Jordan Wild(Kirchheim Knights) I Believe I Can Lead The Team With My Energy By Setting A Standard Of What It Looks Like To Play With High Intensity And Energy


Jordan Wild is a 203cm forward from Kingsburg, California that will be playing his first season in Germany for the Kirchheim Knights. He started his basketball career at Fresno Pacific (NAIA) in 2007 where he played until 2011. As asenior he played 34 games: 11.8ppg, 7.4rpg, FT: 78%. He played in Australia the last three seasons. As a rookie he played fort he Joondalup City Wanneroo Wolves (Australia-SBL) playing 27 games: 20.6ppg, 11.1rpg, 2.1apg, 1.3spg, 1.5bpg, 2FGP: 47.2%, 3PT: 33.9%, FT: 72.9%. He played for the Stirling Senators (Australia-SBL) the last twos easons and this past summer played 29 games averaging 21,2ppg, 14,0rpg and 3,0apg. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball recently before coming to Germany.


Jordan thanks for talking to German Hoops. Since turning professional in 2011, you have played the last three summers in Australia. How weird has it been being down under where there is winter and all your friends home from their basketball seasons in the States?

Yeah it’s been a bit backwards, but I wouldn’t trade my time in Australia for anything else. I’ve had a great three seasons and I cannot imagine spending these last seasons anywhere else. “Winter” is a good time of season in Western Australia.

You have had double double stats with points and rebounds in Australia. How do you like the nickname the wild double double Jordan? What kind of nicknames have you been given the last three years in Australia?

That’s not bad. I’ve had a lot so I will only name a few: Captain America, the wiz, big red, and my personal favorite the Wildman

You have signed a contract to play in the German pro A with Kirchheim and now will play a regular schedule something you didn´t do in Australia the last three years. What sold you on coming to the Kirchheim Knights?

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kirchheim from former imports in Ben Beran and Cooper Land. I look forward to playing for Coach Michael Mai. I know it’s going to be a great year. I cannot wait to play and represent the Knights.

What do you know about the country Germany and about the basketball scene? Do you have any friends that play here?

I know Germany is full of history and a beautiful country! I’ve had a few friends play in the league in the past such as Ty Harrrelson, Cooper Land, and Ben Beran. It’s a place of good basketball and a good place to play within Europe.

How happy are you to be teammates now with American Ben Beran? What battles in particular do you remember from the two seasons in Australia where you were opponents most?

I can’t wait to play with him. He is a great player and even better friend. Anytime we shoot, lift, or play with or against each other we compete every time and I am constantly (ALWAYS) challenged by his ability and work ethic.

You have played the last two summers for Stirling Senators (Australia-SBL) and your rookie year for the Joondalup City Wanneroo Wolves (Australia-SBL). You have dominated the league and produced monster stats. How has your game improved the last three years that has you ready to battle in the German pro A?

I believe I’ve grown and gotten better each year. This season I was able to stay consistent in my approach and preparation. I look forward to learning and growing more through competing at a high level.

You played the last two seasons with American Cory Cooperwood who also has supplied massive stats. Two seasons ago he averaged 24 and 11 and this past summer his stats dipped a bit to 18 and 7. How have you two guys made each other better over the last two seasons on and off the court?

Cory is a great player. He battled with several different injuries this year and fought through it all year. We constantly had arguments on the court about who would get more rebounds or assists. I normally won rebounding and he had more assists. It was a good problem to have! We knew if we got others scoring and control the boards we would win a lot of games.

When looking at your stats, you can pretty much do it all with points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. You even can step out and hit the three which you displayed against Perry Lakes hitting 4/7 three pointers. However if you were to look at your game what would you say is a hidden talent that doesn´t always get noticed right away on the court and is off the radar?

I believe I can lead the team with my energy by setting a standard of what it looks like to play with high intensity and energy to lift my teammates and our fans during games and in practice.

You played in the NAIA for Fresno Pacific from 2007-2011. It isn´t always a given that players from that division will turn pro. Your stats rose as a senior to 11.8ppg, 7.4rpg. Were you always focused to become a professional basketball player or did that grow more as a senior?

I always had the dream but saw guys who went ahead of me being able to continue their career and it only drove my desire to play overseas.

Your coach at Fresno pacific was Jim Saia. How did he prepare you for a professional basketball career? What advice can you still hear when you have certain game situations now?

Attack. He always wanted us to attack everything we did and be the aggressor.

What is your sweetest memory form the NAIA D1 Sweet 16 run in 2010?

My best memory is just being there and seeing all those teams at one venue. It was an experience and probably the best team I have played on.

What is something you will miss most from Australia now as you prepare to play in Germany this season?

The people. Having played three seasons I have developed life long friendships and of course living next to the beach

Who wins a friendly brother whiffle ball game, you or Jake?

I do, every time!

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Draft Day on the flight home from Australia.


Thanks Jordan for the chat.

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