Face To Face With George Filkinis

George Filkinis is a Greek basketball coach with over 30 years of experience. He has won 11 titles as a head coach and 6 as an assistant coach. He has coached teams like Marousi, Asteras BC, AO Arion,  Irakleion, AO Sporting, Achilles  Cyprus, Panathinaikos Cyprus, and AO Lamias.  He has coached 680 official games is  and his record is 477 ( 70,15%) wins and 203 (20,85%). He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Thanks George Filkinis for talking to German Hoops. You have been coach for more than 30 years and have experienced very much. What are the most important priorities for you as a coach?

I am totally convinced that the mission of a coach is to follow two goals. The success of a team has to do with the picture and path that the club is taking. I believe that all coaches in all sports are able to get positive results depending on the resources that a coach has. A second priority is more difficult and harder to accomplish which few coaches can achieve and that is to form individual characters of the players.  It is important during the daily work with different player characters to be able to handle difficult moments and that is what helps influence and form player characters. The priorities that I have stressed in my 32 years as coach is to work hard, have faith in my players and be a role model and teacher for my players.

What is your game philosophy that you believe in?

I want to give you a shorter answer since discussing game philosophies could take hours. I use appropriate game philosophies  that can change a team and that are ball orientated. I like to work on game situations. My basis in a game is a pressure type of man and zone defense with lightening quick attacking.

How would you describe your leadership style? Are you more the tough coach that stresses discipline or more the players coach?

I would say that I am both. Not friend and not enemy. I think that within  a team the roles can be spread out. The generation of players today are cognitive strong developed that a coach doesn´t have any tough hurdles to go against and it isn´t tough for players to understand what a coach wants. Of course it is important that a coach makes it clear from the start what he awaits from its players. In my career I have always favored to win the respect of my players and to tackle the daily problems with patience and calmness.

What methods do you use to get the maximum from your players?

One can only get positive results with tough and direct practice sessions. My practice sessions are hard and often crossing the border, but always adapted to the individual proficiency level and always filled with daily goals that players try to achieve under special pressure. Players can reach their maximum capacity on the court.

Why are you interested for the German basketball leagues?

I am interested in engaging myself in a honest and authentic league. I want to work in a competitive league where hard work is rewarded. I am prepared to engage myself in a lower division. I come from one of the biggest basketball schools in Europe. I am sure that I would gain the respect and hearts of people with the results that I have had in my career.

Please describe your abilities and experience as a coach?

I am a founding member of the Greek coaching federation and am an official coach since 21.09.1981. I have been involved in all leagues and different categories. I have worked 1000 of hours and in difficult situations. Everything that I have achieved has been with hard work. I have won 11 titles as head coach and six as an assistant. The 32 years of experience that I have has given me unending experience and the 17 titles that I have won mirrors my abilities.

What strategies would you chose to get the maximum form younger players and make them better?

It is a big joy and appeal to work with younger players and to give them the chance for integration. I will continue to just do what I have always done. It is self evident that serious clubs will see it as worthwhile to support the youth work. For most of the clubs that I have worked for, I took the responsibility for the youth work and of course I would continue to keep that philosophy of working with young players. In my practice sessions, the most talented players are always included and step by step integrated for the competition.

How do you handle rough criticism with fans and the media?

Criticism can be constructive. However often on the side of the media, it is unobjective and goes under the borderline. I personally accept criticism and believe that fans have a right to criticise since they come and visit the games. I support that there is a fan meeting each week so they can inform themselves about the team and ask questions. I have the same feeling to the media with a weekly meeting. Since I think that my players give their best each week,that I take full responsibility for losses.

Please explain why a team should take you as coach and not another coach?

I am a coach that works 15 hours a day for my team. I occupy my time with each player on and off the court. I use an absolute successful training program a product of 32 years experience that makes my team strong and will be difficult to defeat. I have won 477 games(70,15%) and lost 203 games(29,85%). I represent one of the best basketball schools in the world namely the Greek school. I occupy myself with young talented players and take the responsibility of developing the youth work. I think that on account of my knowledge and my experience will help teams that are looking to make the next step.

Thanks coach Filkinis for the chat.


Finally I want to thank you very much dear Miles for the opportunity you gave me to communicate through this top site, such with friends of basketball and to declare that if they like they can contact with me at my FB account , “George P. Filkinis “, to exchange aspects and to comment the European Championships and the basketball generally ! ” I appreciate your support unlimited and I sincerely wish and hope God to help me to reciprocate ! Take care !

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