Richard Chaney(When I Hear The Puerto Rican National Anthem I Think About My Grandmother And Wish She Was Alive To See Me Play)

Richard Chaney is a 29 year old 196cm guard/forward from Los Angeles that also hast he Puerto Rican citzenship. He is currently playing for Malvin Montevideo (Uruguay-LUB).  He played college basketball at Utah and Troy before starting his professional basketball career in 2007 for Oyak Renault Bursa (Turkey-TBL). He then played three years in Germany for Tuebingen, Ludwigsburg and Bremerhaven. In the last two seasons he played in Belgium and Austria as well as playing in Puerto Rico over the summer.This summer he played for Atleticos de San German (Puerto Rico-BSN) playing 8 games: 15.0ppg, 6.0rpg, 1.9apg, 2.4spg, 1.0bpg, FGP: 51.8%, 3PT: 23.1%, FT: 76.7% He recently was named to the Puerto Rican national team playing with guys like Carlos Arroyo and Jose Barea. He won a gold medal at the Marchand Cup. He talked to German Hoops about basketball.

Richard thanks for talking to German Hoops. The summer was very exciting for you as you made the Puerto Rico national team. You once were with the team in 2010, but now you took part at the Marchand Cup and will played at qualifying tournament at the world games in Venezuela. How blessed were you to be able to have this chance to play together with NBA players and against the best players in the Americas?

It was truly a blessing to be part of this team. Playing alongside with Carlos Arroyo and Jose Barea is great. Probably the best dynamic duo combo guards I ever played with. Also being on the floor with Renaldo Balkman has been great as well.

Puerto Rico had a very strong roster and the competition was fierce. When you look at the last years and your development what do you think was the main reasons why you made the 2013 roster?

I think I made this team based off my defensive skills and athleticism. Also rebounding and giving the team extra energy.

Often in your basketball career, you have played for teams where you did many different things on the court, but still scored and rebounded consistently. The last two seasons in Austria and Puerto Rico, you had a scoring role, but with the Puerto Rico national team you concentrated on defense. Explain your special role to this seasons team?

My special role on this team was to come off the bench and spark the team. To wear the other teams best shooter or scorer down.

It would be very difficult to name a better point guard duo on one team than Carlos Arroyo and Jose Barea. Seeing them in practice everyday, which guy in fact would be more difficult to guard if you had to?

Both are tough to guard in practice. Carlos off the dribble moves and pick and roll game is tough to defend. Jose Barea is so fast with the ball and changes directions so quick its tough to keep up with him.

How challenging was it been playing against John Holland who has become a very respected player in Europe and recently played NBA Summer league. Is sky the limit for him and could he break into the NBA in the next few years?

John Holland is an unbelievable player. The thing with about John is that he plays on both sides of the court and has an unbelievable motor. I think John has a great chance to get in the NBA this year.

In the win against the Domincan Republic, it was as usual Carlos Arroyo, Jose Barea and John Holland that did most of the damage in securing the win, but you were the unsung hero of the game coming from the bench scoring nine points, getting seven rebounds(5 offensive rebounds) in 16 minutes. Do you get a pat on the back after a game like that from the NBA players?

Yeah. Carlos and Jose do a great job of giving credit when credit is due. Players like that keeps my energy level high.

In the final against Argentina. Puerto Rico won 89-81 winning their fourth game in a row. What was key to winning, possibly that you never lost aggressiveness on the court that Argentina couldn´t match? You played four minutes in the final netting two points. Is it a big adjustment having to play so little when you are used to playing so much more in club basketball?

That win against Argentina was a good win for us. We had the fans behind us that kept us energized. But playing four minutes is difficult for me when I am used to playing so many minutes. But I did understand my role. I just know when I do get in the game I try to give it my all for the team.

Did you go to sleep wearing your gold medal? What feeling did you have waking up the next morning as champion?

That is my first gold medal. I can’t even describe the feelings that I have. I do keep it in my bag everywhere I go until I get home to hang it up in my basement along with my other trophies and accomplishments.

In your first three seasons as a professional you played in Turkey and Germany. Since 2010, you have played in the Puerto Rican league during the summer. You are from Los Angeles, but it seems like you have a special heart for Puerto Rico. What do you feel when you hear the Puerto Rican national anthem?

When I hear the Puerto Rican national anthem I think about my grandmother and wish she was alive to see me play. It’s an honor to represent Puerto Rico.

You played for German teams Tuebingen, Ludwigsburg and Bremerhaven. After playing in Belgium and Austria and now your playing in Uruguay. Do you think that you will ever return to the Beko BBL?

I would love to play in BBL but it’s just the matter if any teams in Germany require my services.

You played three times with Michael Haynes in Germany and Belgium who ´s nickname could easily have been mr athletic. People might remember his dunks and flights to the hoop, but what will you remember from his game that wasn´t so typical?

I will remember his ball handling and how much of a mismatch he created for the 4 man he played against.

If you look at the three German teams that you played for what was the most enjoyable place where you played that helped you develop? I predict it was Tuebingen, because it is one of the better places for young inexperienced players to play to get minutes and play with less pressure before making the next step.

Yes it was Tuebingen just for the simple fact we did a lot of activities as a team.

What was your fondest memory of AJ Moye in Tuebingen? You both are from Los Angeles. Have you seen him recently and how is he doing?

AJ. Moye was a funny guy. A great guy and cool teammate. I haven’t spoken with AJ for a while now.

Will the Los Angeles Lakers ever be able to win a NBA title in the near future and will Kobe Bryant find to his old ways again?

I am the ultimate Lakers fan so my answer is yes.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

My last DVD movie was s movie called “Note to Self”

Thanks Richard for the chat.

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