Dorenzo Hudson (Science City Jena) I Will Take A Lot From This Experience Playing For Bjoern Harmsen

Dorenzo Hudson is a 26 year old 195cm guard from Charlotte, North Carolina playing his second season as a professional for German Pro A team Science City Jena. He played at Virginia Tech (NCAA) from 2008-2012 and in his senior year played  33 games: 10.9ppg, 2.8rpg, 1.5apg, FGP: 43.7%, 3PT: 33.0%, FT: 81.5%. Last season as a rookie he played for  Zalakeramia-ZTE KK (Hungary-A Division): 24 games: 13.9ppg, 5.7rpg, 1.1apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 52.4%, 3PT: 29.4%, FT: 70.4%. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Thanks Dorenzo for talking to Where are you at the moment in Germany and how was your day?

It’s great! How is yours?

You are playing your second professional season in Germany with Science City Jena. How do you like Germany? I am sure it is a lot different than Hungry.

From a personal perspective; Germany has a lot to offer culturally. I really enjoyed Hungary but the language barrier was a little tough on me. In Germany I run into more people that I can converse with which makes things easier. I met some great people in Hungary as well and will forever cherish that experience. I have been pleasantly surprised with how prepared the coaches have been in my European experience in both leagues, Germany and Hungray. Professionally- the pace and style of the game here is different. Ironically I thrive in an up tempo style and Most of the teams here play fast. It really allows me to get out in transition and make things happen.

Science City Jena is in third place with a record of 18-9. Has a big reason been for the early success of Science City Jena because of a well developed team chemistry that has grown early?

Absolutely! We really like each other and that is very important. I have played on teams at times where you have guys with their own agenda. We all want to climb as high as we can professionally, but this group gets it. We know and understand we need each other to insure we take that next step in our individual careers. Our coach has done a great job getting everyone to buy in to being a winning unit.

Science City Jena have scored 100 or more points 15 times this season. This team is a highs coring powerhouse. Does the defense of the team get overlooked?

The defense is what allows us to score so much. We get a lot of easy baskets off of our defense. The coach preaches a pressing in your face style which results in turnovers and face break points. For us it starts and ends on the defensive end.

How exciting has the German Pro A been for you so far? The first seven teams are very close and it looks like many teams will be battling for the title this season. Is this type of competition that professional basketball players strive to play for.

I love it! I wish we played twice a week. The fans are really into the game from start to finish and when you have a tightly battled contest it adds to the drama. I love this game and to come out the victor in a well played game is an unbelievable feeling.

You are the second top scorer on the team averaging 18,3ppg. How happy have you been with your own game so far in the German Pro A?

I have been pretty pleased. I have had a few games that I wish I could take back, but overall I feel pretty good. I am in great shape much like I was my Junior year at Virginia Tech. In that year I was third team All ACC. As you probably know injuries set me back my senior year. I feel that those things are behind me now, and mind and body are where I want them to be. Hopefully God willing I continue on my path and be an important piece to our overall team success.

The team has guys that can score. What exactly is your role on the team besides putting the ball in the net often?

Being the vocal leader on a very young core group of guys.

What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away on the stat sheet?

My on ball defense. My diversity playing, several positions. I have gone from point guard to power forward at times. I feel I have a very high Basketball IQ.

You never shot over 40% from outside in college or last season as a rookie. Have you been working on your shot or has your shot selection been key for your three point shooting that is around 40%?

Actually I shot a very high percentage in my junior year in college. If I remember correctly I was in the top 10 in conference play for three point percentage. With that said I actually came into college with the reputation as a shooter. My Coach had me to change my release point because he wanted me to get it off quicker. It took me a while to adjust to that. I have really worked hard on improving that stroke through muscle memory. The other thing that effects my shot is at times banging down low with the bigs, when I have to help out at the 4 spot. It’s like lifting weights and trying to shoot at the same time, It tends to throw my touch off a little bit. I have played a lot more of my natural position while on this team, the 2 and 3.

On what things do you still have to work on? Possibly your decision making? You have 2,7 To´s per game at the moment.

I have never checked it but I think a lot of my turnovers are a result of someone getting under me for a charge. I like to attack the rim. I guess I need to shoot the pull up a little more. I am an unselfish player and I am usually trying to make the right basketball play, at times I might force passes trying to keep everyone engaged.

Last season you played in the weaker Hungry league and now you are playing in the German second division. How would you compare the styles of both leagues and which is stronger?

Hungary- More half court basketball. Fewer import players. Germany- Up tempo and more Import players.

How much fun is it playing with Dennis Tinnon who likes to be called mr get buckets. How does he make your game easier on the court?

He gets us extra possessions. He is good at rebounding the ball and getting our transition started.

What more does American Garrett Sim have to do to wrap the pro A MVP title. The guy is just tearing up the league. Where would Science City Jena be without him?

Continue on his current path. He is a solid Basketball Player. I enjoy playing with him because he makes the game easier for me. We feed off each other. I feel like you have to pick your poison when we are on the floor. I think as long as he continues to play at the level he is currently playing he should be fine. He is also a great humble guy. He has made it a lot easier out here for me while in Germany.

How important has German Kevin Schaffartzik been? Could one say that he is the ultimate role player on the team?

One could say that. He can really shoot the Basketball. When we need that spark he always seems to come through for us.

What has been your impression of 216cm German Daniel Mayr? He is 18 and a huge German talent. Do you see him getting more minutes this season as his game progresses?

In our last outing I believe he had 13 points. He is getting better every time we play. I don’t see why he wouldn’t get more minutes. He has a huge upside; pun intended.

How has it been playing for head coach Bjoern Harmsen? He wrote a basketball book at age 20. What have you been able to learn from him on and off the court?

This guy really knows the game. He is big on skill development, conditioning and overall Basketball strategy. He has a unique approach to the game. I think he has a lot to offer to the game of Basketball. I will take a lot from this experience.

What do you remember most from your 45 minute 21 point game win against Maryland?

If you are talking about that over time game at home. I remember that Grevis Vasquez was on fire. That was a great game. Neither team wanted to relent. My cousin J.T. Thompson hit a big bucket to send it to O.T.. The game didn’t end like I wanted it to. Erick Green as a freshman missed a 3 to win it in the closing seconds. I’m not saying it was his fault, I’m just saying that’s how it ended.

You played together with Malcolm Delaney at Virgina Tech. He won two titles in his first two seasons in Europe. What is your nicest memory with him on and off the court?

He is a fierce competitor. He knows how to score the basketball. He is very crafty and adept at getting to the foul line. Our junior year we tied the school record for wins. That was a fun year. I thought we should have made the tournament that year.

A Brian Roberts played four years in Europe before reaching the NBA. How good do you see the chances of Delaney of getting to the NBA down the road?

It appears to me that having the right timing is a big part of it. If gets in the right situation and the team needs a point he will do well. He has proven that he is a winner.

What is the most important thing that head coach Seth Greenberg gave you that has prepared you best for a professional career in Europe?

He impressed upon me the importance of playing hard. He also pushed me to get outside my comfort zone and work hard.

Is there any amazing play that you remember from last season in Hungry with Zalakeramia-ZTE KK where Donald Copeland found you for the easy bucket?

Of Course! The Alley OOP when I jumped over the players head and dunked it.

Where will the journey of the Charlotte Bobcats end this season? Will they ever be a playoff team again?

I think they are making some great moves. The coach has them playing hard. I think they will be in playoffs very soon. Kemba is a beast!

What was the last DVD movie that you saw? “

The Grey.

Thanks Dorenzo for the chat.

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