Daryl Arnold (TV 1864 Salzkotten ) I Just Play One Way Tough Aggressive And To The End Trying To Get A Win

Daryl Arnold is a 198cm swing man playing his first season with TV 1864 Salzkotten (Germany-Regionalliga) He previously had pro experience with Cafeteros de Armenia (Colombia-Liga DirecTV). He got college experience with schools like SE Louisiana (NCAA), S.Mississippi (NCAA) and Belhaven (NAIA). He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.



Hi Daryl thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the 97-91 win against Schalke. What was key for getting the win for Salzkotten?


The key to winning against Schalke was playing intense defense and run the tempo on the offensive end! We also shared the ball and trusted each other



You had a shooting duel with Nikita Khartchenkov who played with top European team BC Khimki-Moscow and also played with top BBL teams in Germany. You had 30 points and he had 29 points. How much does a player like this motivate you to show that you can play with them and at a higher level?

I take it as a chip on my shoulder! Always play hard improve things and become the best I can be! It’s always great to play against others that are good to see where your at and where you want to be as a player


You have been in Germany now three months. How quick have you been hearing about the big sports teams? Schalke has a rich tradition in soccer, but nobody knows about their basketball program.

I’ve heard about the traditions of several teams in my league by our coach and teammates so I take heed to it! I never want to underestimate my opponent! Want to be prepared and ready to go!


How exciting has your rookie season been so far? What were the main reasons for coming to TV Salzkotten?

It’s been a thrilling fun experience! I love the experience and exposure! The atmosphere of playing is something I have been doing since I was young now doing it professionally ! It’s amazing to learn so many things about food, language, playing style, weights, spare time etc! I wanted to play and finally got everything situated for me to come to take this opportunity! I knew I had to start somewhere and I know I have what it takes to make it!




You finished school in 2012 and before coming to Germany played for Cafeteros de Armenia (Colombia-Liga DirecTV). Why has the job market been so tough for you the last years?

I was in MS where I was transitioning from a player to a coach! I would play but not workout! I was learning and giving my knowledge to players that I was coaching! Then I decided I wanted a new route so I moved to California with my dad! I worked out for Jim Cleamonts and he saw the potential contacted a guy who helps mold me not just as a basketball player but person Charles Lovely Sr! Once I moved to California last summer I started playing in leagues! I started getting exposure I started working out and my love for the game came back as a player as well as a coach! So I was coaching and working out constantly! Won mvp in leagues and played in 2 prestigious Pro Am leagues JBL and Drew League! The Drew League is very rich in history and nba players play in it! Last summer was my first time playing in it and my friend recommended me to the team in Colombia! I’m very appreciative of the exposure and experience I got from that! So now I had people looking out for a job overseas than in MS I didnt!



You never gave up the last years and now are playing in Germany. How tough were the last years and how did you stay focused and who helped you the most get to where you are now?


Last few years was tough because I wanted success quicker but as I have grown to understand just work and being patient things work out better that way! Also always have other plans and plan accordingly! Everyone and everything I did kept me motivated! The people who didn’t believe it, I got to prove them wrong and the ones who did believe I have to make them know they were right! Mr Lovely and others helped out tremendously with words of wisdom open arms etc for me! I can’t name them all nor give the credit to some! I’m just thankful for all the support from my circle!




Salzkotten has a record of 10-12. What have been the main reasons for the team not being nearer at the top?

Injuries, sickness and with me coming almost Dec! If we could have been more healthly we would be better but I’m so proud of our fight as we fight every game since I’ve been on this team!



You’re a top player in the German Regionaliga averaging 24,1ppg, 8,2rpg and 2,3apg. Does it sometimes feel like you are a man playing with boys?


I don’t brag on my game I just play one way tough aggressive and to the end trying to get a win! It’s a team effort! They trust me to do certain things and I trust them to do others!


You seem to have a very solid inside out game, but what is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away?



My defense or how I share knowledge to teammates to help them understand the common goal to win! Also play making

How important has it been having teammate Daniel Lieneke and head coach Artur Gacaev who have tasted BBL air. How has their experience helped you in the first months?

It’s very important to have a veteran on your team like Daniel to show you the ropes! Then Arthur is a great coach that motivates you as well stay on you to make you and the team better! I love how I can talk to Daniel and Arthur to make adjustments in practice or in the game to help our chances on winning.



What was your wake up call to being a rookie with Cafeteros de Armenia (Colombia-Liga DirecTV) where you knew that you were a professional player now?

When I was constantly working out in my room trying my best to make better without the equipment!


How would you describe your college basketball experience playing at SE Louisiana (NCAA), S.Mississippi (NCAA)and Belhaven (NAIA) Did all this moving around shape you as a player better than had you played with just one school?

As I look back at all the changes in school I might should’ve stayed at my first school but I grew not just as a basketball player but a man! I saw the worst times when the joy was gone to everything was just right through it all! So it helped me get a reality check and how harder it will be coming from a small school!


You played at SE Louisiana with s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg guard Jeremy Dunbar. Does his incredible outside shot still remain in your memory?

Yes Jeremy can shoot the ball! In practice and in games he could rip the Nets down.



You played your last season of college ball at Belhaven(NAIA). How did head coach Tom Kelsey prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

He was different type of coach! Had a different approach so it may me be more open minded and understanding to its different ways to get things done! May not like the way someone instructs it but it has to get done



Will you be more aggressive now in the offseason with your productive season at Salzkotten? You should get offers for the upcoming season from German Regionaliga and Pro B teams.



Of course no complacency have to become better as a person then a basketball player it’s a everyday goal!

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Last DVD movie was Kings of Comedy.


Thanks Daryl for the chat.











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