TV Langen Escape The EichJahn Wall Sneaking By The Hebeisen White Wings Hanau 70-67 In OT

Tobias Jahn isn´t even 30 yet, but he can look back at a very interesting basketball career where half of it has been spent in the States in California at Cal Poly Pomona (NCAA2) where he was teammates with top Beko BBL player Larry Gordon for three seasons and he spent a year at Forth Worth Christian high school. In Germany he started his basketball career at TGS Ober-Ramstadt (Regionalliga) and also played at TV Langen, Ehingen and now is playing his second season in Hanau. After playing two times in Langen first in the 2005-2006 season where he played with guys like Alex King or Dominik Bahiense De Mello and a second time in the 2012-2103 season where he had teammates like Martinis Woody and Sebastian Barth. It is always nice for the German to come home to Langen to duel against his ex team. Two seasons ago his coach was American Ty Shaw in Langen and now in Hanau he is his coach once again now for the third year in a row. Last season Jahn helped his team win 66-61 in Langen, but lost a nail bitter in Hanau with 62-61 against his ex team. Jahn was back in Langen his second home in the Rhine-main area and despite being very motivated to win the game, big man played his heart out giving offensive rebound a new meaning and forming the blockade the Eichjahm wall in the defense with Josef Eichler, but in the end the club run by ex Nordlingen American Ty Shaw lost in OT 70-67. It was a game that was dominated by runs and turned into a defensive battle in the second half. In some ways, one can say that TV Langen was lucky to win while Hanau kind of let the game slip out of their hands. “We knew that Hanau would be very tough, but we kept our poise at the end and stayed together. The loose ball I got was key. I saw the ball free and just tried to sprint as quickly as I could and am happy I got it in OT”, smiled South Carolina native Martinis Woody. After the game American Jefferson Mason who played in Iraq recently stayed positive despite the 0-2 start. “Coach Shaw told us to stay together. We have a good team , but we hurt ourselves with missed free throws and missed lay ups. The season is still over and it’s a learning process. The season isn´t over now after two games”, warned Jefferson Mason.

Both teams had lost their season openers and both were motivated to get that first victory while TV Langen got on the board first as point guard Maxim Schneider scored inside and Martins Woody scored on a reverse lay up as he was trying to make amends after his poor six point effort in the loss against Iserlohn last Friday. However the Hebeisen White Wings Hanau weren´t perplexed by the quick TV Langen run and quickly went on a 7-2 run to take their first lead 7-6. Glue guy Jonathan Mesghna who played at four different schools in the States in four years and really does a bit of every thing on the court hit a beautiful step back jumper and then connected from the parking lot. TV Langen point guard Maxim Schneider was very effective getting to the free throw line. Both teams traded leads as 31 year old Hanau guard Sebastian Koehnert nailed a three pointer for the 10-9 Hanau advantage. In the last two minutes, both clubs traded 4-0 mini runs as TV Langen started the run with a Nick Freer steal and lay in and Woody making a lay up getting the perfect feed in transition from Schneider as TV Langen led 15-10. Hanau then got needed production from German Tobias Jahn making a mid distance jumper and a put back as he was a beast on the offensive boards getting the rebound. “It took Hanau a bit to find their rhythm without their point guard Cardall Mcfarland who is injured. I thought that Aaron Donkor did a very good job organizing the Hanau game. TV Langen was missing that scorer”, stressed Fraport Skyliners U-14 head coach Igor Starcevic.

The Hebeisen White Wings Hanau stormed into the second quarter with a 6-0 run to retake the lead 20-15. Hanau was doing a great job with their bigs as Tobias Jahn and Joleik Schaffrath scored at the rim and ex BG Goettingen 19 year aaron Donkor scored on a runner. Hanau had more intensity than TV Langen and also had more fortune getting looseballs. Hanau kept the lead in the second quarter, bu TV Langen never gave up staying in the game sometimes taking advantage of Hanau defensive possessions where they lost some intensity giving TV Langen easy buckets. After Donker gave Hanau the 25-19 lead with a three pointer, it was Maxim Schneider that connected on a beautiful finger tip roll that looked so much sweeter because of the non resistance from Hanau. TV Langen got needed production from little used players as well as Gianluca Raebel who gave the team some energy with a coast to coast run cutting the Hanau lead to 25-23. Christian Von Fintel and Nick Freer then traded baskets, but Hanau still led 28-25. Hanau really turned it up in the last two minutes as they swarmed above the offensive rim like Bees protecting their nest as they grabbed four offensive rebounds. Schaffrath and Tom Alte traded buckets at the end as Hanau went into half time with the 33-27 advantage. “TV Langen did a pretty good job holding TV Langen to 33 points. However their offense did too little. Tobias Jahn hurt them on the offensive boards. TV Langen shot only two three pointers which is much too little”, warned Igor Starcevic.

