Vincent Bailey(SC Rasta Vechta) We Can Be A Good Defensive Team And We Just Have To Keep Working To Reach Our Peak

Vincent Bailey is a 23 year old 201cm forward that is playing his rookie season in Germany with Pro A club SC Rasta Vechta. He played at  Lincoln Memorial (NCAA2) from 2001-2014 and as a senior averaged 21,6ppg and 9,8rpg. He won the SAC Tournament in 2011 and 2014. He talked to German Hoops about basketball after the win against the Finke Baskets Paderborn..


Vinnie how was your first vacation back to the States over Christmas? What was your highlight besides seeing family and friends?

My first trip back to the states for Christmas was everything I thought it would be. Got a chance to re-juice myself for the second half of the season and also see my loved ones. Seeing my family was the only highlight of my trip home, that’s what the trip was for.


Congrats on the big 80-65 win against Paderborn. How good was it getting this win after losing that nail bitter against Hamburg shortly before Christmas?

It was a very good win for us. That Hamburg game left a bad taste in our mouths and we got it out tonight. Definitely not content with our first victory in 2015, we are hungry for more.


SC Rasta Vechta was on a 4 game winning streak before the loss to Hamburg. How difficult was it digesting this loss over the Christmas break?

It was difficult but we know we had a whole entire half of the season left so we had to come back focused and ready to work after the break.


How proud were you of this team win against Paderborn? The club controlled the game and started off the second half of the game in fine fashion. What were you most proud of that the team was able to do for 40 minutes?

We were able to play good defense for 40 mins. Coach talked about defense all week and I think we came out and had our best defensive game of the season tonight, it was a great feeling.



Chase Griffin was in the zone with 31 points. Is this the start of something very big in his game as he is the central figure on the team in the quest to move back up to the Beko BBL?

Chase has a great game and he can get going at anytime. He is a big part of the team for us to move up to the next level, everyone has their roles and knows what they have to bring every night.


You had a stellar game with 18 points. How great has it been having a guy like Dennis TInnon on the team when he takes some of the pressure off your game?

Its great having Dennis on the team. He brings a lot of energy to the court and he does take a lot of pressure off of me, makes it more easier to operate in the post.



Talk about how team really dominated the success tonight? The German trio of Franke, Friedel and Smit combined for 13 of the 20 assists as point guard Derek Wright was out?

Those guys had a great night and they are a big part of our team. It was great to see everyone step up with our starting point guard out tonight.


The German Pro A is as competitive as ever as 13 of 16 teams are currently in the playoff hunt. Vechta is 9-7 and I believe still haven´t played their best basketball yet. What goals does the team have in the second half of the season on the court to do better?

The goal for us to do better is definitely defensive, and I think tonight we showed we can be a good defensive team. We just have to keep working to reach our peak.


In the first half of the season you averaged 17,7ppg, 7,2rpg and 2,1apg. You scored in double figures in each game showing that consistency could be your middle name. How happy have you been with your game and what definitely has to get better in the second half?

I’ve been ok with my game. I know it’s many things I can do better so I’ll keep working everyday in practice to get there. My defense in the post can be a lot better I think, so coach pushes me to play better defensively.


How has the player coach relationship between you and Stephen Arigbabu grown in the last five months? Both of you are more or less rookies this season?

Our relationship has grown a lot. Him being a post in his pro career he has a lot he can teach me, so I try to take in as much as possible while on the court with him in practice.


How excited and how much revenge do you have for Cuxhaven and Nurnberg in the second half of the season? Which loss was more bitter?


I wouldn’t say one was more bitter than the other. Both losses left a bad taste in our mouths so we just want to go out and play hard to get a win.


If you had to choose three players on the team that stand for MVP, most improved and unsung in the first half which guys would get the Vinnie Bailey awards?


That’s a tough question! Everyone’s been working hard and developing day by day in the gym.


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

The last DVD I saw was “I am legend”.


Thanks Vinnie for the chat.








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