Rickey Easterling Does The Ginobili As His Predictable Deadly Go To The Left Leads Saarlouis Past TV Langen 81-71

Except for one season when Anish Sharda was balling for USC Freiburg in south Germany in 2009-2010 where he could visit France and Switzerland within an hour, the US/India native has played professionally since 2007 in the Rhein main area and has built a square like home between Mainz-Hanau-Langen. After starting his basketball career at moorpark(JC) in 2001 and then playing for University of Mary, he made his destination Germany and played two seasons for ASC Theresianum Mainz helping them move up to the German Pro B in 2008 and then played for White Wings Hanau helping them move up to the Pro B in 2011. Sharda was recently signed by TV Langen on account of an injury to starting point guard Maxim Schneider. The 32 year old 188cm point guard is known for his scoring ability. He is comfortable shooting from anywhere, and can score in a number of different ways. His shooting range is pretty deep, but he is effective driving into the post, too. Since coming to TV Langen, he is 0-2 having lost to Iserlohn and Saarlouis. He is still searching for his form and rhythm as he was averaging 5,5ppg, 3,5apg and 1,5rpg and had coughed up the ball 8 times in the first two games. Sharda wasn´t only looking for his first win with TV Langen, but also the first in his new living room the Georg Sehring Halle, but he had stiff competition from Rickey “Mr Regionaliga” Easterling as he led all scorers with 24 points while Anish Sharda had his moments during the game, but finished with 0 points and three assists in 20 minutes as Saarlouis swept the season series against TV Langen while they lost their fourth game in a row. After the game Sharda was contemplative, but one could feel that he wasn´t satisfied with the game of the club and himself and was fuming inside. “I am really happy to be here and unhappy we couldn´t win in my first home game. I am still figuring out the players and how to work with them on the court. My role coming off the bench is one that I have never had before in my career. I have always had tough and interesting games in Langen over the years. I want to thank Jogi Barth for this chance and I will do all I can to help the team win”, stressed Anish Sharda. Baltimore native Ricky Easterling was all smiles after the game because he had helped his club sweep TV Langen this season and was happy to play against Sharda again. “Any win is a good win in this league. We continue to get better as a team and it was just that we played to our potential the two times we played against TV Langen and got the wins. Sharda is a very good and smart player. Normally a guy like that will adjust easily and quickly to a new situation. One could see that he is on a good way finding his teammates nicely and getting up shots”, added Ricky Easterling. For Easterling scoring is a normal day at the office no matter if he wins or loses, but tonight he was scratching a triple double dishing out nine assists and hauling down seven rebounds. His game isn´t necessarlly flashy, but he is simply consistent and his mid distance shot is as deadly as the stomping ground in the paint of Shaq back in the day. “We knew about his back door play, but we were late a few times and he either scored or got to the free throw line. You can´t let him get to the free throw line because he hits all. He is like Ginobili, because you know he will go to his left, but you just can´t stop him. He is good at changing speeds and just a real strong finisher with his left”, added Anish Sharda.

Saarlouis came into the game shooting only 30% from the parking lot and went 0/8 from outside in the 86-82 victory a few weeks ago against TV Langen, but had no cold spells in Langen in the early going as American Bloochy Valbrun lighted up the scoreboard three straight times giving Saarlouis the early commanding 9-3 lead. TV Langen had their one man wrecking crew up to that point as 19 year old German Tom Alte made a dunk and hit three free throws as TV Langen trailed 9-5. TV Langen got early production from Martinis Woody as he hit back to back lay ups to tie the score 11-11. Saarlouis had their offense flowing as they extended their lead to 17-11 as 26 year old German Muharem Mujkanovic hit a three pointer and Easterling hit his patent mid distance jumper. TV Langen was making bad decisions on offense and had too much 1-1 play while Saarlouis had a stable offense where everyone was involved. 32 year Michael Klein brought high intensity to the defense with a few blocks. Saarlouis continued to increase their run to 11-0 to lead 25-11 as American rookie from Detroit Karl Moore made a reverse lay up and Easterling connected for another three pointer. After young German Jan Moritz Overdick hit a jumper, it was Easterling that hit a jumper as TV Langen trailed 27-15 after one quarter. “TV Langen wasn´t finding their game and weren´t executing the way they should. Their defense was too soft on Easterling as he got many open shots and connected”, stressed Ex Hanau head coach Hans Beth. Saarlouis was shooting 50% from the field and 67% from outside while TV Langen was shooting 29% from the field and 0% from outside. TV Langen had the 12-10 rebound advantage. TV Langen had five turnovers while Saarlouis had three turnovers Saarlouis kept the lead in the second quarter even if TV Langen could cut the lead to six points early and would regain their lead back to double digits as the second quarter progressed. TV Langen stormed into the second quarter with a scorching 8-2 run to cut the Saarlouis lead to 29-23. Langen got support and production from all Germans. 30 year old role player Cedric Quarshie made an offensive rebound and put back, Maxim Schneider made a lay up and Tom Alte scored a reverse lay up and left hand lay in. Saarlouis took a time out as head coach Chris Cummings had the right words as his team came out and finished the second quarter with a 19-6 run to go into half time with the 48-29 lead. The run was sparked at an instance by the timely shooting form Alexander Goolsby who played 3 Beko BBL games for TBB Trier and connected on two consecutive bombs testing his 24% shooting percentage from the parking lot as Saarlouis led 37-27. Easterling hit a pull up jumper, Goolsby showed his penetration skills scoring inside, Valbrun kept his hot hand alive from outside and Easterling scored again. “Goolsby got them going with his shooting. Saarlouis did a good job on transition and TV Langen still didn´t have that aggressive defense as 48 points was far too much”, stressed Hans Beth. “When you are on the road, you have to be disciplined, take care of the ball and execute on offense and defense. We did all that and shot well form outside which has been a weakness in the past”, added Ricky Easterling. Saarlouis was shooting 47% from the field and 64% from the three point line while TV Langen was shooting 33% from the field and 0% from the three point line. TV Langen led the rebound duel 21-20. TV Langen had nine turnovers and Saarlouis had five turnovers.

