Kris Douse(EVL Limburg) I Am All About Being Efficient

Kris Douse is a 27 year old 198cm forward from Toronto, Canada  playing for  EVL-Baskets Limburg (Germany-Regionalliga) this season. He played at Laurinburg (N.C.) Institute while Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertson played at Laurinburg (N.C.) prep. He started his college career at  Nebraska (NCAA) and then played two seasons at Delaware State. As a senior he played at Point Park (NAIA) playing  27 games: 20.1ppg, 12.6rpg. In 2011-2012 he started his professional basketball career at  Liverpool Mersey Tigers (United Kingdom-BBL, starting five): 18 games: 15.9ppg, 7.1rpg, 1.6apg, FGP: 47.0%, 3PT: 13.6%, FT: 54.6%; then agreed terms with Keflavik (Iceland-Express League): 6 games: 9.5ppg, 4.2rpg, 1.7spg, 2FGP: 44.7%, FT: 69%. Last season he played for Turi Svitavy (Czech Republic-NBL): 2 games: 0pts, left in Oct.’12, in Nov.’12 moved to BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 17 games: 14.1ppg, 8.4rpg, 1.9apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 50.6%, 3Pts: 10.0%, FT: 50.4%. He spoke to German Hoops after season ending win against Mainz.



Kris congrats on winning your last game of the year at home against Mainz. What was key for getting the victory against the seventh ranked team?


We were ready for the fast tempo and it was to our liking. We are a very athletic team and with the addition of Antoni Miller, it really helped us to play fast. It was a lot of fun to go out and run when you have a guy like him on the team.


You were averaging 26 ppg coming into your last Regionaliga game and you put up 31 points and grabbed nine rebounds. Was this another day at the office?


I scored 40 against Giessen last weekend and was starting to get into a groove. It is only too bad that the season ended today.


What really caught my attention was that the majority of your points comes very close to the basket. You use your athletic ability to your advantage. Was this just the best way how you could get baskets in the Regionaliga or why didn´t one see more shooting from the mid distance or more of a variety to get points?


My game is suited to scoring and in this league I can use my basketball IQ best. It is simple for me to get to the rim and if I can do it each time then I will. In this league I do what works best and that is scoring at the rim. I am all about being efficient.


In the past you played in England and the Czech Republic and last year for BG Aschersleben Tigers (Germany-Regionalliga). How would you summarize your season and experience playing for VFL Limburg?


My experience playing for Limburg was good. Coach Danny Stahllbohm gave me  a lot of freedom. I wanted to develop my game further this year and I feel I did. I played at 15-20 pounds lighter this season. I would have liked to have won more, but I felt as a player I achieved what was expected of me.


VFL Limburg had a very disappointing season landing in 13th place. What were the main reasons for the subpar season?


We had many injuries from the start and when you are in a situation like that you get that snowball effect on the whole team. However I commend the whole team, because it wasn´t easy, but we got through the season.


VFL Limburg lost American Ronald Howard mid way through the season. Would the club have had more success had he stayed on board?


I know we would have had a better season with him. We were missing that point guard to set up the scorers. We had  a lot of scorers and not having that point guard took a lot from our game.


I was really impressed by Antoni Miller who played only two games. It looked like you had a lot of fun playing with him on the court.


I liked his game a lot. He was a rookie and you could see how hungry he was. I loved his energy and athletic ability. He really pulled up the speed of our game. When we run with him, good things happen. I feel that he can play at a higher level.


What is the next step for Kris Douse?


I will continue to train this summer and wait for the next opportunity. I won´t change anything. I think that with my training regime, I had my best season as a professional.


If someone had told you before the start of the 2013-2014 NBA season that Toronto Raptors would be one of the best teams in the east would you have believed them?


I always have faith in my team. They have good talent at the wings and at the center position with the Lithuanian player. I always root for the home team. We have a lot of pride in Toronto.


Were you surprised that UConn won the 2014 NCAA title?


I didn´t follow college basketball so much this season, but UConn has a great program. They have always had a winning tradition. They know how to win, so it didn´t surprise me.


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice T. A very funny movie.


Thanks Kris for the chat.

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