Zeon Gray(medi bayreuth Will Surprise A Lot Of Teams In The Beko BBL With A Good Core Group)

Zeon Gray is a 178cm point guard that played at the University of the Fraser Vally (CIS) in Canada before truning professional in 2011. Since turning professional he has played for teams like Santa Monica Jump (WCBL) EOSC Offenbach (Germany-Oberliga), DJK Nieder-Olm (Germany-2.Regionalliga) and currently played preseason for EVL Baskets Limburg (Germany-Regionalliga). He is currently in Germany and spent some time in Bayreuth with his friend Brandon Bowman.




Zeon thanks for talking to German Hoops. A few days ago you jumped into a Regionaliga game in Limburg against Giessen and now you are practicing with Beko BBL team medi bayreuth. Could one say that this is something a guy like you is used to coming form Los Angeles where the fast flowing lifestayle is a bit different than in the countryside of Iowa?

No problem at all Miles.Thank you for the opportunity to talk.I didn’t get to practice with Medi actually.That will be a goal of mine especially if I sign with their second team.

On Sunday, you came 10 minutes late to the test game EVL Limburg vs Giessen 46ers. Talk about your crazy experience just getting tot he gym safely?

That was the craziest day of my life.On the autobahn my front passenger side tire just shot off and rolled away.Very scary experience I’m blessed that I was able to pull off to the side and get assistance.

You scored 16 points in the 90-53 loss to Giessen. How did it feel playing in the game? At times it looked like you had been with the team for forever as you got the young guys into the huddle.

Due to my pre game circumstances,I wasn’t able to warm up properly and focus on the game.With that being said,my point total was low. Me gathering the young guys into huddles was just me being what I am,which is a floor general/leader.It’s very important to keep guys on the same page especially against a well coach team like Giessen.

You hit a ridiculous in your face bank shot in the game against Giessen. Where would you rate that shot in all the crazy shots in your career?

That shot was pretty typical.So I wouldn’t rate it THAT high.I’m a small guy who has to get my shot off in weird ways. I practice that shot.

When you first came on the court, I thought Ron Howard your brother had flown in for the game. Explain your relationship with him and how is nthe game of you both similar or different?

Ron is looked at like an older brother because he was always around to give me advice.Very thankful for him. Our style of play is night and day.He’s a much more reserved player.I tend to push the envelope a bit more.

Was Limburg head coach Danny Stahllbohm interested in your services? Or Is Limburg not an alternative now?

Coach Stahllbohm has always shown interest.You never rule anything out in this business.Right now,my mind is elsewhere but you never know.

Now you are in Bayreuth with your friend Brandon Bowman. What is always the nicest thing about seeing the soft spoken Bowmann again?

Brandon is one of the funniest guys I know.He is constant entertainment.I’m sure some of his infamous YouTube videos will surface if they haven’t already.

There were 3-4 years in a row where he was so close to making the NBA, but was cut in training camp. From your view point what do you think was missing from his game that denied him a shot in the NBA? Perhaps that there are too many athletic guys around?

It definitely wasn’t any skill reason why that didn’t happen.He is an extremely talented player.Bottom line is,the NBA isn’t for everybody.He’s been all around the globe playing this game.Italy,Turkey,Israel etc.So I think it was just a numbers game.

You have seen medi bayreuth practice. What is your overall impression of this team? They have avery skilled scoring point guard Trevon Hughes who can get his teammates involved and the inside with Bowman, Mccrea and Burrell could be one oft he top trios in the league.

They will surprise a lot of teams in the Beko BBL this season with a good core group.

What is your impression of Javon Mccrea? He had a stellar career at Buffalo and played 5 games for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Summer League. Is the potential of this guy unnending or what?

He’s a monster in the paint. His toughness reminds you of Ben Wallace.Without the wild hair of course.He will be a force for years to come.

The medi bayreuth second team could be a perfect situation for you. Are you considering this option?

This is a strong option at this point.I think that could be a beautiful opportunity for me.

If you could sell yourself best as to why any team could help you now how would you do it?

In a few short words,I would simply say it would be tough to find a guard willing to sacrifice so much of himself for the team to grow and win. Anything my coach would ask of me,without any hesitation,I WILL do it.

You are a 178cm point guard. What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away?

A hidden strength is my leadership.

Where will the journey of the Cavs end this season with Lebron and Kevin Love?

I’m not sure.I’m too busy being a Laker fan.Dark days for the franchise but I’m staying true to the home team.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

I’ve been watching a couple of series online. The Wire and Power.Power surprised me because it was produced by Mogul/Rapper 50 cent.


Thanks Zeon for the chat.


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