Dennis Tinnon (Sciene City Jena) This Year people Will Get A True Grip What Type Of Player I Really Am

Dennis Tinnon is a 24 year old 203cm forward from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is starting his professional basketball career for Science City Jena. He played at  Kansas City (Kan) (CC) from 2009-2011 and then transfered to  Marshall (NCAA) and in his senior year played 32 games: 10.5ppg, 9.1rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 50.9%, 3PT: 31.0%, FT: 64.5%. he spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Dennis the summer is winding down and you are about to start your professional career. How was your summer and what was the coolist thing that you experienced this summer?

I had a really great summer got to spend a lot of time with my family and catch up with a lot of friends one of the most amazing experience this summer was watching my son begin to crawl its always great to be there for those moments that are important in your child’s life

You just signed with pro A team Science City Jena. What were the main reasons for you to sign at Jena?

I made the decision to sign with Science city because I feel like they are a great team what the potential to do amazing this year and I feel like starting in Germany is a great opportunity for my career I look forward to meeting the people and immersing myself in their culture.

Did you have talks with head coach Bjoern Harmsen. What were your first impressions of him as a coach?

I’ve not spoken with him specifically, but I have been in touch with a lot of important people from the team already everyone seems to be organized straightforward and very hard working I like dealing with an organization that knows exactly what they want and goes after it

You had two very strong personal seasons at Marshall. Do you feel a lot of pressure going to Germany as a rookie?

I don’t feel a lot of pressure going to Germany is as a rookie. I feel like I can provide the things that science city expect from me from day one I’m just going to work hard and be a good teammate

What do you know about Germany and do you have any friends playing here?

I don’t know a whole lot about Germany besides what you can find on the internet and I don’t have any friends playing currently in Germany

In 2009, you got married and got kids very early. Do you think having to grow up early helped you mature as a player and person off the court?

Certainly I feel like being married and having children early help me to mature as a man but the most important thing is that every year everyday when looking at them I know that I have so much to work hard for they not only help me to mature but also to understand the importance of life in a different way

You almost averaged double double stats at Marshall in scoring and rebounds for two seasons. Is rebounding your biggest strength on the court?

I think that rebound is one of my most amazing strengths. However I feel like there’s so much to my game so many people have not been able to experience I believe this year is that the year that everyone will get a true grip of what type of player I really am rebounding may not always be something you learn you have to have a knack for it you have to know how important it is for the game is something that’s more instinctual I love the game so in that the basket ball comes off the rim I go after it looking to better myself and the teammates around me

What is a strength on the court that you have that doesn´t always get noticed right away?

I feel like I have a strong knowledge for the game I don’t like to let other people get in my head when I play and I like to focus on myself my family and my team. This is my job now so already my mentality has changed I think that I’m a lot better shooter and that I can make a big impact on a program like I said before I have faith that I could make a lot of great things to my team

How did Tom Herrion get you prepared best for a professional career? Things that you will take to Germany that will help you as a rookie.

Tom was nice person I feel like the best thing he did to prepare me for my professional career was learning to eat right and workout and the trainer at Marshall University helped me out a lot with those things and my wife’s cooking honestly to Germany I’ll be taking my family and that’s what will really help me out as a rookie they are my motivation that’s what I worry about when I wake up go to sleep and throughout the day I think about God giving me these beautiful blessings and I want to play hard to thank him for every blessing that he is provided me with knowing that this is an amazing talent that he gave me

Who would win a one on one in practice you or teammate Robert Goff?

I would definitely win the one on one. If we don’t have a hundred percent confidence in yourself why play

Who was the best player that you played against in the NCAA that might be in the NBA now?

The best player that I played against in the NCAA that might be in NBA right now would probably have to be Kevin Jones he not only scored but he rebounded for his team he was a hard working individual and seemed to be humble person

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Honestly the last DVD movie that I saw was game film. I’m just trying to prepare myself learn from my prior mistakes and stay ahead of the game

Thanks Dennis for the chat.

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