Logan Stutz(LF Basket) I need to keep a high energy level of play that my team can feed off of

Logan Stutz is a 25 year old 205cm forward from Kanas City that recently finished his second season as a professional and first with the  ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen (Germany-ProA): 28 games: Score-1(20.1ppg), Reb-5(8.1rpg), 1.2apg, FGP: 64.0%, 3PT: 32.4%, FT: 74.0%.    He moves his basketball talent this season to LF Basket (Sweden-Basketligan). He started his basketball career at Washburn (NCAA2). In 2011-2012, he was a rookie and played for  BG Topstar Leitershofen/Stadtbergen (Germany-ProA, starting five): 11 games: 16.1ppg, 4.5rpg, 1.2spg, FGP: 68.1%, 3PT: 12.5%, FT: 76.8%, left in Dec.’11, in Jan.’12 moved to WBC Raiffeisen Wels (Austria-A Bundesliga): 16 games: 4.2ppg, 2.3rpg. He spoke to German Hoops about his first season in Sweden.

Logan thanks for talking to German Hoops again. It is the middle of November and you are near the artic circle in Lulea. Do you feel like an eskimo at the moment?

Thanks for the talk Miles its always good to hear from friends back in Germany. Up here in Lulea its cold and we have had a few snows, and I walk around in my team parka, so yea I guess this is the closest I will be to feeling like an eskimo.

Is it a big culture shock as well as weather shock going from Essen, Germany, to Lulea, Sweden this season as your playing for LF Basket?

I really enjoy both the culture and the weather up here. I think the culture up here is easier for and Americans to get used to then most places. English TV, football on Sundays, stores are open late ect. The weather is cold but its a beautiful country. The darkness is the biggest culture shock. The sun sets around 2pm and its only going to get darker for a few more months.

You are playing your third professional season in Sweden. How do you like the club and league so far?

The club up here is great. Its a very professional atmosphere. We just got a new arena that is the best arena in Sweden to play in. The league is crazy right now, very fast and many good teams.

You were the leading scorer in the German Pro A and have solid stats so far through the first two months. Is the Swedish first division about even to the German Pro A?

Both leagues have their positives and negatives, but Sweden is a step up for sure. There is a lot of experience and great players in this league that the Pro A just didn’t have. There are players from 4 different countries National teams in the league. The Pro A is a very good young league but cant compete with the experience of Swedens top league.

What are the biggest differences in style and competition between Sweden and German pro A?

In Sweden it is a faster paced game, and it seems that everyone on the court is a shooter. In the Pro A it was more structure and half court play.

LF Basket are off to a slow start at 7-10, but you are still very confident that the team will be very good this season. What do you know that no one else knows?

We have got off to a slow start, but as a team we have accepted our situation and it has only made us more hungry to win. We will continue the season strongly and finish near the top, that is what I know.

You are averaging 24 minutes per game and five other players are playing more than you are. What exactly is your role this season and how is it different than in Essen?

My role on this team is slightly different then in Germany. Of course I need to score and rebound, but more importantly I need to keep a high energy level of play that my team can feed off of. That might mean big rebounds, dives on the floor, and just trying to get involved in everything in a positive way.

I guess after one game, you seem bought on new Player Keith Mcleod who joined the team with 174 NBA game experience. Will he be the key to further success on the team?

Keith is a great guy and a great basketball player. His experience and talent will be a big part of this team. Its not every day you get to play with NBA experience and I know he will use it to help out.

How much fun and challenging is it banging with Danilo Sibalic each day in practice? He is your height and age. How do you help each other on the court?

Danilo is a funny guy. Our game differs a lot, he is a great shooter and plays more outside, I play more mid range and under the basket. But we learn from each other and our differences and it will make us both better players.

The club has 7 Swedish players on the roster. When you compare the style and play of German players and Swedish players, what differences have you noticed in the way they play?

This is a great question, and a tough question. Both are great players and both countries are on the rise in the basketball world. The Swedish guys get out and run and gun more than the Germans, But the Germans are strong when it came to attacking the rim. Both have their great qualities.

What has been your impression of Christopher Ryan who is a young Swedish national player who leads the club in scoring. How important will he be down the road for the success of the team?

Crille is great player. He can get to the rim faster than anyone I know. His first and second step have got to be the fastest in Sweden and many other places too. His speed will keep defenses busy and help us all late in the season.

Your shooting 54,5% from the three point line. Are the Swedish rims softer than the German ones? You seem to be picking your spots when and when not to shoot.

HAHAHA, the rims arent softer I have just been working on my outside game. I have been taking threes when my man backs off and I will continue to do so. I will continue to shoot more as my confidence increases.

What has been the most amazing thing you have seen Tim Whitworth do? He is known as a deadly shooter who came out of Drexel and shot out the lights in leagues like Austria and Holland

Tim is another example of a great experienced player in this league. I am glad he is on our team. Tim fractured his leg and was told to sit out 5-6 weeks. But he chose to come back and play a game 2 weeks later. He led the team in minutes that game and was diving on the floor, and really helped us win. It was by far the most amazing thing I have seen him do.

Is your teammate Brandon Barton as work out hungry and in the gym as much as his dad ex Frankfurt Skyliner coach Charles Barton?

Brandon and I just worked out together the other day. He is definitly motivated in the weight room and on the court. But I dont know if there is another human out there that works out like his dad at his age.

When you look back at your season in Essen what is your fondest memory from your season in Germany?

Many good things happened in Essen in my time there, but the one thing that sticks out to me is when Aaron Cook hit the game winner in our last home game. There is no better way to end then that.

Who is going to be the first to visit whom? You or your brother who is playing in Poland this season?

I am planning on making a trip to Poland over Christmas. It will be nice to visit the little brother. (who is much bigger then me lol)

Have you been getting to know the life in the sauna? How long can you hold out in that hot box?

I love the sauna, I cant do it to long but its nice,

Is the season over for the St Louis Rams or will they be able to pull out a miraculous second half of the season?

I dont care to much about St. Louis , but if you didnt hear my home town Chiefs are 9-0!!!!!

What was the last DVD that you saw?

I stick with the animations like always, Monsters University

Thanks Miles!

Thanks Logan for the chat.

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