Joshua Bone(Gotha 2) I Just Want To Continue To Get Better And Progress At Any Level I’m At

Josh Bone is a 26 year old 190cm guard playing his first season for the Big Basketball Gotha 2 (Germany-2.Regionalliga). He started his basketball career in 2006 with S.Illinois (NCAA)where he played a total of 53 NCAA games. He then moved to Tennessee (NCAA) where he finished his college career in 2011 playing a total of 38 NCAA games for them. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.



Josh thanks for talking to German Hoops. It is past the halfway mark in your rookie season. What kind of experience has Germany been for you on and off the court so far?

I’m blessed man, just to have the opportunity to showcase my talents and get out here and see the world is great! I have my family over and I’ve met some great people out here as well! It was tough at first but I adjusted to the different culture. As long as basketball is somewhere… I’m good!

You are playing your first season with Gotha 2 in the Regionaliga 2. The club has a 8-4 record. How pleased have you been with the play of the team this season?

That’s a tough question. We are a young team but full of great guys with alot of potential. As a team we can always be better, we can improve in so many ways. I can improve a lot as well, this is my first season since high school being primarily at the pg spot and I’m loving it. It’s probably the position I should’ve been playing my whole career because I love being able to make plays for myself and my teammates. I’m learning though and I can’t wait to get home this summer and get better!

What does the club still need to do better to get a big winning streak to end the season?

As a team we just have to play tougher and have fun. On every successful team I’ve been on in the past, we were tough and had fun out there. Our team puts too much pressure on ourselves at times and if we just go out there and play basketball I believe we could finish off really good!

You have been tearing up the German regionaliga averaging 32ppg, 5,0rpg and 5,0apg. Have you felt like a man among boys this season?

Hahahahaha no not at all, I just go out there and play my game, and every game like its my last. I’m a confident player and I know I can play at the highest level I just want to continue to get better and progress at any level I’m at

After not playing for three years after college you have made the adjustment pretty well to German basketball. What was your wake up call to being a professional in Germany this season?

Honestly, just being out here and playing ball again has been amazing for me. Being a professional ball player is something I’ve grown up dreaming about and I knew it would come sooner or later, so I never gave up and when the time came…. Take advantage!

Despite your strong stats are you still able to work on other parts of your game during a game simply because you register strong stats each game?

Yes I work on my game frequently despite having strong numbers every game. I’m there working to polish my handle and shot before and after practice. I’m a student of the game as well so I study some of my favorite NBA guards weekly. I know I can be a better player even with the numbers I put up each game.

With Sven Maeder at age 35 you have one veteran on the team. Despite being a rookie how much of a leader ship role do you have on the team?

 He’s a great leader for us and I learn a lot from him as a leader. Even though he’s the team captain he puts his trust in me to make decisions for the team, as the key player. Like I said we have a pretty young team and I try to teach them as much as I can so I love being in the leadership role.

What kind of advice has head coach Alexander Uth given you that has helped you progress in Germany this season?

Coach Alex is great! He’s taught me a lot about the European game and love having him as my first pro coach. He knows the game and we talk frequently on what I have to do to be a better player and progress as a professional!

You also practice with German Pro A team Gotha. What kind of experience has that been for you and how confident are you that this level is one that you could reach in the future?

Practicing with the Pro A team here has been great. They are full of great guys and they are my brothers! During the practices with them I pay attention on things I have to do to get better. They are one of the top teams in the ProA and I know why because we have great coaches here and they work extremely hard every day! I hope to be playing at that level really soon!

How has Carlton Guyton been able to help you on the court?

Scootie is my brother, he’s actually the guy I spend most of my time with out here because we are so much alike and we learn a lot from each other. We have a very similar basketball background and we push each other every day to be the best players we can be! Scootie is one of the top guards in the ProA if not the top guard and I learn a lot from him!

What kind of feedback has Gotha head coach Chris Ensminger given you this season in practice?

Coach Esminger is great, he’s taught me a lot since I’ve been practicing with them. He’s a legend out here and he knows what it takes to be a successful professional in Europe! He points out the things I do wrong and how I can correct them almost every time I make a mistake and I love that. He doesn’t give me any foul calls in practice though hahahahaha

What goals do you have for your second season coming up? I can imagine it will be a busy summer for you on and off the court with training and decisions where you will play?

Yes this summer will be extremely busy for me. I want to polish my game in every way I can and become a lot better player than I am now. My goal is to get an agent and move up a few leagues next season! I have high hopes for being a great guard in Europe and to expand my career but it starts with working hard this season and getting my body right as a professional.

What is your 2015 Super Bowl prediction?

I’m going with the Seahawks, they’re just a tough team, and Marshawn Lynch is a beast. The Patriots will definitely be a tough team to beat though, it’s hard going against Brady and Belichek.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

The last DVD I saw was Martin TV show because that’s my all time favorite TV show, but I’m on Netflix with my girl most of the time!

Thanks Josh for the chat.



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