Maxim Schneider (TV Langen) I Think That I Have Gotten More Responsibility This Season Than I Have Ever Had Here

Maxim Schneider is a 23 year old 184cm point guard playing his fourth season with TV Langen. He started his basketball career in 2008 with DJK MJC Trier (Regionalliga). He spoke to German Hoops after the 61-60 loss to the Licher Basket Baeren.

Maxim thanks for talking to German Hoops. A tough 61-60 loss to the Licher Basket Bahren. What were the main reasons for the win loss against Lich?

It was almost like last week where we played good for 35 minutes and couldn´t hold the lead at the end. The Lich zone killed us. We had a miscommunication on the last play. Sharda called a different play than what the others expected. The Tom Alte shot wasn´t planned.

TV Langen play against Lich, Speyer and Saarlouis in the play downs. How do you see the chances overall for TV Langen?

I think that we will have a good chance against Speyer. They play a structured basketball like we do. Saarlouis will be tough because they play more college style. Rickey Easterling is tough and we need to control him. Despite the Lich loss we still have good cards in the play downs.


Who do you see as being the toughest opponent for TV Langen?





After three straight seasons in the playoffs, TV Langen is battling in the play downs. Do you feel pressure as a team to have to perform?


Yes we feel more pressure now. In the playoffs you can play more relaxed because you know that you will remain in the league. Nobody wants to move down.


Was there too much turbulence and injuries to key players that disallowed TV Langen of reaching the Pro B playoffs?


We have had a chaotic season. Losing Filmore Beck wasn´t easy especially since we were coming together as a team before he had to go. After he left we started having problems, but as of recent I feel we are starting to grow as a team again.



Despite your injury what positive things could you take from the season with your overall play?


I think that I have gotten more responsibility this season than I have ever had here. I think that I have improved this season as well. I am only annoyed with my free throw percentage as it is 60% and last season it was 80%. I haven´t changed anything. I think it is mental.


You are having your best season in assists currently averaging 5,1apg. What have you done different in your playmaking this season that has enabled you to grow in this stat?


I think that I am penetrating more this season than ever before mainly because we don´t have many that do it here. Last season we had more guys doing it like Sebastian Barth. I am able to find my teammates best when I penetrate and it has paid off this season.





How much has Anish Sharda been able to help you mature your game a bit more this season with his experience and ability on the court?


I have learned a lot from him. He brings a lot to the court. Woody and Freer play a lot so Sharda doesn´t play as much, but when he is on the court he is very valuable. He is so strong on the pick and role and is always dangerous from outside.


Your teammate Tom Alte has made real strides this season. Does he have the ability to reach the German pro A level?

Alte is still young and not at the Pro A level now, but I think that he will reach it and could play there. He can keep up with some guys his age who are playing in the Pro A and BBL now.



You played three seasons with JK MJC Trier (Regionalliga) before coming to TV Langen in 2011. Didn´t you see any perspective of developing in Trier under Henrik Rodl?



Before I left Trier I had a talk with Rodl. He told me I had a lot of potential but to move from the NBBL to the BBL would be a difficult step. He told me it would be better to get experience in the second league. If I would have stayed in Trier I wouldn´t have got much minutes and not been able to develop and get the needed experience in games. Trier would have given me a contract, but I decided to come to Langen.




In the 2009-2010 season you practiced with TBB Trier. What memories do you have of playing alongside Derek Raivio? He is eight years older, but probably could of passed as 17 then.


Raivio was a super player. He had a great shot and great free throw shooter. He didn´t take me to seriously, but I was 17 and he was 25. I remember in a practice hitting three straight three pointers against him and coach De Fraigne wasn´t too happy about it.




You see so many good players that play in Europe, but what made the game of Chris Copeland so special that he was able to reach the highest league in the world?


Copeland led the BBL in scoring. He had a solid shot and drive at his position. It is hard to say what got him to the NBA, but maybe there was some luck. But he has proven that he is an NBA player now playing his third season. He came to New York where he got a chance where there wasn´t much competition at his position. He got minutes and Indiana got him and now he is a solid role player for them.


You have played four seasons in the Pro B now and are only 23 years old. Will Maxim Schneider stay a solid pro B player or can you make the next step in the next years?


Of course it is my goal to make the next step in a higher league. I would love to play in the Pro A, but the problem is that there is usually an American at that position. I would have no problem being a back up, but I want to get minutes. I have a good job and it would have to be a good offer to give that up


Who won a one on one game in your first season in Langen you or Nathan Drury?


He was a classic shooter. You either blocked him or he scored. It was always tough to defend him.



If the Fraport Skyliners reach the Eurochallenge Top 4 and they play it in Frankfurt will you come watch Jamal Shuler who you also played with in Trier?


He wasn´t the biggest player at his position, but he had a good drive. If I don´t have any other duties, I will come.



What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Project X.


Thanks Maxim for the chat.

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