Robert Gilchrist(BG Karlsruhe) I Have Seen A Few College Basketball Fights But I Have Never Seen Anything Like That In Person In Langen

Robert Gilchrist is a 24 year old 206cm forward from London, England that is playing his first professional season with BG Karlsruhe. He started his professional basketball career in 2008 for the London Leopards (EBL). H ethen played at Polk Community College before moving to Florida St. (NCAA) in 2012 where he played two seasons and as a senior he played 34 games: 3.0ppg, 1.8rpg. He spoke to German Hoops after the 86-82 victory in Langen.


Congrats on the 86-82 win against TV Langen. It isn´t usual that one can´t enjoy a win as much when there were other factors that happened on the court, but was this a victory where your thoughts were more with teammate Paul Brotherson than the game result after?

Most definitely found that my thoughts as well as those of the rest of the team were more so with Paul as well as securing a road win.


BG Karlsruhe was totally in the flow had scored 31 points in the first quarter and then suddenly that cheap shot from TV Langen Filmore Beck. Could you please describe the scene and what happened from your perspective?

Before I got into the game I could see that he was frustrated. Not sure why but I could see him getting a little more physical. A few plays before that incident I had to get between him and Paul but I thought that would be the end of it. For me it was frustrating just because my natural reaction would be to retaliate but of course that would just add fuel to the fire. He did it out of frustration and surely something else must have been bothering him. I have thrown some elbows or stuck out a knee on a screen but never been mad enough to hit someone knowing you could throw your career away


According to eye witness reports the blow must have been very bad? Have you ever seen something like that in your time as a player or to what scenario could you compare it to?

I think the league will handle the situation appropriately and we will continue to play with class and respect for the game. I have never seen anything like that in person in Langen. I have seen a few college basketball fights but never been in that situation



Does Filmore Beck deserve to be suspended or even banned from playing anymore games this season? What kind of punishment does this deserve from your point of view?

I don’t think its my place to say what he deserves but i know the league will deal with it as they feel appropriate



BG Karlsruhe still had the lead at halftime with 48-39. How difficult was it to concentrate on the court after what had happened to Brotherson? I expect the team was playing for him?

There Is no question that we continued to play for Paul. Yes it was difficult to concentrate but we have pretty good chemistry and banded to play the game with class and not try to continue or start anymore problems


TV Langen big man Martinis Woody cut the bG Karlsruhe lead to 84-82 with 19 seconds to play and Aaron Schmitz sealed the win with free throws. How proud were you of the team and what was key to sticking it out and getting the win?


We were able to sustain a good defensive game and the results show that


What was it like banging with TV Langen scorer Martinis Woody? He was held to 12 points which is considered a solid effort against him.

Woody is a solid player and he did what he could on the night


How much will Paul Bortherson be missed on the team? What is his biggest quality on the court for the team?


Paul will definitely be missed, he has a great IQ and feel for the game. He makes plays on both ends of the floor everyone is going to have to step up!



After starting the season 2-3, BG Karlsruhe has a 3-0 record now. Is BG Karlsruhe finally putting the pieces together?


I think we are finding our way now, we are a young team. Our coaches have taken the time and have been patient with us and I think we will continue to grow and make solid progress throughout the season.



BG Karlsruhe easily defeated Hanau earlier in the season 75-54 and they also seem to be making strides. I think both BG Karlsruhe and Hanau could be teams that are way at the top of the standings when both teams fully find their rhythm. Why do you think it has taken these two very ambitious teams that want to move up to the Pro A so long to get started?


Sometimes teams with a lot of potential take a little longer to get going but once they do they are quite the force rolling into the back end of the season where it counts the most




You are a rookie and are averaging 5,6ppg, 6,6rpg and 1,4bpg in 16 minutes. How happy have you been with your play so much?

As you said, I am a rookie and I’m still finding my way, coach took a chance and he knows I will do whatever I can to help the team get the win. I want and need to improve my game in every area. For me right now I need to find consistency!



Who wins a one on one in practice on the court you or Adrian Lind?


lol I’m pretty sure a one on one with Adrian Lind would be easy money. I would much rather play jimmy but he’s always running from this pressure!! you can tell jimmy to stop running from this pressure when you speak to him


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


The last DVD movie that I saw was Think Like a man too with Kevin Hart.


Thanks Robert for the chat.















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