Another Day At The Office For Myles Hesson With An Ally-Op Dunk, Big Free Throws And A 84-75 Victory For Giessen Over Science City Jena In Game 3

When one looks back to game one last weekend and compare it to game three, there were so many parallel´s that one could have thought that coaches Bjoern Harmsen and Denis Wucherer might be writing a new book together as everything on the court seemed to have a certain chapter involved and both were eying towards a game five with a whole new chapter with no known ending. If a game five happens depends on the outcome of game four, but in game one Giessen had a Comfortable lead at half time, Science City Jena came back in the second half, a crushing Myles Hesson aly-op dunk as well as big free throws and a game deciding Garrett Sim play and in game three all these things were repeated again as if the basketball God had wanted it and in both games Giessen survived at the end to win 84-75 for a 2-1 series lead. A major difference in game 3 was that mascot Fabius was back again with his child Fabi as their horsing around on the court as for some reason they hadn´t been around on the court in game one. “It has been a crazy series with all games being close. There has been a special energy in each game and Jena fought back again. We kept our composure at the end and just focused on making shots and plays”, added Ex Temple(NCAA) guard TJ DiLeo. For Science City Jena all the energy and heart that they left on the court wasn´t rewarded with a win as it was obvious that they wanted the win so bad. “We made a comeback in the fourth and really wanted the win so badly. We played great defense and pressed well. My turnover at the end and Sim missed shots were key. You can´t change what the ref calls. We weren´t able to keep our composure at the end with the Sim game misconduct”, added Green Bay native Dennis Tinnon.

The Giessen 46ers started off the first quarter where they left off in the first two games getting an offensive rhythm rapidly as Myles Hesson nailed a mid distance jumper and Joshiko Saibou drilled home a three pointer for the 5-0 advantage. However it didn´t take Science City Jena long to get going on offense as they cruised out on a 7-2 run to knot the game at 7-7. Illinois native Billy Rush scored five points in the run including a three pointer and notching a steal and going coast to coast. Kristian Kuhn then scored over Benjamin Lischka. Giessen got production form Lischka who scored inside on hard penetration and Saibu had a lay in as Giessen led 12-7. Lars Wendt then hit a bomb from Lich as he was way behind the three point line to keep Science City Jena close. Giessen always had production it seems from someone throughout the 40 minutes to keep Science City Jena in their rear view window as ex Northwood(NAIA) player and Giessen rookie Thierno Agne hit a jumper and three pointer for the Giessen 17-12 lead. Down the stretch, Rush scored inside and Hesson made free throws as Giessen led 20-14 after one quarter. The Giessen 46ers were shooting 50% from the field and 29% from outside while Science City Jena was shooting 30% from the field and 29% form outside. Science City Jena had the 13-9 rebound edge and both teams had three turnovers a piece.

The Giessen 46ers kept up the offensive pressure in the second quarter rolling out on a 5-0 run as Hesson buried a three pointer and Rob Chubb hit a one hand shot over Kuhn as Giessen led 25-14. However it is no secret that Science City Jena can jump on you quicker than Giessen head coach Denis Wucherer is able to slowly rub his hand from front to back. Science City Jena didn´t hesitate as they went on a furious 11-0 run to tie the game at 25-25. In the run, Wendt nailed  a three pointer and Dennis Tinnon was an annoying beast that fought and wiggled through the zone, double teams and traffic for unending rebounds and four put backs. “Jena did a good job making the game faster and Giessen was too slow to get back”, stressed Fraport Skyliner Stefan Illzhoefer. It was evident to see that in these few minutes that Jena wanted it more and Giessen wasn´t able to match their intensity. Giessen got some buckets form Hesson and DiLeo, but Science City Jena stayed on their heels as Tinnon scored on a turn around shot and Sim caught Giessen napping finding Kuhn for quick transition points as Giessen led 31-29. Despite the stringent Jena press, Giessen was the more consistent team on offense as they closed out the second quarter with a  10-1 run to lead 41-30 at the break. It was Hesson and Bennett who dominated the run with a three pointer and free throws. Bennett also made a nifty left handed lay in like his role model NBA lefthander Mike Conley. “Giessen had more structure to their game while Jena seemed a bit wild. The Giessen organization helped against the Jena zone”, stressed Fraport Skyliner Stefan Illzhoefer. “Jena went on a run, but overall Giessen made the better decisions”, commented Fraport Skyliner Johannes Voigtmann. The Giessen 46ers were shooting 52% from the field and 40% from the three point line while Science City Jena was shooting 37% from the field and 25% form the three point line. Science City Jena had the 22-17 rebound edge, but eight turnovers while Giessen ahd six turnovers.

