2014 Beko BBL Preview ratiopharm Ulm-FC Bayern Munich: Anything Less Than A Title Will Be A Major Disappointment For FC Bayern Munich

If one were to scout the internet the last six months to find quotes from a Marko Pesic, his father or from FC Bayern Munich God, supporter, Friend and Fan Uli Hoeness concerning the fate of FC Bayern Munich basketball this season that were strewed across the world wide media like tasty chocolate sprinkles over a ice cream sundae one probably would have had a major malfunction of your PC if it had been staged to show smoke like in a Hollywood film. Everybody who has anything to do with basketball knows that this is the season where FC Bayern Munich HAS to win at least one title or in a sense if they don´t there could be some serious basketball depression seen in the front office in Munich something no one has ever seen before except possibly among the top clubs in Serie A soccer in Italy. A title in Munich is so much programed that if it doesn´t happen one could imagine some players having to give Uli Hoeness some tasty hog dogs one day soon, a Heiko Schaffarzik having to get some lessons from FC Bayern Munich soccer player Javi Martinez on his secret to nailing three pointers or a John Bryant being forced to wear the traditional Bayern Lederhosen while parading up and down posh Maximillian street in downtown Munich with an all out Borussia Dortmund attire covering his traditional Bavaria outfit. This is all massive punishment, so FC Bayern Munich knows anything less than a cup title in Ulm will be a major disappointment for the most famous German sports club in Germany. For ratiopharm Ulm, they are a major underdog, but with their progression in the cup action the last two seasons, guys like Per Guenther and Keaton Nankivil are more than ready to make the next step as they made  a third place two seasons ago and last season lost in the final to Alba Berlin. ratiopharm Ulm also have the home court advantage and Jon Leuer friend Nakivil might watch some extra film of his buzzer beater against FC Bayern Munich from the past and might even have a twinkle in his eyes as he is off in dream land the night before the game.

FC Bayern Munich come into the 2014 Beko BBL cup final as a heavy favorite despite giving up their lowest point total of the season in Frankfurt where their own usual aggressive defense was outdone by the hungry Fraport Skyliners defense. However FC Bayern Munich hasn´t been as potent in 2014 as they should have been losing three games in the Beko BBL and giving up over 80 points five times including back to back games against Braunschweig and MBC with 90 points or more. Is the Euroleague schedule and travel strain been effecting their game? However FC Bayern Munich still has the deepest roster in the league and on any day can destroy any team in the league.  The team also knows that it hasn´t won a title since 1968 and the club and long time basketball fans are as thirsty for a title as the typical Bayern Octoberfest visitor who goes there after  a long day of work. The 18 titles of master guru head coach Sveislav Pesic speak for its self. Not only history is resting on the side of FC Bayern Munich, but their play on the court. They are the best scoring team in the league with 88 points and they don´t lack with creativity either as they average 18 assists a game. If FC Bayern Munich decides to defend the way they know how then it will be very difficult for ratiopharm Ulm. ratiopharm Ulm arrive in the game as the underdog and so far the regular season hasn´t been as solid as the last few seasons as they are currently in fifth place. The club after playing a very spirited Eurocup season where they had a record of 11-7 and winning four of their last five games have also have played strong basketball as of late winning six of seven games. Their defense has been up and down this season and they will have to have a near perfect effort to defeat the always explosive prone FC Bayern Munich offense. Despite being under dogs, there are a few factors that stand in the corner for ratiopharm Ulm most importantly the home court advantage. They will have almost four times more fans than the other teams so atmosphere will be on their side, having guys like Adam Hess and Philipp Schwethelm on the court who have won a title is a small plus even if FC Bayern Munich has more hardware on the court, having Per Guenther on the court who has never won  a title, but always came in second is a plus because he has the heart of a lion and if anyone deserves a title it is him who has been the heart and soul of the club since 2008 when ex head coach Mike Taylor had the audacity to bring him from Hagen to Ulm.

They keys for FC Bayern Munich will be simple. They have to play their game and not worry about anything else. FC Bayern Munich knows exactly what they have to do to be successful. Get going quickly, hitting shots, getting out on transition and just controlling the game early on and not letting ratiopharm Ulm to get into a rhythm. Important also will be how they come to terms with the Ulm atmosphere. The Ulm arena is known for being an amazing atmosphere and FC Bayern Munich will have to somehow shut out the fans the way John Byrant does Hamburgers when he is working out during the summer to get back into shape. ratiopharm Ulm plays very good team orientated basketball and FC Bayern Munich always have to be aware of the extra pass. The key players to focus on are German national player Per Guenther and ex Rick Pitino student Edgar Sosa. Both are game changers and when they get hot form the parking lot good night. ratiopharm Ulm need to be aware of each FC Bayern Munich player, but the most dangerous are Malcolm Delaney who is looking to keep his title streak alive as a professional in his third season and x factor Bryce Taylor who also is looking for his first title in Germany and can score in bunches. They can´t allow FC Bayern Munich to get rolling in the half court. In their only meeting this season, FC Bayern Munich rolled past ratiopharm Ulm 87-70 as Malcolm Delaney had 18 points, FC Bayern Munich controlled the boards and Per Guenther had 0 assists.  An interesting fact is that the Beko BBL gave FC Bayern Munich a small break by scheduling a make up game Bamberg-Ulm three days before, so Ulm like FC Bayern Munich will have played a game shortly before the cup weekend even if the schedule strain of FC Bayern Munich will be much greater as they play a Euroleague game in Moscow 48 hours early. It will be interesting to see how well FC Bayern Munich can recuperate from the Russia tour and be awake in Ulm Saturday. Good friends John Bryant and Per Guenther may have some friendly wagers before the game as both are seeking their first professional title. Who knows if Guenther is able to lead ratiopharm Ulm into the final, a funny way for John Bryant to pay back the lost wager would be to jog around the Marien Platz in Munich dressed up in Ulm attire giving Per Guenther  a piggy back ride and not releasing him until he hits a three pointer from a special court made for the occasion and if FC Bayern Munich makes the final, Per Guenther then has to sit in a huge kettle of spicy hog dogs and hand feed Bryant and each teammate for a supper. FC Bayern Munich will reach the final winning by 10 points.

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