It´s Lights Out For Filmore Beck Powering TV Langen With 32 Points In 118-99 Rout Over Speyer As Defense Takes A Back Seat


The on court expression of Martinis Woody seems to always be the same on the floor with that stone cold, focused give me the ball get out of my way approach on every possession the way Toronto Raptor Amir Johnson attacks the rim so often with his back to the hoop. Wherever the South Carolina native has played in Germany wheather it has been with Iserlohn, Itzehoe, Bernau or TV Langen, he has been a dominant force and go to gentleman of his team. However this season has been different in the early part of the season as going into last weekend, he had been halted very rudely from opponents in the first four games as he was averaging only 8,0ppg and 6,0rpg which was less than even half what he was averaging last season with 19,0ppg. Woody wasn´t getting the ball inside as he was being denied as successfully as has Tom Brady been Superbowls since 2005 and one could sense he was very irritated even if one couldn´t really read it off his face. Last week, Woody finally broke out of his early season slump as he had the type of game that he normally always had scoring 19 points and hauling down nine rebounds against Wurzburg. What made this performance even sweeter was that he shined against the first place team which should give him that added confidence that will let him be that annoying player again that he always was making the zone his playground. That Woody loves basketball is no secret, but if he was in places like the Fraport arena watching the Skyliners-Bonn, in the BCM watching the Skyliners Pro B team or in Giessen watching Pro A against Cuxhaven to just pick up new things for his game is unknown, but in reality at the end of the day, Woody doesn´t need to visit all the gyms in Germany and know where they serve the best hot dogs, but all he needs is a basketball and he is fine. After his break out game in Wurzburg, Woody was looking forward to having another big game this time against league second worst Speyer and didn´t disappoint with a strong 14 point and 14 rebound in 18 minutes in the huge 118-99 bashing of the Bis Baskets Speyer. Even if German Filmore Beck stole the show, he knows that Woody still has the most influence on the club. “He is still the most important player on our team. He takes the defense on him and can spread the floor and scores or kicks out the ball to our shooters”, explained ex Frankfurt Skyliner Filmore Beck. Speyer also noticed how important Woody was on the night. “Woody really has gotten in rhythm and played a big role. He got going quick with many put backs. He had 14 rebounds in 18 minutes. That can´t be taught, but that is just ultimate will power”, warned Speyer guard DJ Woodmore. Woody doesn´t understand all the fuss about his bad start, because he never changed. I have always been the same. I was double teamed a lot in the first games, but now our spacing is better as we spread the floor better which makes double teaming more difficult”, warned Martinis Woody. Speyer lost their third game in a row and just never could get a rhythm on defense and TV Langen finally showed their full potential from the parking lot and how lethal they can be when they want to. “Both teams shot very well and traded buckets throughout the game. However our defense was slow and we never found a guy that could close out on offense. Losing Khobi Williamson really hurt. Massing and Kuhn played well on defense, but we were missing that extra presence on defense”, warned DJ Woodmore. TV Langen won their second game in a row after their poor display two weeks ago at home against Frankfurt and seem to finally be clicking on offense. “There wasn´t much defense in this game. Everbody was open and hit their shots it seemed. Even if we gave up 99 points, I still think that we defended well for most parts of the game. Coach has really pushed us the last few weeks and we have been pushing each other harder to get success”, added Filmore Beck.

In the last homes games in Langen, scoring many points in the first quarter seemed about as rare as it is for Martins Woody to dribble the length of the floor like a floor general as defense was always the focus, but against the BIS Baskets Speyer, both teams got hot right off the bat as after 10 minutes the score looked like it could have been a half time score between Frankfurt-Artland as TV Langen led 36-29. Filmore Beck got going right away connecting on his first two shots as TV Langen led 8-5. However Speyer weren´t laying back crying about losing big man Khobi Williamson who will be out a few months, but came back on a 8-0 run to take the lead again 13-10. Speyer did a fine job getting inside and finishing as Woodmore and Sebastian Heck did or drawing fouls. Beck was just getting started as he continued to hit from down town with his third three to tie the score at 15-15. However Speyer seemed to have that added spice more momentum going on a 12-4 run to somewhat break away. With no defense being played, what was key was that Speyer was having more patience and hitting their shots more consistently. In the run for Speyer, they continued to get to the free throw line and also got big buckets from Woodmore, Kaufhold and Heck. Beck connected on his forth three pointer in the first quarter and Max Massing countered with a jumper as Speyer still led 29-22. Then came the turning point of the game as TV Langen closed out the first quarter with a 14-0 run to lead 36-29 and Speyer would never come back to lead again. In the TV Langen run, it was the supporting cast that got TV Langen coach Dejan Kosticto smile more than once on the night as role player Gianluca Raebel connected on back to back three pointers and ex Skyliner Benedikt Nicolay scored three times inside including a buzzer beater form the wing. “One could see that both teams had a lot of confidence early. Nobody defended but just hit shots. Beck and Raebel also gave us needed support with big shots”, explained TV Langen manager Jogi Barth. TV Langen was shooting 64% from the field and 60% from outside while the Bis Baskets Speyer were shooting 48% from the field and 50% from outside. TV Langen had the 12-8 rebound edge, but three turnovers while Speyer had one turnover.