In the third quarter Saarlouis was able to keep their big and comfortable lead for the first four minutes until TV Langen staged a come back getting back into the game and trailing only by ten points after 30 minutes. Saarlouis had their three point lever up again and nowhere near being turned down as Goolsby and Valbrun connected from downtown, but TV Langen had an answer as they had their beast from South Carloina Martinis Woody more involved as he scored three consecutive TV Langen buckets. His friend Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertosn came into the gym late in the second quarter as if he knew that the big Woody show was going to start in the second half. “Woody was a beast in the early going”, stressed Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertson. TV Langen aslo got timely production from Alte and Bendikt Nicolay. Saarlouis German Michael Klein nailed a pull up jumper as Saarlouis led 60-39. However TV Langen was sick of being down by so much and created a 11-0 run to cut the Saarlouis lead to 60-50. The run was started by a timely Nicolay three pointer and fast break bucket. Sharda then made the prettiest pass of the game timing a lob pass perfectly to Woody for a typical put back basket and Alte scored inside. TV Langen was making better decisions on offense and hitting shots while on defense were defending more aggressively something they refrained from in the first half. They also caught Saarlouis napping and got some transition buckets. Saarlouis could have had an even bigger lead had they hit free throws at a more consistent rate but Goolsby and Easterling only hit one from two and Woody ended the third quarter with a lay in as Saarlouis led 62-52. “Basketball is a game of runs. We had good run in the first half and now it was TV Langen. They came out more aggressive in the third quarter and fought harder. They defended me more aggressive often having two guys on me”, stressed Ricky Easterling. “Our main adjustment in the third quarter was getting Woody the ball. He keyed our run and was productive”, stressed Anish Sharda. Saarlouis was shooting 46% from the field and 53% from the parking lot while TV Langen was shooting 40% from the field and 9% from the parking lot. TV Langen had the 37-24 rebound edge, but 11 turnovers while Saarlouis had eight turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, Saarlouis held the momentum as TV Langen never could cut down the lead to less than nine points as the guest played consistent basketball until the end of the game. Saarlouis center Mujkanovic hit two big buckets while TV Langen American Nick Freer connected on a rare bucket on this night as TV Langen trailed 67-58 and would never get closer. The Saarlouis game was benfited by two TV Langen technical fouls from Woody and Quarshie. Moore hit two buckets inside heightening the Saarlouis lead to 72-58. Easterling kept up the pressure hitting two jumpers as Saarlouis led 77-62. With time running down, TV Langen made a lightening 6-0 run as Woody demonstrated his overpowering inside game with two buckets and Alte had a reverse lay up as TV Langen trailed 77-68. However Goolsby sealed the win with a jumper with a minute to go while Woody and Mujkanovic traded baskets and Schneider ended the game with a free throw as the game ended. “”We went back to zone in the fourth quarter, but it didn´t help. When you let them swing the ball around the way they did they will eventually make baskets”, stressed Anish Sharda. “The two technical fouls were key, but we stuck together when they tried to come back. We kept our heads up and executed on offense again and on defense rarely gave them more than one chance”, said Ricky Easterling. Saarlouis was led by Ricky Easterling with 24 points. Bloochy Valbrun had 15 points and Alexander Goolsby had 14 points. Karl Moore contributed 11 points and Muharem Mujkanovic had 10 points. TV Langen was led by Martinis Woody with 22 points and 18 rebounds while Tom Alte had 21 points and 14 rebounds. Saalouis shot 42% from the field and 47% from outside while TV Langen shot 40% from the field and 7% from outside. TV Langen won the rebound fight 48-36, but had 13 turnovers while Saarlouis had 12 turnovers.


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