The Key To Basketball Success On The Court With Greek Coach George Filkinis

George Filkinis is a Greek basketball coach with over 30 years of experience. He has won 11 titles as a head coach and 6 as an assistant coach. He has coached teams like Marousi, Asteras BC, AO Arion,  Irakleion, AO Sporting, Achilles  Cyprus, Panathinaikos Cyprus, and AO Lamias.  He has coached 680 official games  and his record is 477 ( 70,15%) wins and 203 (20,85%). He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Thank you coach for talking to German Hoops again . I’ld like to ask you were you’ll work this season .

 It’s my pleasure dear Miles to talk again to my German basketball friends via your site . Up to now I haven’t agreed with some team . I had some contacts but finally no agreement was reached .

Can you give a possible explanation to this fact ?

 Gladly.  First of all I wanted to work in specific countries , which the teams and the leagues I know very well , as I watch them closely more than 10 years. Certainly I knew from the beginning , that some of my principles and rules as a man and as a coach and the way I play the game , will be extremely difficult to become accepted. But I got the decision to make a try as I think that I have too much to give to the team that will trust me. As I said many times , my results and my rates are my only weapon and my only credentials.Certainly at the five countries I addressed specifically there is a logic of “persons recycling” , as every year the same coaches are transferred” from one group to another , even if their results the last season were not good at all in accordance with the players they had in their hands and with the ambitions of their teams.Of course this phenomenon is inexplicable to me , but totally respected by my side , as you can not force anyone to work with you , if he doesn’t like you or if he doesn’t like to see his team better. Then , because I play the game a little differently , I claimed to choose the players that they are able to play like my way and not to accept those that the team managers of some teams wanted.Another reason was that I want to represent myself and to talk personally with the groups , contrary to the most coaches who supported by “strong” agents.

Coach you talked before about how you play the game. Would you like please to give us more details?

 My philosophy is the fast break basketball and I’m an “up tempo” coach . We run on every situation , turnovers , steals , defensive rebounds , made shots , missed shots , up 20 , down 20  My way it’s a baseline to baseline – 40 minutes of fast break basketball and willing to do anything to get the ball and to dunk it into the opponents basket. Besides , I am very honored that I follow the running philosophy of my “master” , coach Paul Westhead whom I consider as one of the greatest coaches of the world basketball. We believe in this way of play because we never play against a specific opponent , we always play against the game of basketball. And our running game is all that we do.  Our main goal is to have the most shots we can . The more shots we get , the more opportunities we have to win.
Defensively we play full court pressure deny defenses with consecutive rotations which give us opportunities to have easy baskets .

Coach Filkinis is it truth that you have 7 second offenses ?

 Yes , but it’s partially correct ! We have a 7 – second offense on missed shots . If we get the offensive rebound we like to shot within 7 seconds . On made shots , we play a 3 – second offense . We will get the ball out of the net and shot within 3 -seconds . It takes us 7 seconds to get a shot if you miss and 3 seconds if you made it . So we encourage you to make baskets. Our main goal is 100 shouts / game … we are more interested in shots and points than anything else. We do care about winning but we care about points and coincidentally when you get a lot of points you usually win. Here is my rule about shooting. “Take so many shots that no one cares about misses.” What really is a few misses among us ? Players everywhere in the world love to shot the ball and this is exactly what our way of play gives them. How would you like to play on a team where you walk the ball down the court , pass the ball 15 times and waiting for your “star” to come from a pick and to give him the perfect pass , to turn , square up , 7 m from the basket and to shot it while all the rest players pics and work for him ? 
No thanks , we don’t like this way of play. Our players come down shot’s up and playing defense to get the ball and to shot it again. our players run in specific “corridors” in the court , relax and shot the ball as they know that their teammates are always in their places , ready to get the rebound on a miss and no one cares if they miss the shot. At this point I would like to confide something. When our team is ready , we avoid even to call timeouts. Why to call them ? We don’t need them at all , as we don’t have anything to say . Deeper than that , if a team is scoring on us , the worst thing for us to do is to call a time out because we need the clock running to do our play.  Dead time hurts us.

Impressive indeed coach.  And how your opponents face you ? How they react in this way of running play?

 Some teams try to stop our first pass but it’s impossible to succeed it , as we have many options to put the ball in the court and to score against them , while they’ll be still in our court.
Other teams try to control the pace of the game but it’s impossible again to succeed it as our pressure deny defense push them to have hasty choices. If you look to my personal record you will see that in 680 official games I have 477 (70,15%) wins and 203 (20,85%) defeats , which proves that this game mode is almost unbeatable. Certainly , to get a group to point to play this way , need highly resistant players who love the hard training and have a great team spirit.

Coach Filkinis thank you for this interview and for all the informations about your philosophy.

Thank you dear Miles and your site also for this opportunity that you gave me , to communicate with my basketball friends in Germany and in Europe generally and to inform them about my unbeatable running game.

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