Josh Parker(Mitteldeutscher BC) It Has Been An Adjustment Playing At A High Level That The BBL Brings And Has Really Helped Me To Continue To Work Harder To Compete At This Level

Josh  Parker is a 23 year old 183cm point guard from Harvey, Illinois that recently was a rookie for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen and helped the team win the Pro B title. With Leverkusen he 33 games: Score-1(28.5ppg), 4.5rpg, Assists-2(7.1apg), 2.2spg, FGP: 43.3%, 3PT: 33.9%, FT: 80.3%He played at Drake from 2007-2009 and then played for Dayton(NCAA) from 2010-1012. He played a total of 130 NCAA games. Currently he is tearing up the German PRO B. He scored in double figures 33 times scoring over 20 points 26 times, 30 points or more 15 times and 40 points or more four times including a 48 point explosion against Dresden. He cleaned out the Eurobasket awards as well getting All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Player of the Year -13, All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Guard of the Year -13, All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B Import Player of the Year -13, All-German 2.Bundesliga Pro B 1st Team -13, and German 2.Bundesliga Pro B All-Imports Team -13. Many teams were aware of his stellar play in the pro B including the Mitteldeutscher BC who signed him for the 2013-2014 Beko BBL season. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against the Fraport Skyliners December seventh.



Josh thanks for talking to German Hoops again. A tough 106-81 loss last weekend in Munich. What was your summary of this game for 40 minutes? Were the MBC wolves like little boys playing on a court with men?

 No problem thanks for the interview. It was good game I felt like we fought to the end. Munich is a great team and well coached! It was their night last weekend they played well.

This was the first time for you playing against top guards like Heiko Schaffartzik and Malcolm Delaney. What player on FC Bayern Munich impressed you most?

What impressed me most about Bayern Munich is the depth of that team. Going down the bench into their top 12 players was very strong! Their guards like Delaney and Schaffartzik are great players on a great team!

MBC is currently in 15th place with a record of 3-8. What kind of experience has it been for you playing for such an exciting scrappy team and very emotional fans?

 It’s been a great experience for me especially in my first season in the BBL. My team works hard and stays together no matter what the situation is and the fans are like our 6th man on the court! I’m glad to be a part of this club.

What has been the most positive thing so far in this season for MBC? Possibly the fact that the club was able to show nerves of steel in the big wins against Wurzburg, Braunschweig and Vechta?

 The positive thing this season for me has to be of course the wins but overall just the way the team fights and sticks together.

How well has American Marcus Hatten been integrated into the team? He has a lot of international experience and could be a key factor for MBC making a few places good in the standings.

 He has been a good addition to the team. He has a lot of international experience and a good feel for the game which has been good for the team and can really help us moving forward!

What has been your impression of American/Italian Angelo Caloiaro? He is the top rebounder on the team, scores consistently and has a good eye for his teammates with 2,2apg. He is possibly a type of unsung hero for the team in the early going?

Angelo is the type of player any player or coach would want on his team! For us he has been the glue that keeps this team strong and I as his teammate am impressed by his play and how he comes up big when his team needs it.

Caloiaro comes from San Jose, California, but has Italian roots. Do you ever kid him about how only good soccer players come from Italy?

Lol Lol not really it is funny that you say something about that because he can actually play and his brother playing soccer here for a club here in Weissenfels so it’s definitely in their genes!!

Congrats on your very good adjustment to the Beko BBL. After tearing up the Pro B last season, you are the top scorer for MBC. Have you been surprised how well the transition has been or does that self basketball confidence outweigh any doubt one may have going into a new situation?

 Thanks a lot! It’s really been an adjustment playing at a high level that the BBL brings and has really helped me to continue to work harder to compete at this level. My coaches and teammates have really helped make my transition a lot easier. Trusting me and showing me different things that they experienced to know that will help at this level which has been great.

Your assists are down. What is the most difficult thing in the Beko BBL to get adjusted to when trying to find the open man? Are there more flying hands in the passing lanes?

 When you talk about a league like the BBL it’s strong both offensively and defensively. Yes the guards are bigger and talented defensively for me on trying to get a good pass to my teammate but the shots we do get are shots that will be difficult to make because the BBL is strong in team defense. It’s been an adjustment for my entire team, but as season progresses it’s gotten better.

The next game is against the Fraport Skyliners that have a three game winning streak. MBC won the season series last season. This is a team with a very aggressive set offense as you will see on video and kept Phoenix Hagen under 80 points last weekend. What kind of game can we await?

It’s going to be an exciting game!! They have been playing well and have a lot of tendencies to prepare for. We see it as another opportunity to get better and compete so we are really looking forward to it!!

How excited are you to be playing against ex NBA player Andrew Rautins? Do you remember watching him play when he was at Syracuse?

 It’s going be good to play against him just a familiar face playing on the same league as you is always good! I watched him play at Syracuse and he can play. It’s going be good to compete against not just him but their whole team Saturday!

How much do you feel for your ex team Bayer Giants Leverkusen that started off the season at 0-9? Do you sometimes wish like you could moonlight one game and help them out?

It’s tough seeing the rough start that they have had. Of course I still communicate with some of the guys especially Jack Eggleston and we joke around a little bit about it lol but I have faith that they will turn it around! I’m still rooting for them from Weissenfels!

What is your take on the Derrick Rose situation? You are a guy that likes his game a lot. Do you see the criticism as fair and will he ever be able to play injury free or is he becoming a sad case of a player that is flat out injury prone?

 It’s a tough situation for D Rose and I feel for him! To go through what he went through last year and now to deal with this I can only imagine how he feels. All the criticism he has gotten over this I don’t feel is fair but people will always have their opinions. I know him and had the opportunity to play with and against him this summer and I know the type of person and character he has and I know he will come back even stronger next year!!

Where do you see the journey of the Chicago bears going this season? Can they make the playoffs and who will make the Superbowl Sea Hawks or Saints?

 I believe we can do it!! We have a some big wins and I feel like we are coming together. I think the Saints will make the Super Bowl.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

 Fast and furious 6


Thanks Josh for the chat.

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