent offense making shots and getting to the free throw line. Ludwigsburg got timely production from Stockton who split the defense and scored inside, Flomo scored inside, Johnson found Kennedy for the fast dunk and Little made a step back shot. “Ludwigsburg made shots and us milking the clock instead of scoring hurt us”, stressed Oklahoma native Jacob Burtschi. “We made some shots and picked up our full court press and forced them to tough shots”, added ex Duesseldorf forward Adam Waleskowski. However the Fraport Skyliners kept their nerves at the end closing out the game with a 6-1 run as Doornekamp and Cobbs sealed the win with free throws. In the last seconds Robertson made an ally-op lay in off the feed from Cobbs. “We got nervous at the end and made some bad decisions, but we were able to luckily pull out the win”, warned Johannes Voigtmann. “Robertson made big shots in the fourth quarter. You have to give team a lot of credit. They made shots when they needed to”, added Adam Waleskowski. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Aaron Doornekamp with 28 points. Quantez Robertson chipped in with 17 points and Sean Armand with 12 points. The MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg were led by Jon Brockman and John Little with 11 points a piece. The Fraport Skyliners shot 46% from the field and 48% from outside while the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg shotv34% from the field and 21% from outside. Ludwigsburg won the rebounding duel 43-32 and had 15 turnovers while Frankfurt had 17 turnovers. The Fraport Skyliners next play in 48 hours in Crailsheim. “We won´t take Crailsheim on the easy shoulder. They have fought hard recently and we respect it. We have enough power on the team to be able to beat them”, warned Johannes Voigtmann.

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