In the third quarter, it was the Giessen 46ers that got off to another quick start going on a 7-2 run to lead 48-32. In the run, it was DiLeo that hit a massive three pointer and pretty finger tip role in, but the bang and loudest shouts from the fans went to Myles Hesson who banged home an ally-op dunk as Steven Bennet found him like a blind man does his dog in a crowded New York city subway. “That was a nice ally-op dunk. Bennett and he have a great connection and just read each other well. It was the perfect pass and Hesson did the rest”, stated TJ DiLeo. “I give a lot of credit to Steven Bennet as he found me on the back door. I give that dunk a 5”, smiled Myles Hesson. Science City Jena knew that they couldn´t let Giessen continue to hurt them with runs, so they went to work on offense going on a 9-2 run to battle themselves back into the game as they trailed 50-41. Science City Jena did what they do best playing transition basketball as Billy Rush scored on transition twice and Tinnon once. Kuhn also snuck inside to get an easy put back. Lischka then showed that what Tinnon can do for Jena inside with his moves he can do for Giessen scoring a bucket and Bennet dropped a three pointer. Tinnon was clutch in the last minute making a runner over Jonathan Malou and an off balance shot, but Giessen still led 56-45 after three quarters. “We knew that Jena would go on a run so we stayed focused on offense making shots and making plays”, stressed TJ DiLeo. The Giessen 46ers were shooting 48% from the field and 36% from the parking lot while Science City Jena was shooting 40% from the field and 20% from the parking lot. Science City Jena had the 31-25 rebound edge and both teams had eight turnovers a piece.

In the fourth quarter, it was no surprise that the game three script once again had a Science City Jena comeback, but no happy end. Science City Jena got on the board first as Tinnon showed his passing skills finding Kuhn back door for a reverse lay up and Liscka nailed a three pointer as Giessen led 59-47. Wendt and Lischka then traded buckets as Giessen still led 61-49. Despite the intensive pressing by Science City Jena, they still had energy as they went on a 6-0 run to cut the Giessen lead to 61-55. Giessen had problems with the even more fierce Jena press defense as Sim hit a jumper and  Tinnon and Rush scored of turnovers. After Malou made free throws, Science City Jena seemed in full control of their offense as it was at its best now as they were making buckets from anywhere on the court as Tinnon connected on a three pointer and Kuhn got a quick feed from Wendt for the easy lay up as Giessen led only 63-60. The game went back and forth now as Giessen slapped Jena with a bucket and vice versa, but Jena just couldn´t get over the hump to take the lead. After Saibou and Kuhn traded buckets, it was Ermen Reyes-Napoles with a huge three pointer to cut the Giessen lead to 67-65. Saibou then connected on a floater from the wing, but Julius Wolf tested his miserable 13,3% three point percentage nailing a bomb as Giessen led only 69-68. However who better to have on the team to break your back then Hesson who made his third three pointer of the game for the 72-68 lead. However Science City Jena was far from finished as Wendt responded with a three pointer from the corner as Giessen led 72-71. Saibou and Sim then traded free throws and Lischka made two free throws as Giessen led 76-73 with under a minute to play. Then came the turning point of the game as Tinnon made a turnover and Sim shot an airball. “We defended very well and stayed calm and made the right plays”, stressed TJ DiLeo. With only 15.8 second to play, Giessen closed out the win in dramatic fashion with an 8-2 run as Science City Jena totally lost their nerves as Sim was hit with a foul and game misconduct as he and Lischka were in the middle of a skirmish as the American  kicked the German and coach Bjoern Harmsen  was hit with a with a technical. Hesson hit four free throws and Lischka and Saibou also contributed to the free throw party at the end. Once again it was Myles Hesson that was an instrumental part to the win. “Hesson played great. He got big rebounds, hit shots and made free throws. Like in game one, he was key for us getting the win”, added TJ DiLeo.

The Giessen 46ers were led by Myles Hesson with 29 points and seven rebounds. Benjamin Lischka added 16 points and Joshiko Saibou had 12 points. Science City Jena was led by Dennis Tinnon with 22 points and six rebounds. Billy Rush, Kristian Kuhn and Lars Wendt each contributed with 13 points a piece. Giessen shot 48% from the field and 38% from outside and Science City Jena shot 49% from the field and 32% from outside. The rebounding battle was even at 33-33 and Giessen had 13 turnovers while Science City Jena had 10 turnovers. Giessen can close out the series in Jena and Sunday and don´t want to return to Giessen for a game five. “We have to do what we did the last games getting a comfortable lead, making shots and playing solid defense. We have to stay composed and play a better second half than in the last games and just make good plays”, warned TJ DiLeo. Science City Jena want to return back to Giessen for a game five. “We want to come out with much energy and just get at them from the start. We won´t forget this game”, warned Dennis Tinnon. Myles Hesson is the king of the one liners and talks less, but shows more through actions on the court. “We have to take care of business in Jena and win”, warned Myles Hesson.

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