The game got very interesting in the third quarter as there were nine lead changes and the game turned into a defensive battle. TV Langen got out on a 4-0 mini run to cut the Hanau lead to 33-31 as Freer made free throws and Woody made a put back. Mesghna nailed a three pointer for the 36-31 Hanau lead. Beck then nailed a runner and Eichler grabbed another offensive rebound for the easy put back. Despite the narrow 38-37 advantage for Hanau, TV Langen was fortunate that their inability to secure defensive rebounds had put them more into a rut. Then came the big moment of ex Frankfurt Skyliner Filmore Beck as he took command and scored on the hard penetration twice as TV Langen regained the lead again 41-40. The lead would change as rapidly in the next minutes as Jefferson Mason missed free throws on this night. TV Langen was lucky to have the support from their bench as little used players Jan Moritz Overdick and Yannick Schicktanz scored. With Hanau leading 50-49, Benedikt Nikolay hit a three pointer shortly before the buzzer went as TV Langen led 52-50 after 30 minutes. After not being that scorer in the first half, Filmore Beck showed how valuable he can be when he sets his mind to it. “Coach told Beck not to talk to the refs, but just to play his game and he came through. Not many know that he is a very good penetrator. He doesn´t always have to shoot the three”, added Martinis Woody.

If the third quarter was already a defensive battle, then the fourth quarter was a brutal combat where scoring was put on the back burner as the intensity of both teams on the defensive end was mindboggling. Hanau came out in the fourth quarter with a strike going on a 4-0 mini run to retake the lead 54-52 as it was the bigs again Eichler and Schaffrath that got easy buckets inside. Once again it was offensive boards that led to easy buckets as Hanau finished the 45 minutes with the 45-29 advantage. “We had problems rebounding today. Many came over my head and Hanau automatically had the advantage to get the rebound”, stressed Martinis Woody. The game continued to go back and forth as Tom Alte tied the score at 54-54 with a lay in. Von Fintel then dropped free throws and Nick Freer hit a jumper as the game was deadlocked at 56-56. Then it was time for the Filmore Beck show again as he became that crunch time player nailing consecutive buckets on the penetration using his speed to the fullest and TV Langen led 60-56. However Hanau wasn´t put out to the cleaners yet as Mason tried to redeem himself after so many missed free throws nailing an open three from the corner. TV Langen made some bad decisions down the stretch. Schaffarth made one of two free throws to tie the game at 60-60 TV Langen had one last possession with 15 seconds to play and gave Beck the ball who missed a fade away jumper and the game went into overtime. “We didn´t keep our poise here. We got some turnovers and made bad decisions. I thought that I was fouled at the end”, added Martinis Woody.

TV Langen took the lead in the overtime period and gave Hanau the lead back once before regaining it and never looking back. Beck continued to penetrate and hurt Hanau inside with a basket. Schicktanz followed with a lay in and Hanau led 64-60. Hanau continued to fight back as work horse Jahn scored inside and Mesghna made a free throw. Mason then snuck inside for the reverse lay up giving Hanau the 65-64 lead on a 5-0 run. Cedric Quarshie then made a free throw and Nick Freer hit a huge three pointer as TV Langen led 68-65. Mesghna then made free throws cutting the TV Langen lead to 68-67. With under a minute to play Quarshie was fouled and stayed calm nailing both free throws as TV Langen led 70-67. Hanau had one last chance, but Von Fintel missed the three pointer to send it into a second overtime. “We stayed together in OT. Our young players played well with confidence and we have to keep building on that”, stressed Martinis Woody. “We didn´t hit free throws and turnovers hurt us. We helped a bit too much leaving their shooters open and they hit them. They made shots when they needed to and our missed free throws bit us in our butts. However I thought that we rebounded very well and hit big shots to get to OT”, added Jefferson Mason. TV Langen was led by Filmore Beck with 15 points. Maxim Schneider contributed 13 points and Nick Freer 11 points. Hanau was led by Jonathan Mesghna with 18 points and Jefferson Mason chipped in with 10 points.



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