Steven Bennett(Giessen 46ers) We Have To Keep Our Composure Come Out Fighting Strong And Just Handle Business In Jena.

Steven Bennett is a 25 year old 173cm point guard from Los Angeles that is playing his second professional basketball season with the Giessen 46ers. Last season he played for  the Spot Up Medium Baskets Braunschweig. With Braunschweig he played 10 games averaging 22.7ppg, 4.1rpg, 5.1apg, 2.4spg, 2FGP: 57.5%, 3FGP: 34.2%, FT: 76.6% He is one of the few special players that has a tenacity and will to win that is unmatched; it is impossible to judge him based upon height alone because he can compete with anyone in the world. He has proven this in the Maui Invitational division I tournament in 2010, and was recognized as one of the top players (All-Maui Award) from a field of other top US point guards such as Kemba Walker, Kailin Lucas and Brandon Knight. Bennett is known for his great court vision and passing ability, and is able to get in the lane at will and finish against anyone with either left or right hand. Every team bases their defensive strategy around Bennett and is forced to take create his own shot and take his three point shots off the dribble. He is an excellent shooter, but wants to continue to improve his already respectable 40% three point percentage. Steven is known for having excellent leadership skills, and is highly respected by all of his peers and coaches. He played at Citrus JC (JUCO) from 2007-2009 and then played at  Chaminade (NCAA2). Last summer he also found experience playing for the  Rockingham Flames (Australia-SBL) He played three games with 2013 NBA draft pick Dennis Schroeder last season in the Pro B. He spoke to German Hoops after the big 84-75 win in game three against Science City Jena.


Steve congrats on the 84-75 win in game three and 2-1 series lead. Does it seem a bit strange how all three games have been pretty the same in the way it ended?


Yes it has. We have had a good start to all games and control the game, but let Jena back in the game in the second half, but win at the end except for game two. These games come down to execution and free throws at the end.


Science City Jena made a 11-0 run in the second quarter. The Jena runs are no surprises anymore are they?


No they aren´t. We are used to them. We just have to keep our composure. They like that high tempo basketball, so it is nothing unusual.


Giessen did a great job in the third quarter in that whenever Science City Jena tried to cut down your lead to 10 or under, you made big shots. It seems like there are so many guys that can step up in these pressure situations.


Yes we have many guys like that. Jena like to scramble all ove rteh court, but we did a great job keeping our composure and finding the right players to knock down shots.


It seems like if Myles Hesson doesn´t get at least one dunk per game it is as unusual as an American not visiting Mcdonalds or Burger King at least once per week in Giessen. You and Hesson hooked up for a beautiful ally-op dunk. How many have you done in games and practice this season?


That is tough since we have been together for 8-9 months. I would say we hav hooked up for about 60 ally-ops. If Myles gives that dunk a five then so do I considering his jumping ability. We have eye contact and I try to tell if the defender is lazy and if he is then I give him this special look and go back door for the dunk.


Hesson was huge for the win in game one as he hit big free throws and did it again in game three. It seems like Giessen and Hesson go hand in hand for success.


He was key for the win. He had that look and he hadn´t been happy with his game in Jena. Without Hudson and the small guards, he got into a good rhythm. He gave us  apush on defense with his rebounding, shot blocking ability and deflections.


It seems like Science City Jena never go away especially in the fourth quarter. How impressed are you with this team that plays with so much heart and always has the ability to come back when they need to?


I am very impressed, but at the same time they are a very irritating team to play. They hit you with random traps that forces you out of rhythm. They play at a high tempo and with big plays and hitting shots get more confidence.


You scored only nine points, but had six assists and three turnovers. How happy were you with your performance?


It wasn´t one of my better games, but I thought my passing was good. My passing created problems for the Jena defense. I didn´t get as many open looks, but they didn´t want to give me any open looks.


Giessen has its star Myles Hesson and Science City Jena has Dennis Tinnon. How hard is it to play against him?


He is a tough player that is long and athletic and is so quick on his feet and can handle the ball well. Plus he can push the ball in transition and has a nice touch around the rim.


Giessen can end the series Sunday in Jena. What will be key in getting the win?


We have to keep our composure, come out fighting strong and just handle business in Jena.


How surprised were you that UConn won the 2014 NCAA tournament?


You could see how important it is for the star player to play well. Shabezz Napier was a great leader that made big shots. This win was one the biggest shocks for me besides the Butler back to back final appearances.


What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


More than a game.


Thanks Steven for the chat.

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