Jermel Kennedy(TV Langen) If We Can Keep Up This Consistent Team Play I’m Sure We Can Make Some Real Noise In The Playoffs


Jermel Kennedy  is a 24 year old 201cm forward from Toronto Canada that is playing his first season in the German Pro B with TV Langen. He started his basketball career in 2008 with  Iowa Central Community College (NJCAA) playing 26 games: 4.3ppg, 3.8rpg, FGP:47.3%, FT: 57.1%. In 2009-2010, he played for Volunteer State Community College (NJCAA) playing  27 games: 11.7ppg, 8.2rpg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 26.0%, FT: 83.0%. He finished his college basketball career at Lander in 2012 playing two seasons there and as a senior played  27 games: 11.0ppg, 7.0rpg, 1.2spg, FGP: 66.1%, FT: 70.5%. Last summer he was drafted by Moncton Miracles (NBL Canada,1rd(6). He spoke to German Hoops after the big 84-77 home win against TV Lich


Congrats on the 84-77 home win against TV Lich. It was the fourth win in the last five games for TV Langen. Now the club is back in the playoff hunt. Is playoffs on your minds?


Thank you Miles. Playoffs have always been on our minds if we can keep up this consistent team play I’m sure we can make some real noise in the playoffs

TV Langen dominated the first quarter making 28 points. The club established early a healthy way of sharing the ball. How important is this concept of sharing the ball despite having two natural scorers like Martins Woody and yourself?

The concept of sharing the ball is much easier to understand when you trust your teammates and when woody and I lead by example by distributing the ball in the right spots for the right guys.

TV Langen had the comfortable 48-33 lead at halftime. Only you scored once in the second quarter and the rest of the points were made by the vast supporting cast of TV Langen players. One guy I haven´t dwelled on is German Cedric Quarshie. How important is having a guy like him who doesn´t get many minutes, but is just as important as the other guy on the team?

Well we value Cedric very much he’s extremely versatile and we can count on him to do anything that ensures our victory.

TV Langen was up by 16 points after three quarters, but TV Lich made a run in the fourth quarter and cut it down to as little as six points. Were you surprised that they made this run and did you guys run a little out of gas?

Well basketball is a game of runs we figured they were going to make a run eventually the question was how were we going to respond. We maintained the lead to the end and that’s all coach Thomas cared about.

Is finishing the game the only real negative point to the game? Is this something that the club will be focusing on on improving in the last games?

I don’t think our finish is negative at all we will take it as a positive on something that we never had an issue with before and build on from there

Giving up 77 points in a Pro B game is solid. TV Langen held TV Lich zu 25% from down town and easily won the rebounding duel. What other defensive factors were you pleased about in the victory?

I believe our help and recover rotations were a little better this game and we did a much better job of knowing when to help and when not to.

German Bill Borekambi had a very solid game with 16 points and eight rebounds. He has had Beko BBL experience. What was your impression of him and can do you see him banging with players in higher levels?

Borekambi was pretty good he knows where to attack the rim and he has good instinct to where the ball will land off a rebound. I can see him playing well against some BBL competition as well.

You finished with 16 points and eight rebounds on 7/16 shooting. Was this just a another normal day at the office. Tonight when your going to sleep, will you have some of those nine missed shots in your mind on how you could of made them or made better shooting decisions?

It most definitely wasn’t my best game and yes I always have those miss shots or bad possessions on my mind so I can remember what I won’t do or what I need to work on for the week.

The Pro B team of the hour are the Fraport Skyliners juniors. They have won seven games in a row and now seem to be alock for the playoffs. The last time you saw them play was a big rout at home winning 93-69. In that game high talented BBL players like Danilo Barthel, Johannes Voigtmann and Kevin Bright played. The club has been winning games without them and mostly German players. How surprised are you off this development?

I’m not surprised at all actually most of their young group of guys are talented I’m sure there getting the minutes and time they deserve and there taking advantage of it in a positive and winning matter.

Is this a good example that sometimes a team can be successful with very young players and a little less talent, but much heart and fighting spirit? They have won the last four games combined by not more than 8 points all being close wins.

I wouldn’t take away talent from them. They have all the attributes to being a well rounded team and if you have that you can beat anybody.

Lamar Odom has signed with a Spanish club. Do you think that he will be able to find a role and play basketball the way he knows to? The last year has been shear turmoil for him an dthis move seems like a way to restart his basketball career.

Hopefully Lamar is doing great and I’m sure he will play his game the best way he knows how to.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Jon Gotti.

Thanks Jermel for the chat.


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