Brandon Bowman(medi bayreuth) Trevon Hughes May Be Misunderstood But Really Does Everything Necessary To Help medi bayreuth Win

Brandon Bowman is a 30 year old forward that was born in Beverly Hills, California and is playing his ninth professional season, third in Germany and first with medi Bayreuth. He played at Georgetown(NCAA) from 2002-2006 playing a total of 125 games reaching the NCAA Sweet 16 in 2006 and played with future NBA players like Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert. In 2006 he turned professional and played in the D-League and in countries like Italy, Serbia, Israel, Bulgaria, Korea and New Zealand. He reached the 2009 beko BBL final with the Telekom Baskets Bonn and wa steh New Zealand NBL Champion with the Pacific Jewellers Saints (New Zealand-NBL) last summer where he played 10 games: 18.5ppg, 7.4rpg, 3.2apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 53.8%, 3PT: 40.0%, FT: 77.1%. He spoke to German Hoops after the 67-58 win against the Fraport Skyliners.



Brandon congrats on the 67-58 win against the Fraport Skyliners. After losing three of the first four games, medi Bayreuth has a 2 game winning streak. Is medi Bayreuth finally finding its rhythm?


Yes I think that we are finding our rhythm. If we want to reach the playoffs, we have to start winning and have the last two games. We weren´t happy losing in Braunschwieg, but we feel that we have good chances in the next games as those teams are evenly balanced and we have a higher chance to win. The next games are must wins and and we have to capitalize on it and keep our current movement going.



After a 22-0 first quarter against Bremerhaven which will forever be remembered in Bayreuth and Bremerhaven, did you for once think about that first quarter last wednesday after Frankfurt had scored 15 points? Was that 22 -0 first quarter a one time thing in professional basketball?


Well to be honest I think that an Alba Berlin could do that against a low level BBL or Pro A team, but being able to do this was very special especially coming off that tough loss in Braunschweig. We are a defensive team and we wanted to execute defensively from the start against Bremerhaven on the defensive end and did. We are one of the top defensive teams in the BBL and know that we can play defense, but we just have to score better. In that first quarter our defense translated into offense. That first quarter was very memorable and I don´t know if that will happen again sometime.


The game was really pretty even for three quarters as defense shined while the offense couldn´t get in rhythm and no team could break away. What was annoying most about the Frankfurt game in the first 30 minutes?


Fouls took me out of the game early and I wasn´t able to help the way I wanted to. I think that one of the reasons why we couldn´t break away was because Frankfurt rebounded very well as they have very good bigs.


In the fourth quarter medi bayreuth decided the game with very strong play from Trevon Hughes who scored and did superb playmaking. What else was key for getting the win?

We won the game simply by hitting big shots at the end and Trevon Hughes hit some very impressive shots and just getting the needed defensive stops. Our defense got the job done. We valued the ball more at the end and got more shot attempts as well. Also cutting down on turnovers was key. I think that it can always be another guy each game that can hit those shots. A Burrell, Hughes or me or even other guys can come up big.



Trevon Hughes was on fire with 29 points. You have played with many great point guards in your career but where would you rate him on talent with every other teammate you have had?


Talent wise, I rate Trevon Hughes in the top three best point guards that I have played with. I don´t know where I would rate him now, but maybe I can tell you after this season. Hughes is one of those guys that can play both guard positions and plays both sides of the ball. I have played with very good point guards in my career and the other two would have to be Richie Williams and EJ Rowland. All these guards play both sides of the ball. Williams is the quickest, Rowland the biggest and strongest and Hughes and he can just about score form anywhere on the court and is an exceptional ball handler.If I had to rate these three guards now, I would rate them 1ABC.





Medi Bayreuth have let up 57 points average in the last two games. What has been the secret behind the success of the team on the defensive end?


When head coach Michael Koch put us together, he was looking for very athletic players and just guys that can and want to play defense. I feel that every player can play defense on this team and maybe not each guy is individually the best at defending, but as a team we function very well. What also helps is that we have players that can play multiple positions.



The Fraport Skyliners are in 18th place. What is wrong with this team? They are a skilled team, but is their body language on the same page?


The situation with Frankfurt makes me think about the situation I was in last season with SC Rasta Vechta. Both teams have a good coach and players, but just couldn´t get the wins. I feel with Frankfurt it is more mental than anything else. Recently they had a strong team win at home against Bonn and showed that they can beat a good team. We had the same problem as Frankfurt with medi bayreuth being 1-3. We understood it was time to turn it around and did. It is still early with Frankfurt and they can turn it around, but they have to do it now.


Your friend and ex teammate from SC Rasta Vechta and California native Richie Williams came to Frankfurt with a lot of expectations and he is still trying to find his rhythm. Coming into this new situation in Frankfurt hasn´t been easy for him


I talk a lot with Richie. He came to Frankfurt and they already had a point guard with German Konstantin Klein. It wasn´t easy for Richie being a player in the top 10 in scoring last season to come to Frankfurt and have a lesser role than in Vechta. He can play the position two, but isn´t really the tallest either. I think that Frankfurt needs to find something where all the guards can complement each other, flourish and just find a rhythm together. It is still early and I think that they can also turn it around here.



It seems ,like veteran American Ronald Burrell is still trying to find his rhythm and Trevon Hughes seems to be more a scoring point guard, but medi bayreuth is winning anyway. Are these two players a bit mis-understood at the moment with fans in Bayreuth and do you become vocal with them giving advice?


I am a guy that leads by example. I have a leadership role on the team and coach and I have spoken man to man often about the team. Both guys are experienced guys and Hughes is my roommate on the road. Both guys are still trying to figure things out and everything will come with time. Burrell is older than I am and with age one tends to slow down which is natural. But one has to remember that Burrell and I split minutes. There is only so much one can do in a certain amount of minutes on the floor. I feel the fans don´t understand what Hughes can do and he is misunderstood. He does so much on floor and things that many point guards can´t do. Hughes really does everything necessary to help medi bayreuth win. In the last game against Frankfurt, we weren´t scoring as a team, so Hughes picked it up. It won´t always be him. On another night it could be someone else. It always has to do with the flow of the game and we just have to see how it goes.





The next game is against the Telekom Baskets Bonn. It will be the first time that you and Mike Koch will play against Bonn together. With what feelings are you going into this game?


It will be emotional going back to Bonn. Coach Koch was there many years compared to me. That one season in Bonn was one of the best memories in my professional basketball career. But at the end of the day, both teams are trying to win and we both have the same record. I will go out and try to kill them and they will try the same. It will just be another game and it will be good to see the fans again. I hope the Bonn fans still appreciate what Koch and I did that season in 2008-2009. Times are different now as I am trying to make memories in Bayreuth



What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Dracula Untold.


Thanks Brandon for the chat.




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