The Miles Basketball Minute: Perhaps Bonn Management Should Listen To Some Heart And Soul In The Jared Jordan Affair

After the overwhelming 74-54 win over the Fraport Skyliners on Sunday night, Jared Jordan exited the locker room and as always still answered every last question from journalists even every last one who had waited for him in the arena near the benches instead of hanging out outside the locker room. It was another normal day at the office for the 29 year old 188cm point guard from Harford, Connecticut even if it wasn´t his best game as he registered only four points and dished out six assists. He did a solid job as always conducting the Bonn offense and was a force with the reestablished Bonn defense that had given up an average of 90 points in the last three games, but against Frankfurt allowed only 54 points as Jordan steered six steals. However was this possibly the last game that Jordan played in a Bonn jersey as rumor had been that he had already signed a contract with six time Beko BBL champion Brose Baskets Bamberg. After celebrating his fourth win in a row in Bonn against Frankfurt never having lost to them in his living room, the word Bamberg was taboo for the 2007 Los Angeles Clippers draft pick. The Jordan jibber-jabber rumors about Jordan going to Bamberg had surfaced last week and has been as prevalent on the minds of German basketball fans as NBA fans wondering if the return of Jason Collins to the NBA Brooklyn Nets will be a success on and off the court. Beko BBL teams have until February 28th to set their rosters for the last two months of the season and playoffs. Bamberg has the right to do what they want if they have the dough even if it means stealing the Jordan heart and soul of the Telekom Baskets Bonn.

In today´s basketball market where every few thousand dollars more is the difference from playing in one location from the other, it is very rare for a player to play for the same team for more than one or two years. Jared Jordan is playing his fourth year in Bonn. After playing a very solid rookie season with the Telekom Baskets Bonn in 2009-2010, where he played 37 games averaging  9.0ppg, 4.2rpg, Assists-4(5.3apg), he went to the strong Greek league and played for a weak team  VAP Kolossos Rodou , but led the league in assists. Instead of going to a more high level team which he probably could of, he returned back to Bonn in 2011 and has never left since. Jordan came back and has played for nice money in Bonn, but nothing compared to what he could be making with Bamberg or Munich. Jordan is without a doubt not only the best pass first point guard, but the overall best point guard in the Beko BBL. He may not have the overpowering scoring qualities of a Malcolm Delaney, Darius Adams or Trevon Hughes, but nobody runs and leads a team better than he does. He led the Beko BBL in assists the last two years with 7,6apg and 8,8apg. However what would  a team rather have a point guard that can score frequently, or a player that can get his team going like Jordan who always thinks team first, but if needed can score as he has displayed this season scoring 10 times in double figures having the number of Wurzburg with 20 and 19 points, 18 points against Bayreuth and 17 points against Ludwigsburg.

            Even if Jordan does go to Bamberg now, Bonn will be able to find another point guard, but it wont be a second Jared Jordan or a guard of that caliber. The only beneficiary will be the Brose Baskets Bamberg in this matter. Bonn can look as long and as hard as they want, but will they find a suitable point guard now at the end of February? Most likely not, because the market now is simply sucked dry. There had been rumors that the Telekom Baskets Bonn were eying American Darius Washington who is tearing apart the Turkish league. Nothing against his 18 NBA games with the San Antonio Spurs, 24,1ppg with Olin or recent 42 points against Usak, but those are more stats of a shooting guard than a point guard and Bonn doesn´t need that. Bonn has been in the German basketball news for days now which is nice publicity, but should let the Jordan chatter rest now. Why should Bonn make Bamberg even stronger now? Bamberg is looking for a point guard as their luck in the last two seasons has been tattered with not being able to find one that was to their liking as Teddy Gipson and Zack Wright demonstrated. Let Bamberg keep looking for a point guard, because they won´t find one in the class of a Jordan. It is unknown with how much money Bamberg could make Bonn weak by luring Jordan away and sometimes one can´t resist, but Bonn should simply end the season with Jordan. Even if Jordan goes, Bonn won´t be any better without him. The Bonn fans love Jordan as a special fan sign reading “Jordan: “We need you” has shown. Why add more agitation and concern for the last two months with the departure of Jordan. Bonn has not only very good chances now to be in the 2014 Beko BBL playoffs, but are more of a playoff team with Jordan than without. A negative aspect for the Bonn fans was how both Bonn and Bamberg management didn´t want to comment the situation as well as Jordan himself. Usually that is a good sign that there could be some truth to the speculation. However Bonn has the force at the moment and will make the move only if they can find a somewhat suitable replacement for Jordan. Jordan went to the prestigious Hartford prep school Kingswood Oxford where he learned the school core values like take personal responsibility, work hard, take risks and become involved. Jared Jordan doesn´t only put heart and soul into his work on the basketball court with the Telekom Baskets Bonn, but is the heart and soul of the team. If Jordan leaves now then it is like getting rid of Bonn trademark the Beethoven house. Over many years there have always been beautiful love songs from groups like Huey Lewis and the News, or T Pau with the catchy title Heart and Soul. Jordan and Bonn basketball is a love affair which doesn´t have to end. Maybe Bonn  management should listen to these songs before they get sucked in by the money.

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