Jermel Kennedy(TV Langen) I Want To Stay In Germany And Who Knows What The Future Has In Store For Me The Only Thing I Know Is That It Will Be Positive

Jermel Kennedy  is a 24 year old 201cm forward from Toronto Canada that is playing his first season in the German Pro B with TV Langen. He started his basketball career in 2008 with  Iowa Central Community College (NJCAA) playing 26 games: 4.3ppg, 3.8rpg, FGP:47.3%, FT: 57.1%. In 2009-2010, he played for Volunteer State Community College (NJCAA) playing  27 games: 11.7ppg, 8.2rpg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 26.0%, FT: 83.0%. He finished his college basketball career at Lander in 2012 playing two seasons there and as a senior played  27 games: 11.0ppg, 7.0rpg, 1.2spg, FGP: 66.1%, FT: 70.5%. Last summer he was drafted by Moncton Miracles (NBL Canada,1rd(6)). He spoke to German Hoops after the season ending playoff loss to Oldenburg in Langen.


A tough 77-56 loss to Oldenburg in a do or die game. TV Langen fought very hard, but was the Oldenburg deepness inside just too much to handle on this day?


They just came more prepared for us more bodies there length definitely was an issue for us.

TV Langen had a nice 16-11 lead at the end of the first quarter, but then were totally surprised by a Oldenburg 6-0 run. Was this momentum what would set the tone for Oldenburg the rest of the way?


Oldenburg gathered some momentum and we couldn’t catch much of a rhythm after that. They set the tone to how they wanted to play the rest of the game.

Oldenburg had a huge 12-0 run in the second quarter in which TV Langen would never be able to recover from. The rest of the way TV Langen would never get closer than nine points. Was there anything TV Langen could of done differently to have gotten closer?

I think we went away from what we do well the whole game so that being said we never had a chance under those circumstances. Poor execution on our part

Oldenburg wanted to limit you and Martins Woody inside and let TV Langen shoot to win the game. Talk about the Oldenburg big men? They seemed to be overpowering TV Langen everywhere on the court. One could sense the frustration in the faces of you and Woody.

There extremely well coached and very prepared they knew exactly where Woody and I operate best and they made sure to utilize their size to make sure we didn’t get what we wanted. They physically attacked our guards making sure they could not orchestrate our offense making it ultimately difficult to score.


You had two very tough back to back games where I am sure you won´t forget too quickly. Is there any conclusion you have why you couldn´t catch fire in this series?


They limited my touches both games so any of the shots I would have taken would be bad shots and away from our offense. Maybe if I was more aggressive I would have noticed more openings but then again that’s just speculation who knows.

Oldenburg played very inspired team basketball while TV Langen more than often engaged in one on one play. TV Langen has shown team basketball in the past, but why wasn´t it possible in game two?

Simply because we couldn’t execute our sets and we went to our more freelance offense which is designed for more reads and one on one execution. If we were tougher as a team we wouldn’t have had so much of an issue getting to our designated spots and doing what we know. We simply got out worked out toughed and out played


Where do you think the journey of Oldenburg will end? Do you feel that they could reach the final?

I believe they can they have a great group of guys and a very smart coaching staff I’m sure they won’t have an issue moving forward


Which TV Langen players were your unsung hero and most improved players?

I would have to go with Sebastian and Max . Sebastian is such a high IQ player he sets up everybody usually counting himself out just to get someone else going and Maxim’s confidence has risen quite dramatically over the past few months and he’s been a much better player because of it.


You had a very strong Pro B season. Where will the journey of Jermel Kennedy end? Would you like to remain in Germany or would a new country be engaging for you?

I actually want to remain in Germany Miles I like it here I enjoy the atmosphere who knows what the future has in store for me the only thing I know is that it will be positive.

Who was your toughest player that you played against this season in the German Pro B?

Great question I’m not to sure the only one that really stood out to me was probably Bill Borekambi his relentless pursuit to the rim and that V10 engine he has installed was a handful both games I had to guard him.

What are your early 2014 NCAA Final Four?

I can’t even guess anymore miles with all the upsets going on I really don’t no

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Thanks Jermel fort he chat.


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