David Pruett(TV Langen) I Believe Having Limited Minutes Has Helped Improve My Game

David Pruett is a 24 year old 190 cm guard from Gainsville, Georgia that is on  atry out basis with German Beko BBL team SC Rasta Vechta. He started his basketball career in 2008 with Armstrong Atlantic (NCAA2) where he palyed until 2010. He played the last three seasons for  Lander (NCAA2) and as a senior played  26 games: 16.5ppg, 4.5rpg, 3.3apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 38.4%, 3PT: 36.9%, FT: 83.5%. Awards/Achievements in his basketball career have been PeachBelt Tournament Semifinals -09, and PeachBelt All-Academic Team -12. He spoke to German Hoops before the start of the Pro B playoffs against Oldenburg.


Congrats on the narrow 62-61 win against Hanau. How good does it feel beating one of the top teams in the German Pro B. Does this win give the club the needed self confidence to get past the first hurdle Oldenburg?

Beating Hanau was definitely a huge win for us. There was a good bit of emotion behind the game because many of the Langen players played for Hanau’s head coach, Coach Shaw, the season before. It was the perfect game to win heading into the playoffs.

Jermel Kennedy won the game with a shot. Describe the last play and does it really matter who gets the ball in a situation like that when you have a Woody or Kennedy?

First we got a huge stop on defense, forcing Hanau to turn the ball over. A timeout was called and Coach Glasauer drew up a good play. Simple pick and roll with Sebastian and Woody also told Jermel to cut to the rim. Woody rolled to the short corner and received a pass from Sebastian. Once Woody had the ball, Hanau’s defensive rotation was a second to slow as Jermel quickly cut the rim, received a great pass from Woody and slammed it home. Great team play to win the game.

I guess if the game is on the line and you give the ball to Kennedy or Woody, nothing can go wrong. How proud are you to be able to be teammates with these two exceptional players?

Well Jermel Kennedy and I have been teammates now for three seasons. He is great teammate and friend. Very lucky to be playing with him here in Germany. Chances of that happening are slim. Woody is a true post player with a lot of experience. He passes the ball very well. Its been fun playing with him on the court.

In your short time in Germany has the name Voeller popped up in any discussions? Did any teammates fill you in who the famous father is of Hanau forward Marco Voeller? What was your impression of the German player?

Voeller is a famous soccer player if I’m not mistaken. They didn’t feel me in until after the game. But as for Marco, I like his game. Very solid post player with good offensive IQ that can shoot the ball well. He had a good game against us.

Congrats David on reaching the German Pro B playoffs. When someone had told you when you had arrived in December that TV Langen would be going to the playoffs back in December what would you have thought.

Thanks Miles. Well Coach Glasauer and TV Langen brought me in as a midseason acquisition to help make a playoff push. So of course if someone told me that Langen would make the playoffs, I would have agreed with them. Second half of the season this team has come together and finished the season strong.

Since the huge win at home against the Fraport Skyliners in December, TV Langen is 8-3. What have been the main reasons for the spirited and successful play of TV Langen?

Taking care of our home games is one. Ever since I have been here in Langen we haven’t lost at home. Then improving our team defensive. It seems every week we make strides in that area of the game.

How well have you adjusted to your limited minutes? It seems like you are always effective in the time that you are on the court?

As you know Miles, in Pro B only two imports can be on the court at once. So, I have never gotten to play with Jermel and Woody at same time. But getting signed with this team in Mid-Season I understood I would have a more limited role due to the Pro B Import rule. I believe having limited minutes has helped improve my game. Understanding when to take the right shot or make the right play. Not forcing it as much. The minutes I’m on the court, I do my job. Coach wants me to be an offensive threat and play good defense. I’m a shooter, so I come into the game, make some threes and help the team hold or get a lead.

It is obvious that Kennedy and Woody share the MVP honors for the regular season but if you had to pick the unsung hero who would it be?

Sebastian Barth, he is vet and has a high IQ for the game of basketball. He makes excellent passes making others look good. He sacrifies a good shot for himself to get someone a even better shot.

Oldenburg is the first opponent of TV Langen. They have some very young and talented Germans and Americans. What kind of playoff series can we await?

Both teams are very efficient and high scoring. This playoff series will include some high level offensive out puts. Definitely can see few of the games having a high score.

Tv Langen doesn´t have the home court advantage, so TV Langen will have to win in the north. What will be key to winning this series?

Turnovers are going to play a huge role. If we can take care of the basketball and force them to turnover the ball more we should win. We also have to be patient on the offensive end making sure we get the shots we want.

Who are your early NCAA tournament favorites?

 Florida Gators look very strong. Can never count out Syracuse or Kansas.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

 Iron Man 3

Thanks David for the chat.


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