Jan Moritz Overdick (TV Langen) The NBBL Isnt About Me But It Is Important That We Play Well As A Team And That Everyone Contributes

Jan Moritz Overdick is a 17 year old 207cm power forward from Germany that plays NBBL and Pro B for TV Langen. He started his basketball career for TV Hofheim and moved to TV Langen in 2012. This season he has played seven games for TV Langen in the Pro B averaging 4,0ppg and 2,1rpg and in the NBBL is averaging 20,4ppg and 8,2rpg. The German spoke to German Hoops following the 65-52 loss to Eintracht Frankfurt.

A tough 65-52 loss to Eintracht Frankfurt this weekend. The first quarter was very tight, but Eintracht Frankfurt broke away in the second quarter and never looked back. What were the main reasons for TV Langen not being able to come back?

Eintracht Frankfurt played with more intensity for 40 minutes than we did. We were unable to react the right way against their aggressive defense. They made us crazy with their defense and we were unable to play our game. The second quarter decided the game for us. When you are down 15 points, it is difficult to come back against a team like that that has a deep bench.

How disappointed were you not being able to play against Niklas Kiel who injured himself in Schwelm?

I am sorry that he got hurt. I would have liked to have played against him, because you always wanted to compete against the best. He is one of the best German players from the year 1997.

What do you like most about the game of Niklas Kiel?


I like that he is an allrounder. I like that he can dictate the game like a point guard can on the floor.


Are you a little jealous that a guy like Niklas Kiel can play Pro and NBBL like you, but has the extra chance of practicing with the BBL team?


I have to be honest that I am very happy with my situation in Langen now. I am getting Pro B minutes and have good practice players to play with. I would love to practice with BBL players, but I think It is necessary already this season. I still have time for that.


You play Pro B and NBBL. How tough is your life as a teenager with so much basketball and school?


The schedule is ok. I have a great support system from my parents and the BTI in Langen. I have a car service and have the time to do my homework. I intend to get my diploma from secondary school at age 18.



Describe your two roles in the PRO B and NBBL.


In the Pro B I am fighting for minutes. I practice hard and give my all to deserve minutes each weekend. I know that I wont get 20 shots, but I am happy to get a few shots and make the best of it. I know that we have enough scorers so my role is too do the little things like get loose balls, rebound and play aggressive defense. In the NBBL, Jona Hoffman and I are the leaders. We try to steer the team in the right direction as well as possible and find our teammates. For me it isn’t about me, but important that we play well as a team and that everyone contributes.



How do you feel with your role being the leader on the NBBL team?


I don’t have the role to hide on the court, but to have the best role as possible as if it means leading the team than I am comfortable doing it. We have many young players and it is important that they have someone that they can look up to.


You have played seven games in the German Pro B for TV Langen. Do you feel the confidence from head coach Dejan Kostic?


Yes I feel that he has confidence in me and I am allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. I am comfortable in my role and am happy that I can show what I can do and have the chance to help the team.


Your TV Langen teammate Tom Alte is two years older than you and is a starter. Is that a goal you want to follow should you stay in Langen the next years?


Yes that is a goal. If I continue to practice hard, I feel I could achieve that. I am happy that he has become a starter. He didn´t have many minutes last season and really worked hard to get to where he is now.


What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn’t always get noticed on the court right away?


My passing ability. I feel that I belong to the best big man passers in my birth year. I think that I do a good job finding the open man out of the double team and make back door passes for easy baskets. These are things that aren´t always on the stat sheet.


How has veteran teammate Martinis Woody helped you most on the court?


He is a very physical player. I don’t know exactly how much he weighs, but I know that he weighs more than me. You always have to find a way how to defend him, because he is a tough player to stop. I have learned from his moves and how he passes out of the double man coverage.


Who was your favorite Frankfurt Skyliner growing up?


I always liked Pascal Roller, because he was a small player that always found his teammates and was a great leader on the court.


What is your main goal as a basketball player?


I want to use my potential and go as far as possible be it the Pro A or BBL


Who wins a one on one you or Tom Alte?


We don’t really play much, but it is pretty even. He is an intense player like me.


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?




Thanks Jan Moritz for the chat.


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