Armin Musovic(Fraport Skyliners Juniors/Eintracht Frankfurt) I Like To Go At My Pace And Always Have To Prove Myself And Just Take My Development Step By Step

Armin Musovic is an 18 year old 192cm point guard that is currently playing for the Fraport Skyliners Juniors in the Pro B and also plays for Eintracht Frankfurt in the NBBL. He started his basketball career in 2009 for TS Griesheim. He joined Eintracht Frankfurt in 2010 and joined the Frapoer Skyliners Pro B team in 2012 already playing three games as a 16 year old. Last season he played for Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany-2.Regionaliga) and played also for Eintracht Frankfurt U19 team (NBBL) and for Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt II (ProB) playing 8 games and averaging 1.5ppg. He spoke to German Hoops following the 88-36 victory against the Junior Baskets Rhein Neckar in NBBL play.


Armin thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the huge 88-36 win against the Junior Baskets Rhein Neckar in NBBL play. What were the main reasons for winning by 52 points?


Defense was the key for us. Our big men did a great job down low rebounding and getting easy points. They combined for 27 rebounds and played great.


How difficult is it in general to keep focused when you are leading by 30-35 points. Eintracht Frankfurt had a lull in the third quarter, but finished the game strong in the fourth quarter.


I think that we have much experience and guys that also play in the Pro B. We try to be leaders and always show the young guys that you have to be focused to be successful. There are always phases where you might lose some concentration, but our coaching staff does a great job helping us stay focused. They prepare us well for games and even when we play well they bring us down and that we have to take each opponent seriously and always be aggressive on the court on every possession.


It looked like Eintracht Frankfurt were men playing with boys. Did it also seem like that from your stand point?


It may have seemed like that, but we never think that it will be easy. We feel that any team can annoy us on any given day. We go in with the mentality of always being focused for every team and fight for every ball.


Niklas Kiel and Armin Trtovac dominated combining for 34 points and 27 rebounds. Are they the next generation of Danilo Barthel and Johannes Voigtmann?


I don’t want to laud them too much, but with Kiel he is a player that has been around and has experience at the NBBL level and has played Pro B. I think that Armin Trtovac can go a far way, but one should not put pressure on him, but just continue to develop at his pace. He is good under the basket and demonstrated that he can shoot the mid distance jumper.


Eintracht Frankfurt is 7-0 in the NBBL. Are you a favorite to win it all?


I don’t want to sound too confident, but I feel that we are a candidate to reach the NBBL Final 4. This is our goal. We have many guys that have been together for many years and with the addition of Kiel, Trtovac and Akodo nice pieces to this team. We have reached the playoffs the last years and are burning for more.


What has been your impression of new player Jules Akodo who also plays Pro B?


I think that he is allrounder that can do a bit of everything. He is a point guard and I am happy that he is here. With the injuries to the Merz brothers, he gives me a breather. We also play together on the court which is a plus. He can get hot at any time and is generally a good team player.


It seems that the first thing that stands out when one sees Anthony Williams is his outside shot. What else can he do well on the court?


I have played a long time with Tony. He is a worker, hustler energizer for us. He is an important player for us coming from the bench that plays his role well and always gives much pressure on defense.


You are finishing high school and also juggle Pro B and NBBL. Has it been a tough adjustment for you?


It is tough, but you have to be organized. I am used to it since I have been doing it for years. I have training each day, but somehow I get everything organized. If I do have some sress, then I can miss a practice every now and then.


You have got extended minutes in the Pro B. Has that been a big adjustment for you?


It has been ok. I always knew that I could play at the Pro B level. I always have to prove myself and bring my A game. With more experience I always get more confidence. I am always aggressive and I feel that I am doing a good job at that level even against the Americans.


Explain your roles in the NBBL and Pro B?


In the NBBL I am the captain and leader. I always try to keep the team together in stress situations. As the point guard I always try to see what our offense needs at that specific time in the game. Today I didn’t have to score as our big men were doing that. My role isn’t so much different in the Pro B. As the point guard I have to be the leader and am the organizer and coach. I don’t have to be as vocal as we Have Marius Nolte and Tim Oldenburg who have that duty, but Marius often tells me to be more vocal. But there is always a certain respect that you need to have for Marius.


What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn’t get noticed right away?


I think organizing the game. I think that this aspect of my game has improved much in the last two years. We run plays, but there is a concept behind it and I am always looking for mismatches.


On what things do you still need to improve on the court?


I can limit turnovers and be even more comfortable in my playmaking as well bringing more pressure on defense. I could also work on my body and athleticism.


Every player always looks to get to the highest level. What is your goal as a basketball player?


My goal is to reach the Beko BBL. I played my first pro B game at age 16 and want to continue to develop. I think that there are too many players in general that move to fast to big teams. I like to go at my pace and always have to prove myself and just take my development step by step and always strive to get better.


What do you want to do now after you finish high school?


I want to take a year off and concentrate on basketball and then study at University.


Is going the college route to the United States not an option for you?


No it isn’t. I don’t like that kind of style of run and gun. I like the organized style in Europe.


Who wins a one on one in practice you or Max Merz?


I beat him once. He is tough to play as he is a great defender and also has to defend BBL players. He beats me now, but I think that I could beat him in 1-2 years as soon as my body fills out.


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Interstellar. It was a great movie.


Thanks Armin for the chat.





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