Jason Chappell(Klosterneuburg) No One Really Stood Out As The Fraport Skyliners Gave A Solid Team Performance


Jason Chappelle is a 31 year old 208cm power forward from Wisconsin that is playing his eighth professional season in Austria and fifth season with yourgoody Dukes Klosterneuburg. He started his basketball career in 2002 with Wisconsin(NCAA) where he played until 2007 playing a total of 89 NCAA games. He started his professional basketball career in 2007 with teh Gussing Knights where he played until 2009. He then played one season with the BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers before moving to Klosterneuburg in 2010. He has won three cups in Austria and one league title. He spoke to German Hoops after the 90-60 pre season loss tot he Fraport Skyliners.


Thanks Jason for talking to German Hoops. You came out of Wisconsin(NCAA) in 2007 and started your professional basketball career in Austria and have never left. You are starting your eight professional season in Austria and fifth with yourgoody Dukes Klosterneuburg. What keeps you coming back to Austria? Is it the good food or the beautiful landscape that at times might remind you of your native Wisconsin?

My wife is from Austria, so it is most comfortable to keep playing here. Living in Vienna is not a bad deal either.

Since you have been there the team has reached the playoffs each season won the league title in 2012, won the cup in 2013 and two Super Cups. What is your early impression of the team this season?

There have been lots of changes in the last two years. I think we have a chance to again be one of the top teams in Austria, but only time will tell.

The yourgoody Dukes Klosterneuburg roster has pretty much stayed intact adding only two new players with Remon Nelson and Dejan Jeftic. What will these two new players bring to the court that will make the club stronger?

As we have a lot of older players, hopefully they can bring some energy and enthusiasm to the team.

You played a test game against the German Beko BBL team Fraport Skyliners losing 90-60. The game was very tight and close until halftime, but the German team broke it open in the third quarter scoring 32 points. What was key for them breaking the game totally open in the third quarter?

We struggled offensively. Since we have put in a new system this year and not had time to practice it much, we are not always on the same page.

The Fraport Skyliners didn´t display one superstar scoring 30 points, but spread out the scoring very nicely having five players in double figures. What one player really impressed from the Fraport Skyliners?

No one really stood out, it was a solid team performance.

What was your overall impression of Fraport Skyliner Danilo Barthel? This past summer he played NBA Summer League with the Miami Heat. What did you like about his game and where could his journey go as a professional player?

It’s hard to say, I don’t remember too much about him.

You are playing now your fourth season with Moritz Langnegger. He has had very solid stats the last three seasons but hasn´t really had his break through yet. Could this be his breakout season? It seems like there is always an American in front of him in the rotation.

Could be, but he will have to improve his mid-range game.

In your third season in Austria you played for BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers as Nate Linhart was a rookie. In only a few years he has made the next step and will play for Macabbi Tel Aviv this season. Did you notice this overwhelming potential in his game when you were teammates?

We had a very talented team that year, but as a rookie he held his own. His favorite player is Manu Giniboli, and you can kind of see it in the way he plays.

There are so many great coaches in the NCAA and you played for one of them for Bo Ryan. If one looks at the rosters of Wisconsin in the last 10 years, he has been able to develop many players that turned into great players. How did he prepare you best for a professional basketball career?


What are your memories of reaching the 2005 NCAA Elite 8?

Nobody gave us a chance but we almost beat the eventual champ UNC. If Rashard McCants actually had to go to class maybe we would have won.

In your senior year, the Wisconsin roster was a whose who of talent with players like Alando Tucker, Kammron Taylor, Brian Butch, Marcus Landry, Trevon Hughes and Greg Stiemsma. IF you had to pick one players from this bunch that amazed you the most on the court who would you pick?

Tucker, unbelievable athletic ability.

You are 31 years old now. Could you imagine playing your whole career in Austria or is there a basketball country you still would like to experience?

I always wanted to play in Germany, as the league is much better and it wouldn’t be too much of a culture change, but I guess that dream is fading.

What was the most innovative ALS ice bucket challenge that you saw this summer?

My friend shot a fake deer with a bow and arrow. The dear was attached to a string which tipped over a bucket above his head.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Who still watches DVD’s???


Thanks Jason for the chat.

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