In the second quarter, TV Langen kept the lead as Speyer continued to chip away at the lead, but could never get closer than three points as the home team opened up their lead in the last two minutes. TV Langen German Raebel didn´t lose his shooting touch nailing his third three pointer of the game as Speyer tariled 41-33. This phase seemed like TV Langen may be vulnerable as Speyer had heavy pressure as Speyer got some buckets inside from Alexander Kuhn, Heck and Woodmore who cut the TV Langen lead to 45-42. However sometimes it is one big play that can turn the momentum from one side to another at that is exactly what Michigan native Nick Freer did leading TV Langen on a 21-7 run to go into halftime to lead 66-49. Freer came in the lane and floated to the cup closing with a massive two handed dunk that seemed to rip down the Georg-Sehring roof. “That was Air Freer. We are used to it. He always does that in practice”, stated Filmore Beck. “If you give Freer the ball nine out of 10 times on the wing he will dunk it and you better get out of the way”, warned South Carolina native Martinis Woody. In the run, TV Langen got massive support from many as Woody had two of his typical put backs, Maxim Schneider used his big weapon his penetration for a easy bucket, Freer scored a few more times and Beck scored the last hoop with a back door pass from Woody. “One could see that Speyer is a very young and inexperienced team and we did a great job moving the ball and playing team basketball. Since our loss at home against Frankfurt our play has been like day and night”, stressed TV Langen manager Jogi Barth. TV Langen was shooting 61% from the field and 54% from the three point line while the Bis Baskets Speyer were shooting 43% from the field and 43% from the three point line. Langen had the 22-19 rebound advantage and five turnovers while Speyer had seven in the second quarter to up their total to eight.

TV Langen kept up their stellar play in the third quarter and would lead as much as 22 points at one point and for some it was more interesting to predict when the 100 point total would be reached. Beck continued to be hot and he mixed up his game scoring twice form close range as he had exited the parking lot for a few minutes. 19 year old German Tom Alte also got into the stat sheet while Woody scored back to back buckets including a baby hook shot as TV Langen led 76-54. Kuhn and Woodmore got some buckets for Speyer, but what continues to be a delight to watch is the great communication between Woody and Freer on the court. Both guys at times play so unselfish together as Freer scored inside getting a back door pass from Woody. Beck continued to fill his stat sheet not only with baskets, but also assists as he found Freer for a reverse lay up as TV Langen led 86-65. Speyer made it interesting again as they went on a lightening 6-0 run as Kuhn and Woodmore nailed consecutive three pointers to cut the TV Langen lead to 86-71. However TV Langen was too hot and confident on this night as they arrogantly answered with a brutal 9-0 run to extend their lead again to 93-71. 30 year old energy guy Cedric Quarsie made a lay in after Freer dished him with a quick pass, Beck made a steal and lay in and Yannik Schiktanz dropped a three pointer. Speyer did close out the third quarter strong with a 6-0 run to trail TV Langen only by 93-77. In the Speyer run, it was Woodmore that scored inside as well as free throws with Heck and Massing made a put back at the end. “We held the lead simply because coach told us to continue to push and we continued to hit our shots”, said Filmore Beck. “TV Langen was shooting 58% from the field and 50% from the parking lot while the Bis Baskets Speyer were shooting 47% from the field and 42% from the parking lot. Both teams registered 32 rebounds, but Speyer had 13 turnovers and Langen 10.

Despite a blistering 6-0 run to start the fourth quarter, TV Langen stayed tough and ended the game strong as they displayed pure fire power for 40 minutes. The Bis Baskets Speyer opened up the fourth quarter with a quick 6-0 run as little used Yannik Kneesch connected as did Sebastian Heck as all of a sudden TV Langen led only 93-83. However it was Mr in the zone Filmore Beck that twice in the fourth quarter whenever Speyer annoyingly tried to steal back the momenumt drilled two three pointers in their face to keep them at bay. “We got some momentum, but after that they kept hitting shots and Beck was lights out”, stressed DJ Woodmore. The second Beck three pointer gave TV Langen the 101-87 advantage. TV Langen then ultimately shut the door on Speyer with a 10-2 run to lead 110-89. Quarshie and Freer scored inside and Raebel hit his fourth three pointer of the contest. Woodmore and Freer then traded three pointers and Heck scored inside as Speyer trailed 113-94. Woodmore then made a fantastic play attempting a three pointer missing and following it up with the rebound and making the put back. Nicolay scored two more times inside and a Sebastian Heck free throw ended the game.

TV Langen was led By Filmore Beck with 32 points. After the game Beck was his usual self as one would never have thought that he had scored that much with his reserved look. “I guess I was in the zone. I wasn´t hitting anything in warm ups and then as the game started I got going. That is basketball and how it can be”, added Filmore Beck. “Beck can do it all. Sometimes we talk to him to calm down and tell him the ball will come to you. He is a pure shooter and Speyer left him open”, added Martinis Woody. Nick Freer added 26 points, seven rebounds, five assists and three steals. Martins Woody and GIanluca Raebel added 14 points each and Benedikt Nicolay chipped in with 11 points. The BIS Baskets Speyer were led by DJ Woodmore with 24 points. Alexander Kuhn added 22 points. Sebastian Heck contributed 16 points. Max Massing chipped in with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Benjamin Kaufhold had 13 points. TV Langen shot 56% from the field and 52% from outside while the BIS Baskets Speyer shot 47% from the field and 44% from outside. TV Langen won the rebounding duel 42-41. TV Langen had 13 turnovers and Speyer 16 turnovers. “Our biggest strength was our team basketball. We had 31 assists and our chemistry was great”, stressed Martinis Woody. “Our biggest strength was our offense. We scored 99 points which on most nights would have given us a win. However we didn´t stick to our defensive principles”, added DJ Woodmore.

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